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Today was a fun day! I went to the gym, cooked, studied Swedish and hung out with my friends. The best moment of today was the feeling after doing some heavy deadlifting. It's my favourite exercise alongside with squats.

I have recently started to take cold showers again, although I'm not going absolutely freezing cold since it always makes me feel tired, not energetic afterwards. It's a nice habit though and there is no danger of staying in the shower for decades.

Today I'm grateful for:

  • Great weather
  • Green tea
  • Fantastic view from top of a ski jumping tower
  • Living on a safe neighbourhood
  • Strength Camp
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Sorry for the long delay @hycniejsy!

That's true, but if you can give me at least one benefits from masturbation other than instant pleasure, then tell me what it is ;)

Greetings, Mad Pharmacist

These findings are highly individual and will not be applicable to anybody else necessarily. This is my point of view after hassling with NoFap for 1,5 years.

The negative effects that long NoFap streaks has on me:

  1. Increased stress – When my body isn't capable of expressing the sexual tension it reacts with increased tension. My neck gets tighter, my thoughts get quicker and more active and my jaw tightens. In the short run this feels good – you feel essentially more active and prepared. The negatives start to appear when the streaks goes on for too long. I get more aggressive, I start to feel frustrated and my mood swings. Sleeping becomes harder because my body is in a Fighting mode.
  2. My feelings get very sex oriented – This is very natural and to be expected, but it starts to annoy me when I hang out with my female friends and my mind is very inclined to run into sexual thoughts. This becomes annoying since my drive is usually higher than the girl's I'm with and it really messes up the dynamics.
  3. I'm more prone to doing risky stuff – This comes along with the stress and being more assertive. Also hooking up with girls that I wouldn't do if I wasn't so desperate to release the tension.

Masturbation when timed correctly should ease these consequences. I need to give my body time to rest so that it won't burn out. That's the benefit of fapping occasionally with schedule.

The benefits I feel come along with NoFap

  1. You are more active
  2. You are performing better (At least in the medium run)
  3. You are more outgoing
  4. Girls > Hand

I feel like this is one of the most personal subjects. You see all kinds of approaches to this question but I believe that you really have to find out the answer for yourself. Hope I was able to open up my approach! :)


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today has been a nice day! In the morning I helped my friends unload a trailer full of string. After that I went out to meet my friends. The best moment of today was getting some physical movement into my muscles that were sore from yesterdays workout.

I watched Cam's new video and I have to say it was great! It reminded me how important it is to be a part of community which believes in improving oneself. It's awesome to see how much this forum has grown but it isn't realistic to be on track with everybody's journal since there are so many of them. :( Reading other peoples' journals has given me many great ideas, motivation and support so I'll allocate more time to it. It'll just require prioritizing.

Another thing that popped into my mind was that it would be cool to meet new interesting people and make stronger connections with some that I'd like to get to know better. In Cam's recent video he and Michael talked about the importance of contacts. It would be great to meet other people interested in improving themselves irl too!

Today, a good day, lots of writing, resting, moving and eating. Good

Today I'm grateful for:

  • The opportunity to try out a form of physical work! It was fun!
  • Cleaning
  • Being healthy
  • A friend who is interested in making home brewed beerish drink with me
  • A Japanese friend coming to visit soon!!!
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Today was an odd day. I felt productive and unproductive at the same time. I jogged, cooked and studied much but on the other hand I also spent a lot of time on the Internet. In the evening I took a walk. A couple of things that popped into my mind were that I have to find answer to the big questions in my life through myself. I'm not going to find them on internet watching videos and reading articles. When in need of help I should not hesitate to ask for help, but I need to find my answers for myself. The other thing was that I need to work hard and consistently towards my goals. Working towards your goals despite not feeling like it at times is what really nourishes the love for that goal. (When I talk about feeling its more about the shallow feelings not motivated, tired, frustrated rather than the deeper feelings of intuition and feeling of what is right for you)

The best moment of today was the feeling after doing HIIT jogging.

Today I'm grateful for:

  • Finding new interesting books to read
  • My father is back home
  • Going to grill with my friends tomorrow
  • Awesome avocados
  • Studying history for good time
  • Stratovarious
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I spent yesterday at my friends cottage so I missed the post. Yesterday was a productive day with plenty of studying. Today has been a great day. It has been mostly working and recovering from yesterday. The best moment of today was when a customer was happily surprised when I was able to deliver the food 15 minutes early. Also having my parents with me at home.

While I had a quieter instant at work I started to think about a quote I heard "Successful people do what they have to do whether they feel like it or not". I find this quote pretty correct, but there is in my opinion a small need for tweaking. Because humans are so easily fallible picking a path and not questioning it can lead to unfavourable outcomes.

I think that this advice would be better if it said "Successful people do what they have to even if they feel tired, unmotivated, afraid or annoyed.". I think you could also add that these people listen to a deeper level of emotion, like intuition and whether they feel right or wrong going forward with their definition of success. At least from experience this kind of bigger picture only forms through experience and is way less spontaneous than these fleeting feelings. With gymnastics and BJJ I was able to come to conclusion with them after a long time of training them.

