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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

I never knew gaming was this bad!

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I am 15 years old and I have been gaming ALOT. Going from 5-7th grade I hanged out with 1 friend. I usually waited for him to call me in the weekends to hang out. And when we were together, we had loads of fun OUTSIDE. We played football, rang doors and ran away, baked christmas treats etc. I was always playing games when I was alone because I found it fun, and I regularily played with my friend, which made others come and play too. We played usually from 10 to 12 in the weekends. And then we met each other in real life to play football or other things.

When we started in 8th grade at a new school, my friend was good to socialize with new people, but I often just listened to the conversations, I didn't participate . As time progressed my friend started to include me less and less, and started hangin out with other boys in the class, leaving me alone after school playing video games as I didn't know what else to do. Nearly every day after school, all I did was sit and play on my computer for hours upon hours. And I didn't realise that I was playing that much. I got more and more unsocial, and played more and more. This lasted for around 1 and a half years, until I got some new friends in another class that had a gaming interest aswell. I started hangin out with em in the school freetime and sometimes in the weekends, but I still played alot on my computer. My older sister started recognizing all the hours I constantly played for days upon days, therefore she and my parents tried to stop me. But I got really mad at them and had a really bad attitude, I cared more for playing than talking to them. I stopped going to Judo (which is a fighting sport) because I got bored of it. I ended up playing more games and had nearly no excercise except from Dancing in the freetime and the gym classes at school. Some time progressed and I started to experience back problems and neck issues. And I have realised now when I'm 15 that I just sit and play games. And that time has ruined my "life" (I say "life" as I know alot is still ahead of me). I want to make a change. I want to become social. I want to have fun when using my body, not just sitting down. I want to start doing more activities.

I suggest making your son join activities such as basketball, volleyball or others, and if he has troubles being with someone at school maybe the school offers a social group (our does). I also tried to go to other classes and talk with people there. And I gained 2 good friends I hang out with on the weekeends. I suggest he stops gaming because it only makes it worse. He's gonna be stuck in this situation and make it no better. I experienced this personally and It's tough but I knew there was no reason in suicide, because I would no longer be in the world, and whatgs the point of that? Wheareas living I would be here to make my life better, and I'm now in the stage of doing so. Begin now, don't be too naive. I've gotten BACK AND NECK issues because of my addiction, and at such a low age. Funny thing actually this weekend I was really focused NOT to play games and my attention span has increased after ONLY 1 WEEK. I went to a weekend camp and talked and laughed with tons of new people. I gained the courage to talk more to girls at a and actually ended up getting my first kiss later that night. I't may have been luck but may also have been cause I was focused on new things other than gaming.

I'm here to make a change, so cheers! I'm officialy in the club! :D

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