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My Journey From 0 to Hero


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Day 1 - Recently I have decided to quit gaming for multiple reasons. The first of which is how it effects my social skills and my friend groups. The second is how it effects my family. The third is how gaming makes me feel. I never thought I would be one of the people telling my story and why they should stop or at least reconsider. By now that I can I feel I'm doing a bit of good for the world or those that are struggling. This is my story.

So I have been playing games for a long time. I remember getting my Gameboy Advance when I was 5 with Pokemon Fire Red on a New York vacation (I'm from Canada). The toy brought me so much joy and comfort but little did anybody in my family know how negative it would become. I'm 15 now, I'm in the 10th grade and I've decided to stop. Most of my friends are gamers and computer enthusiasts/fanatics. My social skills and my image have been ruined from games. I am terrible with talking to girls, I was bullied when I was younger for being "larger" and liking games. Worst of all these experiences stacked overtime and are like my own ball and chain cuffed to my legs. Don't get me wrong though I don't have depression or serious bullying situations. Actually I love life and I began working at the gym for about a year now. In one week it's my "gymiverssary." I believe that by quitting games I can put the bad things of the past bullying, fat jokes, and social anxiety to rest and live my life to the fullest and prove to some people that it is possible. 

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Welcome Danny :) Great job on realizing your addiction at such an early age. Remember to be honest with others about how you feel about video games, there is nothing to hide about wanting to quit, wear it on your sleeve and be proud.

Keep it up.

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