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Daniel's 90 Detox


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Day 64

Thanks everyone who commented during my relapse. I feel like I'm back at day 1. 

After relapsing I find my gaming problem even more scarier.

Sometimes we need these experiences to remind us why we're doing what we're doing. Don't get complacent. Keep evolving your vision beyond it's current limits.

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Day 65

Skipped my journal entry from yesterday. Today I spent some time looking to buy a new phone and a gaming account. However at the end I dismissed the idea. As I mentioned earlier the fact that deleted my own gaming accounts and that I'm looking to buy new ones makes it seem dumb.

My heart hasn't been on the forum these past 4 days. Perhaps it's shame or guilt. Or just that feeling down phase after relapsing. But I'm feeling a bit more positive. "Doing things" seems to be the antidote for feeling depressed. When you are feeling down just aim to accomplish one task or chore that needs to get done. Keep adding tasks until you get out of the hole.

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