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I organized a screening of the documentary "Sharkwater" to help raise awareness about sharks.

Any favorite documentaries you recommend otherwise?

Yes, actually. It's a very new documentary split into episodes about the benefits of medical marijuana.

I used to smoke because it helped with my anxiety, but had a very bad experience that lead to an incredibly severe panic attack - it was due to other external sources that caused this; not the cannabis itself. Unfortunately, my body saw this feeling as a threat and I haven't been able to smoke since November of 2014; but I digress.

The documentary/show is called "Weediquette". Its aim is to educate the public, in an attempt to help move away from pharmaceuticals, which are more toxic than healing in most cases. I've watched two episodes so far and I've been blown away by them both.

The first episode is actually available on YouTube for free viewing. It's about the [potential] effectiveness of THC against cancer.

Weediquette: Episode 1

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I smoke tobacco pipes :D

Smoking is bad for you

Not even remotely as bad for you as cigarettes are, especially if you don't inhale. The mortality rate of non-smokers in comparison to pipe smokers is very slim (1.0 vs 1.05 according to a study out there), for those smoking in low-moderate amounts. 

I'll take the slight increase in mortality for increased relaxation and hobby value - it's fun collecting pipes too B|.

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I once hopped a freight train across the state of Nevada

I've hiked the John Muir Trail

One of the qualities I most appreciate in people is expresiveness and I love it when people allow themselves to laugh and cry fully

I taught myself woodcarving after only watching an 8 minute instruction video; I cut my fingers a lot in the beginning

I can play chess without looking at the board, though not well

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I write on the phone using the index and middle finger of the right hand instead the thumbs of both hands. People react as if I was performing some kind of miracle but I find extremely complicated to do it the other way around.

Smiling people makes me cringe. I can't help but imagine they're up to something. The thought of being so socially awkward makes me cringe.

At some point in my adolescence I learned to sail a catamaran with a friend and my instructors would always berate me for my daring. We couldn't pass the final exam because one of the tasks was to capsize and then refloat the ship using our bodies as counterweight and we weren't heavy enough to do sh*t. The next year my friend tagged along the burliest student he could find and got his license. I settled for submarine simulators but have been interested in sea life ever since.

Throughout my life I've developed crushes on at least 15 girls (and a boy), asked out 8 and got rejected by all of them (only asked girls; sorry, no cute boy love confession story boo). At least 8 girls, some of them part of the previous figure, made not very subtle advances on me and were rejected by sheer shyness or ignorance of the social rules regarding flirting. I've reached at least first base with 3 girls and one more disregarded consent (but in a cute way so I forgive her) I've used 5 languages to convey my feelings, but to be honest I didn't have the slightest idea of two of those. One boy kindly and literally asked to add my name "in his lovers list". I politely declined, not so much because his arrogance but because I was engaged in a pretty abusive relationship.

Despite being bullied in my childhood, I was also a reputed speaker and stand-up comedian, and my teachers assumed out loud that I would become a politician.

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I was once very religious, I even was an acolyte in the church in my hometown. Lots of people said that I will probably become a priest, which I thought so too, at some point...
I studied mine and others religions, and the deeper I went into studying them, the more I've seen that everything of that is just a hoax, nicely said stories but with nothing "divine" in it. That leads to the fact that: Now I'm an atheist.

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