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Journal of a Gamer Mom (possibly a manifesto too)

Ashley K.

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I know I can't create it because I don't have enough skill to do so. Nor do I have th money to hire someone to create it for me.  

Have you tried freelancer.com? I am not sure about the rules of promoting other sites on here, but the CEO of freelancer was on a podcast I listened to recently and one of the jobs you can put on there is logo design, the price of is on average around the $20-50 mark.

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Don't be too stressed. You were just trying to start. It's ok. You're gonna find your own excitements during your journey to learn something.

I guess there must be some online or offline lectures for drawing or graphic tools. You need to be patient. Most of us can't be perfect when they are trying something new. This video will help you move forward. Always remember, you're gonna improve. If you can't find something else that interests you, keep trying to learn drawing until you finally find one.

I don't know whether you have perfectionism. In my case, I had the similar thoughts as yours. I just didn't study at all because I thought it would be useless if I can't be perfect, or at least, great. That mindset really held me back.

Don't give up yet! It's been only 7 days! You don't know what will happen in 83 days! If you say that it was worthless after the 90 days, then I will admit. After 90 days!

 Keep it up until you reach that date.

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