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  1. Back in my day, we would get 4 people online.
  2. You can overwhelm anyone with those thoughts (good or bad). Ignorance is bliss.
  3. I'm falling asleep just reading this Don't read in bed, find a desk or study area where you are usually productive and read there.
  4. I can write with both hands I love the smell of Pinalen Original Multipurpose cleaning product
  5. Hi there Michael! Glad to see that you are taking control early on
  6. @quittintime This is how I started running (I know running isn't for everybody but hear me out). The mindless internet browsing, boredom and itching-nerve to play was constantly a part of me. One day I was sick of that feeling and I put on some shorts and running shoes and just started running in whatever direction I was facing. I poured out all my worries and it manifested into running. I needed to do something or I was going to go crazy! At the end of the run (I just stopped when I felt like I was going to pass out) my mind was cleared or perhaps too tired to think and my legs were on fire. The craving went away for that day and I decided that I would take this victory with me and carry on through the battle the next day.
  7. Hi Ricarda, I've also had the problem of making friends online and knowing that it would lead up to nothing. It was the nostalgia of playing with my clan members that would keep bringing me back in. Also letting go of all the progress I had made and as for making friends in person I sought out a gaming club because I knew that would be the easiest place to make some friends. If you have not done this already I suggest you tell your friends about what you are trying to do. Build up a support system around you with people you can count on. As for the online friends I make on here they are another place that I can go to for help. However, my primary support system are my family and friends.
  8. Ayy I can feel his energy too! Welcome KO (sick username).
  9. @TruthfulPirate I am a second year community college student so school and homework take up a lot of my time (which is good). I use my spare time reading and doing some graphic design. I try to stay active by going out for runs which helps kill the cravings and clear my mind. As for some other activities I would like to try out: hiking, climbing, volunteering (Getting involved in your community can help expose you to new ideas). That's all I have! @usernameforworldpeace! Hey there!
  10. Welcome Ryan! I have been gaming on and off and every time I quit for a long time (months) I find my way back to this website. Granted, I read around but don't post much so perhaps keeping a journal will help me out. Enjoy the ride man!
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