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  1. I am just about done with Neverwhere and Arms from the Sea as of the past weekend. Before that, I am officially done with Dualed and just survived The Sun and The Flowers by Rupi Kaur (poet of Milk and Honey). The next book to be read was Blueberry Muffin Murder (Hannah Swensen, #3) by Joanne Fluke. Audiobook in progress of recording: The Story of Mankind by Hendrik Wilhem van Loom, narrated by me! (I was at the Cretian/Greek era)
  2. Nah! I am not in the military, nor Peace Corps. I am trying to help Mom out supposedly on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Mom said it didn't work out the way it was supposed to and I understand that. ... Sorry that I was not as active as I was used to before, but I was busy dealing with circumstances of life. I didn't post my podcast on Patreon yet. I just saved it for later by prerecording each episode per week and uploading it to the SD card as soon as it was complete. I bought the microSD card and the SD card that came along with it for just $20 at Rite Aid. Its brand was SanDisk and has 16GB. By far, each episode ran on an average of 10-15 minutes. I do it full-time over the phone, using the free ebook format of the public domain work on Wikisource via the Internet and a pre-installed voice recorder app. The title of the podcast is The Story of Mankind Let's Read. I haven't gone across the bridge yet, but I was still at the ancient times being in the origins of Europe with Greece. Only 3 days worth of entries from the 52-Week Bible Reading Plan left to go! I wanna finish it all up by Saturday. And on last Tuesday, I haven't organized my room in weeks since my sister helped me deck the wall with memorabilia & reorganized everything else by far. I dealt with my bedsheets, rearranged my pillows, and found a few more items in a far "hard to reach" corner. That includes a sweater-like jacket I haven't worn in a long time, so I just let it pretend it was an article of sackcloth. I have just heard of the Procrastination Program recently via emails and I am looking forward to trying it one day. It was better to work harder on my organization skills on the outside soon rather than later, but on the inside... I know what my tasks are and they were all in my work journal colored green from the Dollar Tree. Each week, you have to plan and do the New Week's Resolution according to Wait But Why. I start my week on Monday and end on Sunday. I plan weekly on Sunday nights if and/or when I'm done for the week. I'm not German, mind you! I am from USA. Every week on the calendar follows the Sunday to Saturday format and I get it. Announcement: I am on Gap Year 2 and gonna be completely unemployed by age 25 (I looked for volunteer work, but the pandemic changed my career path forever and my job opportunity window will close in less than three months). Despite all of it, I now got paid $1k per month from SSI up from $700 per month because I don't get to be in school anymore for a year now and that we now have the senior citizen in my house. Last Monday, I reached a new high in finances: over $540 and hopefully I can reach a new record saving by the end of 2020. Sad news: my 87-year old grandma was now blind due to blood clots (process was non-imminent due to age over the past four years). Yet, I had fulfilled her promise made several years earlier to me (I lost weight and she gave me $400 in cash as a result-like reward) and I am not gaining my weight back until she dies. Today, I felt my sphincter rarely acted like crazy and I barely felt the warm vomit in the back of my throat. I didn't die, but I'm fine. Moving... on... *yawn* I will finish Dualed in the morning hopefully. Zzz...
