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  1. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic My Sugar Detox   

    Detox: 09.10.2017 - 09.01.2018
    Week 1 (16.10.2017-22.10.2017) Part 2
    Hello out there,
    I had some little slips out of carelessness. I.e. I automatically licked a yogurt cover after it fell down and got a whole. But I realized my mistake and gave the open yogurt to my wife. I stayed strong at family meetings with cake and other delicious stuff and it wasn't that hard to stay abstinent. Everyone seems to understand my reasoning for doing this so people feel a little bad for me and then support my decision. I also did go on two runs this week as promised. I think I will start a today rythm of running for the foreseeable future. It is just an easy way to get some exercise in my day plan. It also fits pretty well to my actual audiobook ("Shoe Dog").
    Have a great week.
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  2. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic [NSFW] Marquess' journal (Cute emo girls inside!)   

    Hey there. Awesome to here that things go sort of your way for a change! I was wondering what happened to you.
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  3. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic Captain Taru's Log: 20000 Withdrawals above the Sea   

    Go Hitaru. Go!
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  4. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.   

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  5. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic Raven's Journal   

    I actually can't remember a special point where the withdrawel stopped. It was more like a wave function. Sometimes the urges were stronger and sometimes I stopped thinking about games all together. The urge to binge consume was stronger if I was stressed or felt pressured, It was/is my coping mechanisme to evade negative feelings by binge consuming stuff. It helps to be aware of that and it gets a little better over time. Right now I don't feel urges to play anymore, but it took a lot of time. And of course I still evade negative feelings from time to time. THis happens just with other mechanisms which are more constructive.
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  6. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic Raven's Journal   

    Hey there, you got 2weeks of not gaming. This is a good start and something you can be proud of. Especially if you struggling with depression right now.
    I hope the med's kick in and help you to feel better. One thing which can help a bit is to get out of the house. A small walk (10-20min) in the outside releases a lot of good chemicals in your body. Even if the weather is bad the light is still a lot more intense then inside. I see how the agoraphobia can be hindering but maybe you'll have a garden or a somewhat similar space to get some light. There are also infra-red lamps which are shown to have similar effects. Maybe it could be worthwhile to research that a little.
    The challenge can be daunting but if you go one small step after another in the right direction one you'll become a little bit better everyday. Sometimes that is hard to believe. Or you think it doesn't matter if the successes are so small. But trust me. These little wins are what matters in the long run. If you like to read I would really recomment you the slight edge.
    PS: I recognized that cam didn't read/answered your question. I only bought the basic version of his book and it has all the necessary advice and challenges you'll need to start. (he also recommends the slight edge in there btw)
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  7. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic Damian's journal   

    Here is a free little book about this problem. I found it helpful to motivate me stepping out of my comfort zone
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  8. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic Zeke's Daily Journal   

    I think telphone apps can be as addictive as computer games. They aren't as immersive but they are always available which makes it easier to get into the habbit of compulsingly using your phone to evade thinking or emotions. I would agree to stay away from these things until you finished your detox. I also doubt highly that brain-apps help you with math skills. Sadly school math is imho a lot about learning simple routines by heart and training them. This is still best be done with a lot of training exercises on paper. THe problem with that is that you'll usually need someone to help you if you get stuck. Thats where tutors or (good) math books come in. The problem wiht math bools is that the notation their written isn't really easy. It is a own sort of (precise) language you'll need to crock before it helps you. School usually does a crappy job at helping you there. To summarize. Deep studies are way more advantagous then any mobile game. They are also dangerous. The ability to learn/study things especially when they aren't exciting and gamified is essential for your future success in life and career.
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  9. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic The journey of Zntrix (getting a grip on my life)   

    Hi there. Welcome to the forums.
    I am sure this will be a big step and it is great that you ask for help.
    I would suggest that you check the gamequitters youtube channel. I linked the Start here playlist which will help you to answer most of the urgent questions. I would urge you to write daily entry's in the journal section. This will keep you focussed and be able to process the changing habits more easily. It is also a great way to keep yourself accountable.
    We got your back!
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  10. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic My Sugar Detox   

    Detox: 09.10.2017 - 09.01.2018
    Week 1 (09.10.2017-15.10.2017) Part 2
    Hello out there,
    two days in I start to experience cravings. I usually would jsut stop buying anything, but this time I did intentionally not ban the sweets out of my sight. ThThis leads to cravings which I was able to outlast and which led to me cooking two times a day instead of just eating a bread with nutella or smth similar in the evening. I have the hope that this will help my self-discipline in general. 
    It helps a bit that I can eat some fruit in the morning which I start to enjoy more. I feel like I am able to taste more and be more mindful of my food in general lately. Could be a causation or maybe I am just focussed on the food and therefore eat more intentionally. It improves my appreciation of food which is a good thing either way.
    For the first month I will jog two times a week and the see where it goes. This evening or tomorrow I'll start the routine (if my son isn't born that day).
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  11. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic thehondasc00py's 90-Day Videogame Detox   

    Hey it seems like you are doing a lot of exploring right now which is great. The problem to fit it all in is a natural consequence of that. Now is the time to make the next step. In my opinion this step is equally important. Prioritize. Pick 3-5 Things out of the List of things you want (need/must) to do. These are your main goals for the next month. Forget about the rest and just focuse entirely at them and to be the best at them you can be.
    This will give you a muhc deeper experience and let you catually choose if you want to explore more things afterwards or just are afraid to commit to some activities.
    Atleast in my experience it is easy to make a tons of exciting plans and never follow through with it. The only antidote to that is prioritization imho.
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  12. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic ChewyChickenBones journal   

    The first seasons are . I did rewatch them out of nostalgia a few months ago. I really enjoyed it.
    Congratulation on the two weeks man. Thats a great first step!
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  13. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic 90 Day Detox   

    Don't worry. Do what works for you. IF you want to do some deeper reflection it is fine if not that is fine too. You got soon 2/3 of the detox. Good job.
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  14. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic Fern's Journal   

    Best of luck. Maybe check in again for the 90 day celebration or if you (god forbid) should relapse
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  15. WorkInProgress added a post in a topic My Journal - Alex   

    Sounds great. Having a girlfriend will help you a lot. Especially after the first crush is gone you'll have someone to point out your dumb ideas in normal life. The added self-reflection can be priceless.
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