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On 1/15/2021 at 5:19 PM, Amphibian220 said:

ЕTabletop games are board games right? Are you aiming to quit board games or just video games?

I don’t know what kinds of situations you are referring to, but my limited understanding is you don’t want to confront a situation and choose to be distracted by a game.

Now why don’t you confront a particular situation? Maybe you need to monitor yourself more and  do targeted reading to try and be different in uncertain situations.

Correct - Board games. Video games are what I'm looking to stop. I approach board games drastically differently.

The situations I'm referencing are in relation to my current job and my relationship with my girlfriend. As I've not played a video game in about a week-in-a-half, it's been a little easier to deal with. 

Right at this moment. I'm considering my position as a table-top designer. I feel as if i'm not cut out for this work, as it's been about five years and I've only been able to produce one product while having four other games that ended up unmade. I'm unsure how to get through this burnout. It's been stressful to deal with. 

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