  3. Now, I have to catch-up with myself. I just finished the following: 5 Levels of Leadership, Tiger Eyes, Great Goddesses, Strawberry Shortcake Murder, Smile (a graphic novel), and 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. In Progress: Arms From the Sea, Neverwhere, and Dualed DNF: Left Behind series after 15 books due to COVID-19
  4. Hi! I have just started reading 5 Dysfunctions of A Team. So far, Kathryn comes to DecisionTech in order to make it great again due to so much background from the workforce that includes working at the manufacturing job and teaching 7th grade. Last weekend, I drew pictures and wrote narratives. Can't wait to see how it turned out once when I start work outside my supposed hours of 10-15 per week. Monday and Tuesday is my 2-parter makeup Labor Day. Wednesday the 16th is my first day of virtual work from home. I am considering having to launch my Patreon page as soon as possible because I need the money to fend for myself. What's the good news? I am NOT going to Idaho in one year and I get to stay home more and help out Mom with things. I just renewed my gap year FINALLY due to the pandemic effects and I am grateful I get to be my own boss. Active duty days are now on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Sunday is still Sabbath Day. That means I will not be available in these days. Friday the 18th is my first actual last workday of the week. Schedule for the Upcoming Week of Sept. 14-20th (w/ tasks) Monday - makeup Labor Day Part 1 (Doordash date?) Tuesday - makeup Labor Day Part 2 (active duty) Wednesday - put library book on hold; read book from home Thursday - active duty Friday - still read book from home Saturday - active duty Sunday - Sabbath Day How much progress was in my purple Life Journal? I missed the day due to packing. My new deadline was now Sept. 7th, 2021 (note to self: get excited).
  5. Yeah. Same thing here except... I do nothing for hours at a time. And sometimes I take notes, yet the new activity stuff was in the way for almost two months now, which kept me offguard for the new week's resolution on my own (Facebook livestream services helped solve the problem of what I should be doing as a "challenge" per week as an individual). I just did the gathering with family every week, but no mid-day hiking, ice cream sandwich party, or pizza party. I barely did the women's study group with Mom and my sister and we pick random chapters out of scriptures to focus on per week. It happens every two weeks nowadays as a family because we just don't want the most vulnerable to get sick. In 2022, I should've been independent by now, yet I could find Mr. Right to go head on heels for and elope off one day. For now, I need a little planning to get my business started virtually from home or else I need to continue on with my loom-knitting business out of hiatus since college and I don't have a business license yet until the pandemic gets a lot more situated. Those are the two choices I have to do for the sake of work that now I just renewed my gap year.
  6. I am almost halfway through Arms From the Sea. I am now on chapter 4 of Strawberry Shortcake Murder. Having listened to the rewatch of Star Wars Episode 4 made me want to bring up a sketchbook and a storybook with me to just draw something and so I did. I ended up drawing a squirrel character I just saw today. She's too cute. And so once again I am not gonna be available tomorrow due to active duty time coming up. Thank you for reading my forum by far. Also I won't be around for more than two weeks due to self-isolation, another staycation at the hotel, blah blah blah... that includes the move-in week. The make-up Labor Day will happen on September 14th. However, the make-up Independence Day will take place on August 30th (that's on this upcoming Sunday). I don't want you to misunderstand this, but please note that the pandemic and other circumstances of life are in the way of holidays. I just get it now that I am not virtually there in random places all the time. Rather, I only came to Facebook just for livestream church services every so often lately per week since the lockdowns started. That's it. Plus, if I were to move out or if God-willingly on somebody else from the household, I could just use Zoom (haven't done it in a while since CBS) to call my immediate family (member(s)). That way, I would've saved a lot of money from the talk and text plan I get over the phone alone.
  7. Y'know... people who do have the most negative lives would help make us philosophically stronger. Positive onlyism is not for everybody. Look at the examples like Fatima from Les Miz or Buddha the founder of Buddhism. They are THE BEST! Updating the book progress: I am done with Tiger Eyes as of about a week ago. I got started on Strawberry Shortcake Murder and today... I am continuing Arms From the Sea. Over the past weekend, we stayed at a hotel near my old school on a Saturday and I had wasted an hour listening to some stupid "Q&A" thing between the parents and the children. I'm like: "What a waste of time I have gone through. I'd rather 24/7 listen to random strangers talk about abortion in the most NEGATIVE LIGHT EVER, especially those who lost loved ones to the issue alone than to just sit there and do nothing but listen to Mom's so-called 'visions' as I know some will NEVER come true like the potential hoax of the twin brothers of mine." I will NOT let a single happy thought enter my mind and that's fine. I AM NOT A KID ANYMORE BECAUSE "I PUT AWAY CHILDISH THINGS"! Sorry, Dad... don't you dare bring up Peter Pan. This is making me sick. I'd rather think about the most miserable people on the planet IRL than that! Victims DO count.
