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  1. Day #131 Its been a long time since a posted here and things have been going good, I go for daily run's and on 12th of this month i will deliver my icebreakers at my local Toastmasters club, another plus side is that i am less awkward in social situations and i am able to express myself better. I just want to say thank you to everyone here because this is where it all started.
  2. Day#20- Nowadays i have 8-10 hours of free time and it got boring, so I started playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 and i don't overdo it because it is not the type of game I use to play and it gets boring after 60-80 minutes.
  3. Day #13 Everything is going fine and now i got somewhat good control , so i decided not to update anymore (will restart if things get bad).
  4. Day #9 My Advertisement exams went great but after coming back from college, i cannot think about anything except gaming, to just play 1 game and then i will delete it knowing full well if i even install then i won't stop, i am trying to keep my mind off it by going on walks whenever i want to play but still i get hours of free time and i got nothing to do .
  5. Day #8 i skipped writing yesterday because nothing significant happened and same today but i decided to write because once i start skipping something i usually end up never doing it again and my exams start tomorrow in 10hrs and i still have to cover 2 units WISH ME LUCK.??
  6. Day #6 I feel better than Day#0 when i started and i experienced no urge to play games today after i blocked all game related content from Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and google news feed, still, i was feeling kind of down from all of this boredom that i experience in free time but it got better later in the afternoon when i got a match (It was a good feeling TBH) its was like i am ready to socialise again and i am confident that i can.
  7. Day#5 Today i went for a jog again and it was good and i had no gaming problem but my entire body is sore so that something, basically had nothing to write about but i need to write everyday so i don't break this habit as it helps me in this process. Edit: I just found out new dota 2 Battle pass is here , I can't do it anymore, i want to play dota so much rn.
  8. Day #4 Today i went for a jog in the morning and it was refreshing and kind of reminded me how unfit i am now, after coming back i was on reddit and i read a post about a guy having no social life because of gaming and i could very much relate to it because both of us started gaming from an early age and didn't do the same things while doing the same things and it made me realize what i have lost or more accurately never had and that made me want to leave gaming behind me more. I just noticed that i use "I" a lot anyone got a suggestion to fix it?
  9. Thank you for your support, it means a lot.
  10. i started gaming as a means to escape and take out my anger and frustration but i stoped when gaming became the reason i was always frustrated, angry and kind of depressed all the time. i am not that far in my journey to give advice (only 3 days) but i just want to say that my escape became the thing i needed to escape from in the end.
  11. Day # 3 Today i had a strange start, first I had a dream about gaming that resulted in me waking up like i was playing a game and i can't quite remember which game i was playing and then i "almost" gave in to it but i settled for a couple of YT videos. I hope it's not like last time when i stopped playing for months and then got back in it 10x more, i stopped studying(not like i use to do a lot but enough to not go below average marks)and somehow lost my social skills and confidence to talk in public, before stopping for the first time i use to talk quite a lot and said whatever was in my mind but after restarting gaming the only place i can talk like that was behind a screen on my mic and tbh i feel confident about myself when playing games but in real life i felt like shit i don't know how to explain it just i want it to be over with all the gaming, i want to change but i cant no matter how much i want, i just cant. Update: 7:09 pm I am studying now and i can maintain my flow for short durations , i study for 10 min in which i cover a topic or two and take a break for 10, i have been doing it whole day so the total time sums up but still i find myself thinking about games and wanting to play even when doing something else. All i want is not give in and i think i can.
  12. I hope that i can do the same as you and get my life back on track
  13. Day #2 It's 2:55 pm right now and I have had no urge to play games but I still got no interest in doing anything at all I just finished Got S08 E01, E02, and E03, now I will try to study I HOPE THAT I CAN DO IT. Edit: It's 7:27 pm and I finally started to study for exams
  14. Day # 1 I have my 6th sem exams in 9 days and I didn't study anything and I just wanted to play dota 24/7 I realized how much i have changed after i discovered online gaming and how little i care about things and how i stopped socializing , so i decided to change and uninstalled my games and i will start going running from tomorrow. PS: I have never written anything outside exams and i suck at it .
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