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What have you learned from this previous relapse?

That I'm good at making excuses as to why I should play games.

What are the excuses? The more specific the better.

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@Cam Adair The excuse that I usually use is that I need something to fall back on in order to deal with stress. 

Ok great! So now, what are some alternative ways you can deal with stress? Stress will come up, but how you choose to respond is what's most important!

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It will only get worse if you don't confront stress head on @Stevec2283! You're just delaying the inevitable. Google some techniques you can use in the moment and on the go! Youtube has some great clips from inspirational talkers.

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I know it's not my place to give advice, but from what i've noticed from your journal is this:

You don't feel urges during working times.

You let emotions get the better of you at real low points.

Conclusion: You lack high flow activities outside of work. (Flow=Activity with immediate feedback/considerable difficulty/makes you lose track of time/Sense of control)

Examples include: Bridge, working out, chess or anything with above features.

GL on further journeys my friend!

Also... just as a side note, quitting gaming is a big challenge on it's own, to completely erridicate any other ´useless´ or unproductive activities would be completely slanderous. Remember one step at a time is not just a sentence or ´wisdom´, in practice it means not overloading yourself with too many difficult tasks.

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Today is Day 1(yeah I know, I sound like a broken record) and I want to be successful this time in quitting gaming. I really need to try and figure this one out and it frustrates me that at one point I was doing so well and had over 30 days game free but rather than beat myself up over it, I'd much rather learn from it and move forward. 

So far my day has been pretty good and I haven't really had any urges to play games. I'm going to try to go back to what worked for me before and that is to plan my days.


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It took me many tries to really see the process through. You're right though, you do learn a lot from each attempt. You can do it! ?

Same here, before i even saw this forum, i had a really tough time trying to quit, i just decided that enough was enough and i started browsing youtube for help on quitting games, saw this video and it lead me here.

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