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    Hi Mathew,
    great that you found something your passionate about. I can speak from personal experience that it isn't smart to just study because it is the sensible thing to do. I rue a little that I didn't explore my passions before university. Otherwise I would most like didn't spend so much time there and instead learned a craft I want ot eb great in. I found Computer science right now and my Engineering degree will help me to follow that path but I could have prevented myself from a lot of self doubt and agony if I just searched for a proper path before Hand. So good job in beeing proactive. I leave some Inspiration here
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    Hi my polish companion,
    How are you doing lately? I hope you don't beat yourself up with failing that exam. It sucks and ofcourse you have to take responsibility for it, but that's it. I watched some old wc3 streams too butI procrastinate my thesis mainly with learning programming .  
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    Nerdy is the new sexy Yeah I had some c foundations from University but it is still a lot of work. In my (limited) experience it is important to focus your efforts and your plan seems reasonable. I will atleast have a masters degree in Engineering which will help me a bit at getting a Job. We'll see if I am successful :). Feel free to message me if you want to look deeper in the c/c++/Assembler direction. I have accumulated some of the needed ressources.
    What is your opinion do MOOC's with certificates?
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  5. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic Detox starts right now   

    Hey good job on the restart. It was a great step for me to stop gaming last year. I am close (1month) to finishing my masters in chemical engineering and I am pretty sure that I wouldn't have made it if I would still be playing games and watching streams all the time. I am sure it will help you in ways you don't even anticipate right now.
     I am fascinated about software development and did learn a lot about c++ and programming in general at the last year. You seem to be like a classical computer nerd (which I mean only positively). Why don't you search for a job in this area of expertise. You seems to be totally capable of bieing atleast an Administrator. I am searching for an entry level job in software development right now and atleast in my area (south Germany) there are a lot of admin/devops/developer jobs available. Are you still going to school or is something else holding you back?
     Security is definitely on my to study list to but computers are such a big topic so i need first to get my fundamentals on OS and Networking straight before I can go into that .
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  6. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic Destoroyah's Meltdown   

    No worries. I am fine. Hope you get it handled.
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  7. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic Destoroyah's Meltdown   

    I don't think that you are crazy, I don't know you good enough. I didn't think a lot about the negative implication of that suggestion and it didn't even came to my mind that it could offend you with that comment if I am quite honest. I am sorry that I offended you. I read what you wrote since I left before I wrote my comment. I agree with you that analyzing yourself is a great step. I just don't think that you have to be "crazy" to go to a psychologist. It is helpfull to share your thoughts with someone on a regular basis especially if it is someone objective. In my opinion it is totally ok to use a psychiatrist for this if you feel psychologically down. And you wrote by yourself that you considering to see a shrink but are shying away from the idea because you would feel challenged by someone trying to "treat" you.
     I just tend to be a bit hasty with that suggestion because I have friends who greatly benefited from going to a psychiatrist and so many people shy away for it because they are ashamed of labelling themselves mentally ill. And exactly because I don't know you I went wiht the "better safe then sorry" attitude  . I repeat for emphasize that it I didnt' want to imply that you are crazy or have mental problems (there is no way for me knowing if this assumption would be true). But in the same way I can't know if you  don't have such problems. 
    I also have to admit there is a great possibility that I am wrong in the assumption that trying out going to a psychologist can only have positive or neutral outcomes. If I think a harder about the subject it could definitely have bad consequenced to go to a shrink. It could  leave you feeling ill/crazy even if you don't have any problems. This is definitely a thing to consider (which I haven't at my comment).
    I just saw you struggling and wanted to point out that professional treatment is something to consider (because so many people shy away from it so fast not because it is the only or the best option). I hope you are working your stuff out. Best of luck to you. And thank you for welcoming me back. Really appreciated that you thought of that even if I offended you wiht ym suggestion
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  8. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic Destoroyah's Meltdown   

