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Tom's journal


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Days 158 to ∞. Closure is a beautiful thing.

Half a year without playing games. Some dreams here and there, a craving or two, and that's it. I had enough time to find root causes, make peace, reshuffle a number of things. And above all, change.

It's time for me to move on. And I won't do it before thanking everybody who has been with me in this journey. @Cam Adair , @kortheo, @Phoenix, @AlexTheGrape, @SpiNips, @wookieshark88, @ChrisSatcher, @KoyoteIcarus@Marchosias, @Zala, @Ed, @Florian, @gankylosaurus, @Elegwa, @cordharel, @bassitone, @Mark, @Django, @Alkan... My wife and my children. Everyone I forgot to mention. You understood, you believed, you made it happen. Thank you!

I wish luck and strength to everybody still struggling. Don't be afraid. Dream big. Push your boundaries. Be your own character, build your own skills, level up your own life.


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I didn't believe it when I saw it's been 158 (now more!) days since you quit, it feels like October was just yesterday! Congratulations Tom! Sending you and your family positive vibes! 

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