I'm going to start reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Looking forward to it. I've heard plenty of good about this book. :)

This video got me thinking. Maybe I could enforce some ideas that I'd like to be a part of my philosophy. Essentially I'd end up brainwashing myself :P sort of. For instance these are some pieces of philosophy that I like:

  1. I'm responsible for myself and my life; I'm the Captain of my ship and master of my fate
  2. If I want to be successful I have to do what I feel right even if I feel tired, unmotivated, afraid or annoyed.

These affirmations are rather neutral so I'm not going full "Become the best human on the planet and a millionaire and an olympic medallist.". Also I'm not forcing myself to like something that is against my deeper emotions for example "You want to train BJJ, You want to train BJJ..." if my intuition tells me to focus on other areas of my life. I feel that these two pieces of philosophy are things that I rationally see as a steady ground to build upon.

TL;DR Successful people do what they have to even if they feel tired, unmotivated, afraid or annoyed. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Brainwashing myself.

Today I'm grateful for:

  • having a job in which I can use my time like I want to during the breaks
  • Spotify ABBA radio, The Ghost of Paul Revere radio, discovering new music
  • Nissan Sunny, This car is flippin' awesome :) 
  • Clipper's Earl Grey tea
  • Adlibris.fi when my paycheck arrives I'm going to buy more Books :x
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Today was a great summer day. I went to the gym, studied and hung out with friends. The best moment of today was playing football with my friends during the night. 

Today I met in the gym a friend of mine who told me that he trains 7 times a week. It's awesome that somebody can train with such consistency. The competitive spirit inside me encourages me to train harder as well. I guess this is good as long as I find motivation from other peoples' success, not compare myself to them. I'll find out what works for me and give it my best.

My matriculation exams near at an alarming rate. I've started studying a good while ago, but still there is so much to learn. Exciting! In the end it'll be the hours that I put in that really matter.

Today I'm grateful for:

  • Sunny weather
  • Honey and tea
  • Cool showers
  • A balanced day
  • My index funds are finally getting set up
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Today was another great summer day! In the morning I did my basic morning routine and jogged – I've never been so sweaty in my life. During the day I studied history and wrote an essay to practice. I spent the evening with my friends and met some old high school buddies and hung out with them. It was cool. The best moment of today was playing volleyball with my friends.

@Cam Adair Your new video was great! I like the way you divided confidence and self-esteem. I'm going to put effort into noticing when I do things that I'm proud of. Maybe even start a journal about it into my phone.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Today I'm grateful for:

  • Fresh carrots
  • The essay turned out all right
  • Having fun time with friends at the beach
  • Having time to reflect my thoughts
  • Screen time devising app for my phone
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Today was a good day! In the morning I trained at the gym, then I studied and hung out with friends. The best moment of today was watching a colorful sunset with my friends while having an interesting conversation.

I'm experimenting with drinking milk. I feel like it increases the amount of phlegm in my respiratory system. This is sad because I really enjoy drinking milk with all good calories from fat and protein. It is quite hard to really figure these kind of allergies out since there are so many random variables. Maybe sour milk would be better for my system. It's not too rare on Finland which I'm very grateful for. I want to find a solution to this question so it will no longer bug me.

Feeling quite happy with how my training in the gym is going. I was able to spot getting better at my deadlifts.

Today I'm grateful for:

  • Making progress with history
  • Seeing another old friend of mine
  • Beautiful sunset
  • Good food my mom cooked
  • Going to experiment with my friends tomorrow
  • Simon and Garfunkel
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I'm writing this unusually early today. Today Was a kind of a resting day. I felt that gym and jogging had taken their toll and being spiced up with a little flu I was good to rest. My job broke the restful expectations though. I had a ton of orders and cycled for 4 hours all around the town. Once my legs started warming up the shift went along smoothly. It was awesome to come home with a dinner and a hot sauna awaiting. The best moment of today (so far) was bathing in sauna and listening to great music.

I read Stephen R. Coveys preface to the 7 habits and it already blew my mind. There were two pages with philosophy and ideas worth very much time and application. Now that I think of it I could write all the philosophies that I'd like to implement and make a page or a tape of the ideas I'd like to be the base for my self-development.

Everything seems to be running alright. :) 

Today I'm grateful for:

  • Dire Straits, U2, Eric Clapton, ABBA, Don McLean
  • Oven-cooked salmon
  • Summer
  • Bugs buzzing in the Sun's evening light
  • Light
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I'm writing this late in the evening. Today was a good day. Work went well and I was able to improve my average cycling speed. I spent the evening with my friends at a fireplace.The best moment of today was seeing another bike courier on a street and high-fiving him on the move.

Today I've gone through a lot of feelings of annoyance and I don't really know why. Trying to accept them and focus on what I need to do. Maybe the best thing I could do to deal with these feelings is to get a good sleep. I've been going with a couple 8 hour nights to which my brain seems unsatisfied with.

