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Found 4 results

  1. Procrast!nator

    Procrast!nators daily journal.

    Day 5 off gaming! Imma keep these short so I don't consume too much time. Pretty eventful. I got some video game cravings early in the morning and went into the social media stage. Eventually I got so video game hungry that I played a game of chess, hoping that would fulfill it and it did. As for youtube I stopped that because I couldn't find anything on my reccomended because it's blocked (Thankyou df youtube). As for after school I actually did homework, pretty happy with myself, didn't even procrastinate just went with the flow. I was super happy afterwards and I realize that this is a huge change for me. I'm only now starting to realize how much I rely on outside sources to help me with anti gaming (cams vids, hobby finder, chess.com, df youtube, even some website blockers) I'm really hoping that I will not go back to gaming. Or at least not go back to extreme gaming.
  2. Day # 1 Gratitude Journal One amazing thing that happened/I did today - I made the conscious decision to stop gaming. After 20+ years of this habit, I'm ready to start a new chapter in my life. Workout/run - Today I will do the Coolcicada's PPL Push day. Meditation - Wim Hof's three cycle breathing exercise. Visualization - I see myself as an avid adventurist, and world traveler. The first step is by cleaning up my space and making a plan. Daily affirmation - The good things in life are never easy. Today is one step closer towards the good life. Time I Woke Up - 11:07 a.m. Time I Went to Bed last night - 3:20 a.m. Weekly Goal(s) - Finish my guest list for my wedding. Write in my journal, workout, and read each day. Monthly Goal - Remove all games and triggers for gaming from my life. 3 Month Goal - Rebuild relationships with friends that I have lost due to gaming. What went well today: I cleaned up my apartment and went to the gym. What I could have done to make my day better: I could have went to bed earlier last night. I lose a lot of real social interaction by spending a lot of free time browsing reddit and youtube rather than connecting and planning my days. What I will do differently tomorrow: I will go tonight without playing any video games.
  3. Hello there! My name is Max, I am a 22 y/o university student from Austria. I used to study molecular biology and now I am working on a degree in innovation management. I love to write (poetry and short stories) and making music (playing bass and ukulele), as well as trying various kinds of sports. Other than that I enjoy spending time with my friends, going out dancing and reading books. I would describe myself as quite lively and interested, although that wasn't always the case... Video gaming has filled a large portion of my teens. Unfortunately, I developed addiction-like cravings and gaming started to consume my time, energy and emotional stability. Around age 17 I came to realize that gaming is holding me back from living the life I truly want to live. Since then I am fighting an ongoing battle against my addiction and started to have great results. Slowly overcoming my addiction has been like fuel for my self-confidence, my desire for personal development, my academic success and a lot of other positive developments in my life. The only thing I am struggling with right now is short and hard relapses, which often occur under periods of stress... e.g. exams, loneliness, projects, ... (basically when they are especially inconvenient). They only ever last for a few days or 1-2 weeks max, so they are more of a nuisance than an actual reason to really worry about. Still, I want to leave them behind me and figured that helping others with their struggles might support keeping my focus straight. I am here to share with you my experience battling video game addiction for 5 years and to document it for future game quitters. For now, my goal is to stay clean for the rest of the year while helping you guys out. I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you. Cheers, Max
  4. Hello everyone, this is a post I'm asking for life advice and moral advice about making major life decisions and choosing a career. I originally posted this on Reddit on the subreddit r/StopGaming but I'm posting it on Game Quitters to get another perspective and a second consensus. When I was around 17 years old, I fell into a state of hopelessness and depression and not knowing what to do with my life. At this time the prospects for the real world were looking bad for young people in general and I felt a lot of pressure to make major life decisions on what to do with my life video games were a form of escapism for me. Unlike the vast majority of people on Game QuittersI never actually even came close to ever being addicted to video games and even when I was very young (I started playing video games when I was 4 years old) it never became unhealthy. I did play a lot of video games but I still have a life, other hobbies, friends, went outside, and did many different things with my life. I learned many other different skills and had (and still have) many other interests, skills, passions and a life outside of video games and just electronics, distractions, and entertainment in general. But when I was 17 and 18 it was having a negative effect on me to a point where after procrastinating so much and playing video games not because they made me happy but to escape from my anxiety about my future and the many problems in my life I had to deal with I quit video games and uninstalled Steam, uninstalled all of my video games, and I just pulled the plug on it. I did many other things in my life but I needed to figure out my life and to find out what makes me happy. After eliminating so many of my options one thing I have as a special dream would be to at least work for Bioware on at least one Mass Effect game and feel as though I made something artistically significant and important. considered and know I could go through a program on CGMA or CG Spectrum where to go in order to become is to work in commercial art and work as a 3D modeller, animator, character design artist, or environmental artist. I know some genres such as multiplayer games tend to be more addictive but all video games to my knowledge can cause harm to innocent people (correct me if I'm wrong). The problem I have with potentially planning to make a future career change to work in video games is that I feel as though even though video games did have a negative impact on my life at one point even if I end up doing great in life my work in video games will ruin the lives of at least millions of other people (according to the World Health Organizaiton) such including what it once did to me. Not to mention that its' already negatively impacted or ruined the lives of the people on or ruined the lives of the people on r/StopGaming which is a subreddit on Reddit about game addiction and people who want to quit playing video games. Honestly, I wouldn't even consider working in video games if not for the fact that Bioware exists and I feel as though their video games are not just games but tell incredible stories and are very much art. If Bioware were to be shut down, I wouldn't even think about working in the video game industry. Regardless, I want to be fulfilled in my work and a creative endeavor is something I'm considering. It could also be another form of art or writing or I could become an economist instead but regardless I want to do work that will make me happy and have a positive impact on the world. I know the video game industry is not perfect and I read a book from a video game developer with more than 15 years of experience in the video game industry as a game developer and the truth about what it's really like but I feel as though even if I were to only work for like no more than 5 years if I worked on let's say a Mass Effect game or some video game that is artistically significant and pushes the boundaries of technology, art, philosophy, and pushes humanity forward than that to me is worth doing as long as if I do it on moral terms and don't cause unintended (or worse yet intended) harm to innocent people and cause them to become video game addicts. The fact is that video games have caused harm to many people as proven on Game Quitters and I worry that it would be immoral for me to work in video games and that I would just ruin innocent people's live and be responsible for the rampant video game addiction problem we're seeing now in the world. I understand that addictions can form from various other substances and are caused by other mental problems and external problems such as depression, anxiety, traumatic life experiences, and numerous other problems and causes but regardless I am a genuinely good person with a kind heart and if video games really are that bad then I will not become a video game developer. So I am here to ask for honest help and advice on what I should do with my life. Should I become a video game artist and work in video games? Is it morally wrong for me to get into a career in the video game industry as a video game artist? Is it worth it to become a video game artist or just to become a video game developer in general? Are video games bad for humans and unhealthy for everyone? Are video games objectively a waste of time and bad for you? How should I make my decision of whether or not to become a video game artist and work in the video game industry? To everyone here, please give me the best help and advice that you can. I want the truth, thank you! ? TL;DR I am a genuinely good person who once suffered from problems with video games having a negative impact on his life that is now considering becoming a video game artist and work in the video game industry. I feel as though it is morally wrong and that I would contribute to the video game addiction problem we're seeing now and ruin innocent people's lives. I want to be artistically fulfilled and that's why I'm considering doing this. I am looking for advice on whether or not I should become a video game artist and work in the video game industry and the ethics of making that career and major life decision.