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  1. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    My exams are over, and I'm free! I've been getting the chore-like things done recently like giving my room a proper cleanout, doing shopping, cooking for the family etc but it has been an engaging weekend so far. I am currently needing to set long term goals and make visualisations accordingly, as it is something that I have struggled with recently. I'll try keep posted daily, but otherwise things are going well.
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  2. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    Thanks for the comment! Yeah I figured that this keeps it similar to going to high school, as I'd move around to get to a different class. At the end of a class students typically feel bored or tired, but when they have a walk, then sit down in a new environment and around different people, we are refreshed enough to do work on a new subject. On that note, changing the topic studied often can help too.
    I thought I should plan it out, but there are about four buildings in my university I can go to to always get a space so it didn't really require planning. I did two hour sessions today whilst changing location between each one, but I should definitely do the single hours and moving tomorrow.
    If you give it a go (although I believe school/university is finishing for the year in the US?) please let me know!
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  3. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    It has been over a week since I last posted, wow! I've been studying hardcore since then, as my end of semester exams start in half a week now.
    Today has been an average day of studying. I managed to do approximately 10 hours of studying today which is the best I've done, however the quality of the work done hasn't been the best. I've been doing huge chunks of work and become quite unproductive towards the end of it. Tomorrow I'll make sure to just do 1 hour sessions, which involve packing up and moving to another building to work between sessions, as this activity has kept me more alert and able to focus when I do. I'll need to work tomorrow evening so I'll likely skip my workout. I've had some gaming cravings recently because I'm so bored a lot of the time, but I think it is just something that comes along with studying so many hours with few and small breaks.
    I'm looking forward to doing a skiing trip in a couple weeks time, it should be great fun!
    As soon as my exams are over I think I want to start a few things like cooking fancy meals, but also getting back into programming and photography.
    I'm grateful for there being so many computers around university.
    I'm grateful for the amazing lunches I've been able to make myself recently.
    I'm grateful for the time I have to study.
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  4. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    Today has been a relatively good one. I got up at the usual time, went to the gym in the morning, and went to my lectures. My studying wasn't too productive today, but I made burritos for the family this evening. There was still heaps left over, so it was a good use of time and I finally used up the last of my personal groceries that were going to go off soon. Tomorrow I'm going to run to the gym to slash my travel time, and stay at uni until about 7pm to get the maximum amount of studying done. I have finished my non-fiction book I've been reading, so I'll be getting back into self-development books. Tomorrow I'll make sure to make the most of my time, lets see how this goes!
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  5. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    This week has been another super busy one, but probably one of the busiest! Cutting out the non-essentials has been working well for me, however I have still been locked into many commitments this week in my workplace and for my business group. I studied hard for a maths test on Thursday, and I'm confident that I did really well during that test. On Saturday I went to the Kickstart Final, which is the pitching competition that my business enterprise group and I have been building up towards. Our hard work has paid off, because we came first place and won $500 to put towards our business! I'm not sure if we'll still go ahead with making the business or if we'll just take it as a great learning experience, but I'm very happy with the result and the skills I've learned along the way. Studying in the weekend was not up to par, so it seems I'll need to revert back to going to the university to study, as I'm always tempted to spend much more time than I should on breaks whilst at home.
    Here's a photo of my kickstart team! Also here's one with the judges.

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  6. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic Just Do it Journal!-Going from Mediocre to Mighty   

    Keep going at it, even if it seems you're going through the same issues with relapse, you'll eventually know enough about yourself to take it all the way through the detox. Great to see you're still posting!
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  7. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    The past week has whizzed by and I can't believe it is almost June. I have been working hard during the week, but my work ethic took a dip during the weekend. All I have to learn is that I need a plan to make the most of study time during the weekends, and to cut out all distractions even if it means leaving the house. This week will be another busy week, but I think I'll be more prepared as I am currently removing the non-essentials from my life to focus on my coursework. Let's see how this goes!
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  8. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic The Warrior's Infinite Opus   

    Sorry to hear you didn't have a good fatherly figure in your life. It must be really hard to look back on, but from it you can also feel accomplished when you achieve things without that help.
    Being content with oneself is a necessity for consistently good self-esteem. It is something I am working on as there are times when nobody will recognise you for your accomplishments. Perhaps it might be a good thing for you to try to do if you don't want to feel 'empty'. That's my two cents, best of luck with living without relying on images, whether imagined or from video games.
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  9. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic Jay's Epic Journey   

    Hi Jay,
    You're right about eating unhealthy food as a reward. Eating unhealthily as a reward for eating healthy defeats the purpose of eating healthy in the first place. I don't have any particular solution, but perhaps you could try having a relaxing afternoon walk on Fridays if you've done well that week, and otherwise write a letter to yourself or a reflection of some sort. If you have any better reward ideas, I'd love to hear them.
    Good luck with getting your habits rock solid, I'm sure it'll come to you easily now that you've seen what you feel like after doing it wrong. Keep it up!
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  10. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    Haha yes it is indeed swapped.
    Best of luck for your exams! Hopefully you've been finding enough time for your studies too.
    I stopped doing the TrumpZone project a few months ago, as I've been working in an enterprise group which I go through the motions of starting up a social enterprise with. I'm gaining the experience for doing what would be needed for my project, so I can get back to it later if I find the time. At the moment, it looks like I'm not going to have the time though, as I'm struggling to do all the coursework necessary.
    Thanks for dropping by!
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  11. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic Just Do it Journal!-Going from Mediocre to Mighty   

    Good to see you're still reflecting on your position whilst going through relapse. It can be very hard to find the courage to block out the games permanently, but it is very freeing afterwards. Best of luck getting through this!
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  12. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    Thanks Jay, I'll need to look into that. I think I'll do my best for the next week and see if it becomes a pattern, but in the meantime I may need to cut off fencing and my new commitment to an engineering performance.
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  13. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    Quick post today. Today has been a stressful day of submitting a group project, now I've got another group project (yay?) to handle. I've realised that I need to make more time in my day to study, and I'm simply haven't been finding that time in the past couple of weeks. I went gyming today and went all-out, I felt great afterwards. I'll need to reintroduce regular exercise breaks to maximise my productivity, as I know there's room for improvement.
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  14. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    This week has been super busy so far, but not in a good way. I've spent heaps of time every night writing a research report and working on a group assignment, however it has been at the expense of sleep. Furthermore I've been using my usual gym time to work on these things, which isn't good for my health. I think it is a symptom of having too many extra-curricular activities on my plate, as I'm constantly needing to compromise things in my life. I'll get back into gyming tomorrow, but getting enough sleep will be a hurdle I'll be struggling with for the next week.
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  15. AlexTheGrape added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    For yesterday: the rest of the week has still been very busy, with report deadlines coming closer. I've been studying most of the weekend to a satisfactory level (however not ideal), and I know that I need to keep more active for maximum study performance. I'm still happy with what I've done though. I didn't manage to do any studying on Friday as usual, but I think I need to properly dedicate it to time off if I'm planning to do full-on studying every weekend, otherwise I get no free time!
    For today: Today has been a relatively good day overall; I packed a good lunch, worked hard throughout the day, got the help I needed in maths, and worked long hours. However I didn't go to bed on time and I attempted to sleep in this morning. It ended up in me simply wasting time as I didn't get back to sleep. As a result I didn't go to the gym, which is a pretty poor start to the day and to the week.
    This week I'm focusing on doing the best I can in my studies, with my second priority being to push myself out of my comfort zone wherever possible. That means getting back into cold showers!
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