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  1. Day 308 A lingering topic from my last discussion with Cam. I brought up the fact that sometimes I don't feel feel confident around other people and as a result don't look them in the eye while talking with them. Cam asked "Do you look yourself in the eye?" ...metaphorically, of course. And I think it's an interesting question; maybe I don't. I'm in a process of accepting myself, who I was, and who I am becoming, as I mentioned in a recent post. And one way that having not fully accepted yourself manifests is that you don't fully acknowledge the parts of yourself that you haven't accepted. You
  2. Everyone will get there is they stick to it
  3. Day 305 Went camping up in the mountains this weekend with friends and it was a great time. I ended up recording some of our conversations and making them into podcasts, and they're turning out great so far. Recently I got fitted for contacts and I'm wearing them to work for the first time today. I'm realizing that I feel resistance towards doing this (wearing them to work), and I'm self-conscious about people seeing me change my appearance. Most of all I realize I don't like the positive attention that I anticipate getting, haha. When/if people tell me I look good I just feel uncomfortable.
  4. Hey Alex! I had the exact same fear when I first started with podcasting (which was only a couple months ago). I wasn't comfortable putting myself out there. It gets a lot easier, actually pretty quickly. It feels good to me to create podcasts and to get my thoughts out, and the fear diminishes when you get positive feedback or are just proud of what you've created. You just have to push through the initial discomfort and make incremental improvements. Also, remember that you won't be great at it first. I still have a long ways to go with mine. Here are my episodes if you're interested. I'm su
  5. Day 300 Boom, 300 days! I'm currently obsessed with the idea of getting into Android development. It was hard to fall asleep last night because I was thinking about it haha. I think that's a good sign. Yesterday I had a conversation with Cam about excellence. I have resistance to seeing myself as capable of excellence, even though I always strive for it. I feel gross calling myself 'excellent' because it sounds pretentious to me. I'm realizing that excellence is less about outcome and more about the mindset you bring to your projects and your life, the standards you hold yourself to, and what
  6. I remember that first step of deleting all my games. Honestly that first step was the hardest for me. At 90 days I deleted my accounts permanently. It gets easier once you get going for a bit.
  7. Hey Undertow, great to have you join us here. Your initial thoughts remind me of my initial thoughts when I started (tomorrow is Day 300 for me). Stick with it. You'll be surprised! You're right that gaming itself isn't the problem per se. But you'll gain a lot but giving it up. Best of luck man.
  8. Day 299 Good morning Gamequitters! Today I am experimenting with the Pomodoro technique. This involves setting a timer for 25 minutes and doing focused work for that duration, and then taking a 5 minute break. Each 25 minute block of time is simply called a pomodoro. I'm on a break right now, but intentionally going to make it longer than 5 minutes haha. But basically I'll write this entry and then do another pomodoro. I'm liking it a lot. I'm also working on single-tasking during the pomodoros, being mindful and focused, rather than multitasking and getting flustered or stressed out. I have a
  9. Out of touch... to who? Also, you are not UNSTOPPABLE. I googled "unstoppable gif" and this is what we got. Enjoy. This is an accurate representation of my current feelings. Actually, I have some additional thoughts from the Pokemon Go video. Cam, you mention the difference between a mindset where we expect to be entertained vs a mindset where we seek fulfillment. Maybe you've talked about that before, but it's resonating with me now really strongly. I think understanding this dynamic is crucial for growth. Our expectations play a big role in how we feel about a given situation. Last nigh
  10. Day 298 I saw Louis CK last night with friends in LA. Great show. Unfortunately, I didn't get home until 2AM, so I ended up taking off work today. Woo PTO. It's really not a big deal though. I haven't played Pokemon Go. Just saw Cam's video on it (great video btw, Cam). It's an interesting case study indeed. I have several friends playing it. It is the first thing that has truly tempted me, mostly for nostalgia/fun factor. It doesn't seem like that big of a time sink. But nonetheless, it's something that will take a certain amount of effort and time investment from me that could be put into my
  11. Reference to a few posts of yours ago, but I also listened to the Derek Sivers ep on the Tim Ferriss show, that was a great one! I relate to him as well.
  12. On the point of diet vs exercise for being healthy, I would say both are important of course, but honestly I think diet is more important than exercise. This is certainly the case if you're trying to lose weight - it's easier to lose weight by restricting calories or by adhering to certain macronutrient ratios than it is to exercise a lot. But food is literally what you are made of, and eating good food will have an outsize impact on your general well-being. That said, bodies were meant to move, so we need to exercise too, and exercise has a big impact upon our mental states as well (reduces a
  13. Day 293 Why do we journal? We do it to reflect on our thoughts and experiences. The act of reflecting has been demonstrated to help accelerate learning. https://sites.google.com/site/reflection4learning/why-reflect This is a reason that I seem to get the most progress personally when I journal regularly, and that I stagnate more when I don't journal. I've been meditating regularly for quite a while and I can notice an increased level of awareness throughout my day. Being mindful during small critical times during the day can have an outsized impact on your quality of life. These critical times
  14. New Podcast Episode: Episode 8 - Insomnia https://soundcloud.com/travis-kirk-992919435/episode-8-insomnia If you struggle with insomnia, I have a bunch of recommendations for you!