  8. My next weight loss clinic appointment is less than two months away from today. I am forced to start a food journal because Mom told me to for like the past few days since the last time I went there and I ended up forcing myself to log on to the foods I ate, which I had barely did it and I don't use the MyFitnessPal app anymore because the Under Armor emails keep popping up all the time for like every single day. I seldom used it for how much weight I have lost. My next weight loss goal was to be below 175lbs. I am 3 pounds away from completing my original 180lb. goal. Moving on to the bookish aspect of life, I am 50% complete of Tiger Eyes. And then... I read 3 more chapters today that now I am on chapter 22. It took me almost a month to exchange library materials due to the pandemic effects and the aftermath of the quarantine. The new-new library materials that are in my bag were Dualed by Elsie Chapman (I have waited 5 years for this since the end of high school) and surprisingly the book I waited six months: Strawberry Shortcake Murder (Hannah Swensen #2) by Joanne Fluke. Placing any if not some newer holds besides Great Goddesses (in transit) to the later date (especially the end of 2020) would have been a lot more helpful with my more flexible lifestyle. I am a day away from having to just renew my gap year due to the pandemic. To be pretty much content with what I have right now, I am still gonna continue on with my summer reads with Tiger Eyes to be done at the soonest and Arms From the Sea to be at least bingeread alot more often in days when I am not on active duty. The days when I am on active duty around the house, but not available are Wednesdays and Saturdays. I am also not available on Sundays due to the Sabbath being recommitted over last spring as a family. My last actual Sabbath was when I was in around 4th, 5th, 6th grade or something. After that date, I am too preoccupied with "whatever circumstances you go through" (aw, shutup megachurch libtard, I don't wanna hear it - nuts to him/her/"them"/whatever nonsensical gender pronoun you come up with). Now that I am so worn out from the stresses of college life and I just got out of school exactly almost a year ago (just a day away from my first anniversary of coming out of school in-person), I wonder how am I gonna deal with my Sabbath routine. Just go to some rock n' roll church 5 minutes away as a family in-person live, come home, watch the AM livestream service on Facebook (if time avails), bingeread the Bible (if time spares), watch the PM livestream service on Facebook (when everyone's in bed except me - I have the last 75 minutes of the day before sleeping in), and just start the new week's resolution right off the bat (when I get up on Mondays)! Having rest on Sundays has NOTHIN' to do with sports to watch, especially football and baseball (that was how dad watches, but my older cousin is a fan of soccer).
  9. Agree. I'm sorry you lost your sleep schedule, but just do your best going to bed earlier.
  10. I am now on chapter 16 of Tiger Eyes. To give an update to the topic of Blogger and making money off of it, it's hard monetizing my blog via AdSense just because it always was, is, and will be personal since 2013. I didn't make merchandise over the Internet when I was younger. All you have to do is to just register for AdSense once and be accepted later on. Patreon is my other option, and it's so much hard work to just plan and plan to focus on something more personal for the living like having to do with my little let's read recordings of public domain works and creating/reviewing things of my interest. I can't wait to see how it goes in over a month.
  11. Here I go... my Bible reading calendar update time! Chronological Order (2014 revised edition) - 30.41% complete OT/NT - 30.14% complete If I combine the two, then it would've been 30.275% complete. Other than that, it was a very slow but decent progress in the last year alone. I am looking forward to more scriptural bingereads on Sundays with audible dramatized entertainment this upcoming gap year parte dos!
