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90 Day Detox Finished


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Hello everyone,

Finally, it's over!

I just wanted to thank the following people for their continual support and invaluable feedback. Your input has not been ignored and I appreciate the help very much!  :D

@Cam Adair @Falky @WorkInProgress @Jeremias @Primmulla @Paul A @Kad @Mark @SpiNips @Merdoc_Rowboat

There have been so many different changes in my life throughout the last few months that it's difficult to cover them all in just a small paragraph.  The major turning point for me was during the middle of my Detox.  I had one minor slip on the weekend when I logged into an MMORPG and played for about nine hours straight.  After that, I realized that gaming would no longer be an option for me in my future, as it was just too addictive.  After I turned my back entirely on gaming, I experienced some emotional struggles.   I was going through a tough time emotionally, because without the gaming to help me cope, I was struggling to address specific stresses in my life that propelled me to game in the first place.  Let me tell you, it was NOT easy.  Learning new methods to cope took me a long time to create a habit.  I wasn't perfect in keeping up to my goals, but I pressed on and did what I could anyway.  I did all this without spending time on a single game. 

What did I learn about myself?  Lots. 

1)  I learned about what types of coping skills work for me:  meditation, socializing, relaxation, running, artwork, crafting, writing in a journal. 

2)  I learned about how to develop habits, and how to maintain them, thanks to reading the book The Power of Habit. 

3)  I learned how to set up achievable yet challenging goals:  increasing my running time and speed, setting up an online craft store, plotting my financial goals for the next 6 months, 1 year, and then 5 year plan., setting up social events throughout the month so that I avoid isolating myself and to give me opportunity to make new potential friends.

4)  I learned a little bit more about my personality:  introvert, low-level energy, occasional struggles with moments/periods of social anxiety, enjoys non-competitive sports such as indoor rock-climbing, kayaking, running, hiking. dislike noisy venues, enjoys the beauty of nature, enjoys working with my hands and creating or crafting. adopted a Minimalist lifestyle.

5)  I learned how to be kinder to myself, and to remind myself that I'm imperfect and yet that's entirely okay.  I have a lifetime to grow as a person, and to accomplish many goals that I have listed in my personal journal.

Some of my key personality traits were known to me for many years, but I didn't really observe them until recently, and how I interact with people socially at work or meeting strangers, or acquaintances.  Gaming kind of led me to isolation, and it wasn't helping me socially at all.  I always thought that it was easier to escape into gaming, yet in the end, I was just running away from life.

I'll be moving onward from here.  I have decided to continue my journal on another private site, in hopes to continue with following through with my goals and to reflect about things that I experience on a daily basis.  Thanks so much, everyone, for your help, your kindness, and your awesome feedback!

Over and out,


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WOW Congratulations! 

Some of my key personality traits were known to me for many years, but I didn't really observe them until recently

I find this is a common trait - I noted that Piotr, myself and various others have grown greater self-awareness which is helping with decision-making.

Good luck to you Dannigan. 

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