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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

~Introduction Post~(Dylan.Rice)

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Hello My names Dylan Ive been a gamer since the regular Nintendo,I'm 22 my roots are deep into video games with over 4500 hours into LOL spending thousands on skins and items 3500 hours into dota ,1000 into Rust and 1000s more into steam, I played for all 4 reasons to escapee stress,etc and procrastinate my dreams and goals NOT ANYMORE, Ive tried many times and the relapse is real in my life. I look forward to filling in the voids ending this obsession.These last 4 years have been hazzy, they feel LOST.. You wouldn't be able to identify me as a gamer becasue i can hide things so well and i love people so much i was doing sales for 6 months at Verizon till my last relapsed, Im at my moms now jobless at my pit bottom -4000 due to my decisions not taking any responsibility ,Ive hit a pain threshold so great the pleasure of taking action quitting games and living a full life is the STAR am aimed at. I'm excited for this journey, I look forward to filling in the void and learn to get into things that make me FEEL ALIVE art,dancing things that will flow in my life,healthy habits and overall a lifestyle that attracts the vibes and people i want. I HAVE DREAMS and the call for action is real 22 and living with my mom NOW 22 taking action preparing for success. I quit gaming on the 5/11/2017. I look forward to adding value to the community to show whats possible, but first i do NEED help. Ive tried many times to quit so lets make this the BREAK-THROUGH, my brothers and sisters NOW is the TIME. I look forward to hearing about your success and reach out to me for support i surely will TO YOUALL;) WE NEED EACHOTHER:) its okay your human!

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Hello Dylan!

It's nice to see someone in a similar age to mine :)

I hope you're still doing well, even when 2 days just passed it's important to be aware of possible dangers at the beggining of the detox.

If we add all this hours, seems like you spent 9000 hours on gaming. It's almost a mastery. However, what else are you going to do with next upcoming 9000 hours to become master of? :)

Greetings, Mad Pharmacist

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Hey Dylan, 

Welcome to Game Quitters. If you ever need someone to talk to, hit me up and let me know what you're going through. I'm happy to chat and help my fellow gamers. This place really is like magic that's changed my life around in only 10 days. It's incredible here and I'll advocate for it forever. 

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Good to see some royalty amongst us, Sir ;)

You've got this mate - the first step was identifying the problem, now start taking action on your 22 step plan for success!

To quote Cam, you'll be crushing it in no time! If you start to feel urges or struggles, head here to the forums to write about it, I found it was a great outlet, and a lot more effective than having a gripe to my mates. Alternatively bookmark a few of Cam's videos, especially the one called "If you're about to relapse".


P.S. I didn't know ICQ was still a thing! 

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Hah, I'm the last person to call anyone old. Now if you start talking about DOS and floppy disks, then yes I will call you old. ?

Haha I remember those! :P

The struggle of installing a program spread across 11 disks. Couldn't go anywhere because you didn't want to come back to the "Insert Disk 3 and press enter" screen!

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