    Hey there. It si a good thing that you share your problems. It seems like you feeling afraid to let someone near you and thats why your brain focusses on their bad attributes. One Thing you could try is to find one little thing every day which is good at the people around you. Start small with things like they leave you alone if oyu tell them too or smth like this.
    I hope you figure this out but I would advice you to see a psychiatrist. It is ok to seek help. We are all human beeings and we all feel like crap if we are alone and have noone to rely on. A psychiatrist will show you the flaws in your thinking from an objective point of view. Just try it out. If it is shitty/unhelpfull you can still stop. We tend to just evade the things which could be the most helpful. And I saw many People greatly benefit from going to a professional. Just because it feels bad to admit that you need help that is no reason at all not to seek it out. 
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  9. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic Time for something new   

    Im proud that you stuck to it this time. Your attitude is exactly right. It is a struggle for me too to be productive. Still.
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  10. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic [NSFW] Marquess' journal (Cute emo girls inside!)   

    Hey. It looks like you are in an ok place. I was wondering was happened to you.
    I am glad that the place you are seems helpful. I personally have friends who go through or gone through similar things, so I am glad that you accept all the benefits you can take out of your stay there. Also it is always a bonus to have cute nurses around.
    I stopped using gamequitters but check in from time to time. Best of luck to you man.
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  11. WorkInProgress added a topic in Daily Journals   

    WiP Updates
    Hi guys and girls,
    I hope you are still doing well,
    I lately started to browse here from time to time for little study breaks and will soon talk a little bit about the time after I stopped being here regular. Tomorrow my last exam is done so I maybe find half an hour for it then :).
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  12. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic Time for something new   

    Hey Steve, I just returned to gamequitters for a little learning break and to catch up a bit on you guys and see that you returned again.
    Awesome. You are here the third time and thats something you can be proud of. Sure you relapsed but you reflected about your decision and came back from it again and again. Also your gamefree periods get longer and longer and I am sure you achieve more then you think in these periods where you otherwise would gamed away your time. Even if it maybe doesn't seem like a lot of progress but you did make progress and I am proud of you!
    Well nugh said... Tomorow is my hopefully last exam so wish me luck ;). 
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  13. WorkInProgress added a topic in Main Room   

    Adieu gamequitters. It was a great time.
    Hello guys.
    I am an active gamequitter since over a year now . The people here gave me a save environment to change my habits and gain a new perspective on live. But in agreement with the motto of the year (Simplicity) I decided to say goodbye to the gamequitters community and focus more on other areas in my life and the people which are in physical reach of me like my friends, colleagues and most importantly my family.  I am ready to stand alone on my feet and gamequitter has become a crutch where I lean on to heavily. So I let go of this crutch with a heavy heart. It is possible that I will be back someday.
    ‌@Schwing ‌@hycniejsy ‌@Piotr‌ 
    I am sorry to break our accountability Group but I think you should do great without me too. I jsut Need to cut as many dependencies as possible to Focus on the things which are most important to me. I hope you do well and have a awesome life. Thank you all for your support.
    ‌@Cam Adair
    Thank you for beeing always nice and supportive and best of luck with your mission. There is despite the privacy issue nothing wrong with this community you created. I hope you'll be able to help a lot of more people like you had helped me. If you ever need anything don't hesitate to write me a mail and I will be happy to help you out.
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  14. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic The Purge   

    it is a meditationt tracker. I figured that juat because I don't have a daily Journal I don't have to relinquish the accountability.
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  15. WorkInProgress added a topic in Main Room   

    Thank you!
    Hi fellow gamequitters,
    I just wanted to thank you all for being awesome.
    Especially now that Cam seems to have some time issues and prioritizes other things about replying to every post 2 times a day it is imporant that we support each other. This way noone gets the feling that we don't care about him/her because noone oosts on his/her Journal. This is working great so far I can tell and you seems to take the advice to focus your commenting on a few selected journals. I personally tend to over do my activity here instead of working so i am really glad to see that the dystem works and noone is feeling left out. So let's keep helping each other!
    Gj guys and girls. You make the difference!
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