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  1. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    Last week has been another blast of busyness. I did well to arrange my week days so that I didn’t have any clashes, but I made a couple of poor choices in how I spent my time during the week. I spend a little too much time with my girlfriend when I should have been studying or going to robotics, and I believe I’ve learned from those experiences.

    I need to keep my sleeping and studying routine consistent throughout the weekend during these important exam times, as it really messes me up when I stay up too late and get up too late.

    In general it has been a good and very busy week, and I know the workload will only ramp up from here.

    One of my pen pals wrote to me asking if we were still pen pals anymore, as I haven’t sent a proper email to any of them this year. It has made me feel a little sad and guilty that I haven’t put in the time to write to them, but it also shows that I’ve had a change in priorities. I initially wrote to my pen pals in the school holidays as I’d have a lot of free time, and it was a good way to keep myself from gaming. Now I am able to meet all my wants and needs without gaming or writing to people which is really good. It is hard to tell but I think I am happier than I used to be in general. Anyhow I will need to narrow down my active pen pals I write to down to just one or two, as I will simply be living my own life from now instead of reciting it.

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  2. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    Here's my weekly reflection:
    This week has gone really well. I managed to do fairly well to get studying done where it is needed, however I'm a little lacking in a couple papers. I made sure to get help when I needed it, and I did a good job of tutoring and working at the restaurant. Staying at university to get studying done has been helpful on the couple of days which I did do it, but I'm going to need to try a little harder on the weekend to study longer. I did however manage to get in intense exercise between 50min sessions whilst studying, which really helped me keep alert and engaged. I've been getting up consistently at 6am which has been great, and I've been trying harder than ever at the gym - things are going superb. My relationship is going very well, I could say I have a girlfriend now. I really think everything can only get more intense around the board, as exams are coming up and I'll be more pressured for time. I wasn't consistent with visualisation, I'll need to continue that.
    I'm going to stick with the weekly posts now, as I simply don't have the time every day to be writing a long post; every minute of spare time I can muster needs to be put towards my studies and social life.
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  3. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic Australia Nov/Dec 2017   

    I don't think I am currently, but I'll look into it  
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  4. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic 90 day detox take 2   

    Doing improv sessions sounds interesting, I didn't know about them!
    You're absolutely right about the unpredictability of life vs. the predictability of video games.
    Keep at it, the results will come in time
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  5. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic Captain Taru's Log: 20000 Withdrawals above the Sea   

    What an awesome story! I hope you learnt a lot from hanging out with Cam and the surfers.
    I hope the relapse wasn't significant, and all the best for getting back on track socially.
    Great to see you're doing such in-depth reflections too!
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  6. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic SlackRamen's Journal   

    Nice journal layout  Looks like things are going well for you, keep it up man! 
    Sounds like you had a good night out, and even better you could loosen up. Don't let it bother you if you can't do that all the time though, not everyone is suited to partying all the time
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  7. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic Just Do it Journal!-Going from Mediocre to Mighty   

    Well done! What kind of activities are you doing to replace gaming right now? If there aren't any, it may be a good idea to sort that out before a relapse can occur. All the best!
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  8. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    Here is how I set myself some goals (which I use to visualise). I asked myself questions about my past, current self, and desired future self to determine what was important to me to work on. I brainstormed how these areas can actually be worked on, and I circled the ones that would be a good fit. I then decided on something tangible I can achieve this week for each of the three areas, so that I have something to reflect and check on at the end of the week.
    The quality of these photos isn't that great, but it should at least show that creating meaningful goals can be done in less than 30 minutes!

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  9. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    Today has been a great day at uni. I got up at my new usual time of 6am to get to uni early, and I managed to get some good studying time in. I gymed today too, as well as tutored a student for an hour. I was surprised to find how easy it was to make visualisation goals for myself with the right tools. I also meditated and visualised, both of which I haven't done for a long while. I think it certainly helped me out when tutoring this evening.
    I knew that I needed to make some as I hadn't had any concrete goals for the past few months, if not the whole year. I'll likely upload a photo of how I set them too. Now that I have visualisation goals, I can visualise where I want to be, and remind myself of what my goals are. I've made them into weekly tasks too, that way they're achievable and measurable.
    If I look back at my previous goals, they were quite unrealistic. I wanted to have started my own community group by about March this year, but I never got anywhere close. I need to develop my social skills and leadership skills heaps before I attempt anything like that, which has been why I've been doing quite a bit of leadership stuff this year. Tomorrow I want to continue my success, and make sure to make moves on achieving my weekly goals.
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  10. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    You're quite right, I should definitely do that. I think posting daily would be best even if it does take a little more time, and taking a photo gives that option. Thank you for the suggestion!
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  11. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    The past week has yet again been a blur of activity, but it has been a lot different to any other week this year. I went on another date (same girl as before) which went very well, it was by far the best I’ve had before. We’ve been spending lots of time hanging out and studying together this week, and has been a really nice way to get through the week. I’ve also been getting up at 6am every day (with the exception of yesterday) which has lent me heaps more time to do my best at the gym and have extra study time before my first lectures of the day. I’m finding that doing journaling is currently a good reflection tool weekly, as I’m already evaluating how I’m doing on a daily basis in my daily planner (however not in word format). I feel this is working pretty well, as the only real things I need to be evaluating on a daily basis is how much work I’ve done, and how I can be more productive. I think I’ll only need to do extra posts during the week if things go particularly bad or some other reason for reflection.

    Now my goal is to do my journaling activities (i.e. gratitude journal, amazing thing that happened, meditation, visualisation, goal setting) on a daily basis but tracking them on paper since I’m not going to be journaling here every day. 

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  12. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    Thanks Hitaru! Good to hear a second opinion on how I'm doing. I hope it inspires you to do your best
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  13. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    Yesterday has been another great day of studying and such. I had my first tutoring sessions with high school students, which went really well. I found it enjoyable to help out students individually, and it pays heaps better than my restaurant job, so I'll definitely continue with this.
    The main thing I need to improve on would be to get to bed quicker, as I've been rather slow with it recently.
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  14. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    Just a quick update:
    The weekend and the week so far has whizzed by, I've been super busy! I have actually started dating and that is going well. I've also been getting up at 6 every day to go to the gym, which has lent me more time to study afterwards. I'm a little tired as I haven't been getting much sleep as usual, but I think I should recover some over the weekend. In any case I'm doing pretty well!
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  15. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    Thank you Cam! You're doing a great job growing the community, thank you for your tireless work!
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