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  1. Thank you guys You really made me feel welcome. I hope you will all be successful in braking away from your addiction.
  2. Thanks I wouwód be realy happy to hear what do you think about troszkę book and I hope that you will be successfull as well @Fagus
  3. I have disenabled my Facebook account for 4 months and it felt great. I felt happier and less stresed as well as not using my phone as much and spending my time in a more productive way;however, I activated it again at the begining of the school year to keep conection with my class and have an easy way to send information related to our lessons. Looking at the situation now I think that keeping Facebook only as a tool not as social media is a good idea but i would not like to treat it as the latter anymore.
  4. Hello, My name is Michał, I live in Poland and I would like to introduce myself to You. I' am eighteen years old and I was addicted to gaming from the age of 13. I mainly played World of Warcraft as well as League of Legends. It started as a normal hobby. After I came home from school, I did my homework and then played for an hour or two. After a few years it turned out I got completely hooked up on it. I got into a situation where I lost nearly all friends (only two of them stayed with me, but they were addicted as much as I was), I spent my whole free time gaming, stayed up late even on school nights, I ignored studying and even while in school all I done was thinking about how I could upgrade my character, etc. This was my situation in May; however, at that time I began to realize that I' am addicted and that it ruins my life. Unfortunately, I didn't want to do anything about it because I loved playing WoW and LoL so much. The breaking point for me came on the first of July. During my holiday I was attending a Japanese course which was really important to me as I am a huge anime fan; however, even that didn't stop me from nearly getting late for a bus which I needed to take if I wanted to get to the course of time. After barely getting for it, I sat down on a seat and though " What the f*ck am I doing with my life? No matter how much I care about something I screw it up because I prefer to game than to follow my goals.". This was the moment I have decided enough is enough. Then, not really knowing how to break away from this addiction, I googled it . This was how I got to know gamequitters.com after reading a bit during my ride on the bus I made up my mind to delete both of the accounts. When I came home it was the first thing I had done. Also at that time I have started my 90-day detox. Today it already is 111 days since that decision and I haven't touched any game. During this time I was reading about self-improvement, watching Cam videos as well as learning about religion and studying a lot more in school. It had an amazing effect. Now I feel a lot better and more confident, I' am doing much better in school as well as I' am having a much better relationship with my parents and colleagues. The only thing that still has the problem is my shyness. I have a big problem with making friends, talking to people or engaging in a small talk. This is also why I waited so long to join the forum. I hope that you will give me a warm welcome as I will be trying to battle this weakness and be active in this community.