  12. I am stuck with page 55 in a book each (that total count was 3 - Neverwhere (chapter 3), Arms From the Sea (chapter 5), and Tiger Eyes (chapter 10)), so... how am I supposed to move on bookish-wise? I know Dualed (the book I waited for five years) is now in transit despite the local library system's closure due to Election Day, but still... there's so much to learn more about life, especially when I am considering and coming up with plans to work from home while trying to renew the gap year due to the pandemic. However, Dad wanted me to work from the service where disabled people recieve an opportunity to get a job and perhaps wanted me to set up and take down things for retirement living people in the dining area of a retirement home (I prefer managing the wedding venue with 400+ people and living in the late 2010s 3-story mansion with a used 2010 Nissan Leaf, but then again that's covetousness - How am I always so socially awkward toward people especially supposed fellowshiping due to my disability? A. I have an employment score of CEA when I was in college - I am not surprised being more of an organizer than just making business and creating stuff. B. I was always natural at creating stuff in my high school days and below that, even though I make huge mistakes as a kid like plagiarizing when I don't really know what it is (Fact: I passively saw the FBI Warnings on video and DVD). Thank goodness, I didn't upload anything Old Shame-related stuff to the 'net at 13, 14, 15, 16... Some people complain about my digital artwork for how bad or old it is almost a year ago. No, it's not. I did it in late late high school and early college. I draw stuff on paper with No. 2 pencils and color with colored pencils (they derogatorily made me an easy candidate for pen and markers, which is sad). People wanted me to buy a $30 scanner from Walmart and I am like "Nope, I can't do it." I have more opportunities to scan like when you go to the public library and scan with the USB drive or you can go to FedEx and pay money for scanning just a single page or more. They requested me to stop taking photos of pages with a cell phone camera because they know how bad the quality is. Yeah, yeah, I know! My comics are on hiatus for almost a year because of circumstances of life and everything else in the way like COVID-19 and blah blah blah... don't even get me started of forcing back to CBS in a month and eleven days because it is my spiritual life my choice which should be told in another future time for the regards of the government fool system by itself and everything else that is in it), but Mom wanted me to do a work-study job and volunteer (which is reasonable enough, but... there are more available hours that are needed to be counted as supposedly a part-time job and not a full-time job - please note that I am likely to work from home 12-22 hours a week and spend 10-20 hours on activities when I am not working). My "tugboat" or SSI money was now $1000 per month, but I need more bucks to get out of the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. Please keep in mind that I don't beg constantly, and don't judge me just because I am different.
  13. I am done with lesson 3 of CBS!Isaiah and started lesson 4 (some questions are hard to answer to be honest because I chose something simpler like what are woes for example; whereas, the parallel passages in both the OT and the NT between a vineyard tender and a farmer was complicated enough for me to understand and apply as much as possible). I don't think I am quite done yet with days 1 and 2 due to the fact that my brain is tired and needed more rest (that's why it is called the summer lag). Now I need one more unneccessary library item left to turn-in and that's called "Woodpecker Wham" (I've already read it in the past spring as some unneeded load that was dragged on from Mom and it's more than ready to go already... UGH!). I changed the hold release dates around reasonably. The reason why I am still waiting for Strawberry Shortcake Murder is because I have time left to continue on with both Tiger Eyes and Arms from the Sea.
  14. Last week, I got the CD. Yesterday, I got a pop socket for my phone. Now for the workbook update, I am on days 5 and 6 of lesson 3 combined. I still don't get Kingdom Come, even though I am not planning to order it online at all. It costs money to either buy used or new, which is ridiculous. I don't have access to Strawberry Shortcake Murder right now until August 20th due to the fact that most (if it were not for "children's" crap some) of my library materials are in quarantine for a week before being checked-in, which sucks. Last night, I did a bit of Norwegian on Duolingo and no new Spanish for now. I reviewed the comic I started yesteryear and I still found out I am not done yet with the sky coloring-wise. Love and Other Consolation Prizes will soon be released from the holds in two days because the library can now accept new holds for physical copies of things two weeks earlier (which I already placed it in the same timeframe). What am I gonna do now before my favorite show comes on at 7pm tomorrow night on Facebook? Finish lesson 3 and continue both Tiger Eyes and Arms From the Sea (if time spares).
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