Today I'm grateful for:

  • My friend hosting the evening
  • Laid-back conversations
  • Hugs
  • Dining with whole family
  • Meeting a good ol' friend of mine
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Today was a good day! I worked for 5 hours which was hard but also rewarding. I've used this evening eating all the kcals I spent cycling. I'm off to a Protu-camp tomorrow. I'm very excited about it! I know it's going to be an experience to remember. I'll check on you guys whenever possible. See you next week! :)

The best things that happened today were meeting my friend who works for a rival bike courier firm on a yard and also drinking tea my mom brought from China with my family.

There are many thoughts running in my head – where should I go when Finnish military drafts my generation, how will the camp turn out, the enormousness of life and the world we live in.

Today I'm grateful for:

  • Bach helping me to concentrate
  • Working at Foodora
  • Not having to worry about lack of food in this country
  • Lord of the rings
  • My piano teacher Ritva – I should go see her


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the enormousness of life and the world we live in.

  1. I love thinking about that!!! it's crazy.  just thinking about all the people in the world ---  7 billionnnnnnn ---- I mean, if I lived to 80 years old and from today met 3 new people every single day, that's only like 57,000 people,  it's nothing!!!!
  2. also good choice with Bach B|B|
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I’m back from the camp! It was an awesome week. I made a lot of new friends, had tons of fun and questioned some principles I guide my life with. The atmosphere was very supportive and I received plenty of useful feedback. I’m missing the awesome people at my camp already. The best moment of today was singing and having fun with friends at a fireplace.


A few revelations that I figured apply to my life at the moment:

·      I need to slow down. I’ve been trying to improve myself too fast to keep it sustainable – Reading book after book and not really making the improvement for the long term.

·      Focusing on developing my values and character instead of focusing on perception-based improvement. I want to be a real person a person from who you can trust stands behind his words.  At the moment I don’t want to read books about tactics and such. I want my actions to be real and have my success derived from my values.

·      I need to recognize my neuroticsm, I’m very susceptible to it. For example I easily get stressed out while thinking about minor details about for instance drinking milk or NoFap


I’m quite touched by the Camp  and all the people I met there. I’m going to take a shover and sleep my debt away. Great to be back here once again!


Today I’m grateful for:

·      Meeting awesome, mind-blowing people

·      Salmon

·      The acceptive environment at the camp

·      Getting feedback

·      Having the chance to get out of my rut so that I can view it from a different perspective.

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Today was a good day with mixed feelings. I felt a little down since I'm not at my camp environment anymore, but today was filled with cool activities for example hanging out with friends and going to see the Suicide Squad. The film wasn't good in my opinion. The best moment of today was dining with my friends.

Today I'm grateful for:

  • Tortillas
  • Bench press going well
  • Peer support
  • My family being very sweet today
  • Having plenty of food today
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Today was a good day! The best moment of today was the time I spent together with my friend Alisa.

Due to the way I see my self-improvement-goals at the time my posts might not contain a lot of text most of the time. I'll see if there is another way of posting my journal a little fewer times a week.

Today I'm grateful for:

  • No need for drinking tonight
  • Protu-camps
  • Sour milk
  • Making progress with renovating my room
  • proximity
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I was pretty tired today. I've slept about 7 hours the last two nights combined. No wonder I'm getting a little drowsy. Going to get some good sleep in tonight. :) The best moment of today was celebrating our abiturient year's beginning.

Lately I've been doing quite much reflecting with my personal journal and it has been very helpful! I feel like it is something that helps me improve myself at a consistent pace.

Always enjoy your posts, even if they are short updates. :)

Always enjoy your posts, even if they are short updates. :)


Great to hear that! :) 

Today I'm grateful for:

  • Chicken 
  • Stronglifts 5x5
  • Wrestling with my friend last night
  • Questioning values and thoughts
  • My phone screen breaking in a way that doesn't limit it's use
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Today was okay. The best moment of today was seeing my friends and making new ones in the evening.

This morning started out quite roughly. I woke up with a big anxiety about my health and a relationship with a girl. The health concern was about whether the mold in our school causes a long lasting sinusitis. I'm not really sure about this one, but I'm hoping that I'm just wrong. Girls are girls, I kind of feel like I fucked up my relationship with an important girl in my life, but I'm probably being very strict and unrealistic about the objective situation. Anyways these kind of things made me feel annoyed and I let the annoyance just be there. It eased out a lot towards the evening.

Self-improvementwise I feel that I'm doing a lot of work educating myself with history and Swedish. There is very little time to hassle around with anything else, so there won't be as much time for reading self-help books, luckily there are other ways to improve yourself.

I scheduled some raw plans to guide my studies, Hoping I will be ready tomorrow.

Also managed my money so that it won't be inflations victim, but grow in an index fund.

Little shakiness in my love life. Hoping to make progress in that area. Otherwise life's good.

Today I'm grateful for:

  • No drinking today
  • Meetin a plenty of people
  • Grandma's awesome juice
  • Routine that school brings
  • A lovely chat with my oldest friends
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