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Where are you?


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I'm curious, is there some kind of statistic (not names, just figures) about where do game quitters come? I know we have US, canadians, germans, british, polish, at least one spaniard (who might him be I wonder...), some other(s?) from China if I recall... 

Also, is there some statistic about where does the traffic/browsing come?

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I can share some analytics but quickly we have members in 39 countries so far. O.o

List of countries: (60) *Updated*

- Singapore
- Canada
- South Africa
- Slovakia
- England (United Kingdom)
- Finland
- New Zealand
- Norway
- Germany
- Brazil
- Spain
- Netherlands
- Poland
- Switzerland
- Belgium
- Australia
- Russia
- Turkey
- Denmark
- Greece
- Lithuania
- India
- Czech Republic
- Morocco
- Colombia
- Latvia
- Serbia
- Tunisia
- Sweden
- Portugal
- Luxembourg
- Italy
- France
- Algeria
- Ireland
- Romania
- Hong Kong
- Indonesia
- Japan
- Mexico
- Egypt
- Iceland
- Scotland
- Paraguay
- Qatar
- Bulgaria
- Philippines
- Argentina
- Pakistan
- Kuwait
- Saudi Arabia
- United Arab Emirates
- Estonia
- Ghana
- Korea
- Israel
- Malaysia
- Austria
- Slovenia

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The glorious land of People's Republic of Sloveniastanland is literally on the list, and you haven't added it on the map. Expect our air force, consisting of armed hot air balloons, to visit you soon.

I couldn't believe I forgot to add Slovenia for so long! You were here much sooner than many others!

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Are there any other people from Serbia Cam?

Yep I've seen more than one! 

We did just get our first member from Syria though! :D

Oh cool ! Do you know their names maybe?:P

I cannot remember! Post in the Meetups subforum and maybe some will find you! :D

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