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  1. Sugar Detox - 20 days marked 100 Days of Thanks - 12% complete Fangirl - done... Duolingo - I am over 1k of my XP from Norwegian, but I am getting there slowly bit by bit. CBS!Isaiah - I didn't do much of the days 4 and 5 today, but I'll just go through all of them quickly Shoot! I'd never written like several pages already in my lined journal and would prefer to do so. 2014-15 OT/NT reading calendar and the 2014-15 chronological reading calendar combined - will now unfreeze for the former, but not the latter until everything's settled down enough
  2. I almost forgot to mention the title of the book I am currently reading in case you did not know me. It is called Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.
  3. Sugar Detox - 18 days and counting... 100 Days of Thanks: 10 days and counting... CBS!Isaiah: currently working on lesson #15 (will get it done before my 24th birthday on Tuesday) Fangirl - I had like 2-3 sittings left to go... (next book: Epic Fail (because... "Marxist Lucifer" King Jr. Week *ding*)) Duolingo - I am now on the 8-day streak and still learning something new, but I was confused because I went way too fast. I NEED A BREAK TO PROCESS!!! I haven't written a new page of my blank notebook this year, so there is just nothing to worry about too much. 2014-15 OT/NT reading calendar and the 2014-15 chronological reading calendar combined - will unfreeze soon enough for the former, but not the latter until everything's settled 52-Week Bible Reading Plan - I just wanna get on with it... all the waiting takes me forever until the middle of summer break; I have to get it done before school's back in session for yet another school year at the very latest What about the Left Behind series? I'm sick and tired of the impeachment drama on the "fake" news! I wanna do Armageddon and up already while waiting for the 52WBRP to unfreeze in itself! (Note: I am still 13/16 complete since 2019 and I need to get it all done soon before politics grow from bad to worse.)
  4. Sugar Detox - 17 days and counting... 100 Days of Thanks: 9 days and counting... CBS!Isaiah: I will work on lesson #15, starting today. Fangirl - chapter 26... FINALLY! Duolingo - I am now on the 7-day streak and still learning something new, though I really don't get it at first. I have written 17 pages of my blank notebook this year, so I should be okay for now. 2014-15 OT/NT reading calendar and the 2014-15 chronological reading calendar combined - >10% complete and still ongoing strong hopefully... 52-Week Bible Reading Plan - now down to the final five still; but it is currently on hiatus for hopefully the last time until I really completed my workbook 100%
  5. "Duolinguo"? Don't you mean "Duolingo"? How many XP points in Spanish? Mine's close to 2k or something. In addition, I have the estimate of 1k XP points in Norwegian and exactly just 13 in Navajo. Welcome to the GQ community!
  6. Thank you, @Icandothis. Sugar Detox - c. 40% complete 100 Days of Thanks: 8 days in and counting CBS!Isaiah: I am now on lesson #15. Almost done with volume 1 despite having a late start due to Mom's medical leave. Fangirl - now on chapter 25 and I wonder if I am still continuing to bingeread Duolingo - Oh my! I had more Spanish XP than Norwegian XP altogether. It looks like I learned too much. Sorry! My brain needs some processing time to work on. I made it to page 15 of my 5-year old blank journal I gave Mom for Christmas before she regifted me back later for some reason since she didn't feel like using it at all.
  7. Sugar Detox Calendar: 12/41 days CBS!Isaiah: I am working on entry #40 and I don't understand comprehensively about restoration and care for the sick in detail except we are just getting started the past few months since coming out of college. Again, Hezekiah's not huge on writing psalms like "his father David had done". Instead, he said something that delivered him from illness because he had "suffered with anguish" before Isaiah showed up. You know the story of how life extends via prayer. 100 Days of Thanks: 4% complete Author's Note: Last night, I started doing Duolingo. 1. I am way interested in learning Norwegian for my own pleasure. 2. Collectively, my family and I are learning Spanish time after time. 3. I had found the latter easier than the former because I hear the language of Spanish itself over and over again since I was very young. There are no bilingual labels of English and Spanish until I was ten. When I got stuck on all of the questions in a CBS workbook for the day this morning, I scrolled through Facebook and found one link. Thanks, Dad! https://podcast.duolingo.com/episode-45-la-isla-olvidada-de-venezuela-venezuelas-forgotten-island
  8. Sugar Detox Calendar: 8/41 days CBS!Isaiah: 36 entries and counting... Fangirl: shoot... I am still stuck at halfway point... would unfreeze by nightfall
  9. Sugar Detox Calendar: 5/41 days CBS!Isaiah: 5 weeks completed and counting... Fangirl: I didn't get a chance to do the other half page-wise, but it should happen by tonight.
  10. Sugar Detox Counter: 4/41 days CBS!Isaiah: Almost 5 weeks completed or something... Fangirl: c. 50% due to page count minus acknowledgements (and I'm still stuck in the "FALL SEMESTER, 2011" act after 18 chapters) Again, nothing interesting happens except I found out Dad is renting a Dodge caravan just for a trip to the cemetery and back. I have sensed my period starts tomorrow and I am always gonna end up a Sunday starter when it comes to the pill or something. Anyways, I'll survive a daily dosage and not end up like a stat of 400 per year until I have a real, trusted boyfriend to be a potential true and honest Mr. Right (that's a time I will stop the pills and hoping for preggers once married). I will be an oxymoron in someone's eyes since I am for life and for vaccines (as long as it is age-appropriate and selective).
  11. Happy 2020! I hope you have enjoyed the holidays. Time for me to pull my progress chart up. Sugar Detox Counter: 3/41 days CBS!Isaiah: 1 month and 3 days complete Fangirl - I am now on chapter 17 and still making it... Author's Note: My great-uncle died yesterday. I have to go revisit the cemetery after 10.5 years since the last time I went for grandpa's sunny graveside farewell. The memorial service has to take place by Tuesday or Wednesday. I don't believe it has been that long enough since I have just seen the memorial service of a deputy I don't know in person. That is around 9-10 days and we're supposed to do it again for the sake of mourning for someone you love. I have experienced grief more than anyone else my age ever had and I suffered long and hard for the greater good that is inside me. According to my current devo book, the author tells us to look for joy by the end of the tunnel while you fast. I mean... look, I never found joy until my college graduation and it will happen again more than ever on my wedding day and beyond. There is so much more to a long-term fast, especially from the gaming spectrum.
  12. @ElectroNugget how's the new year? See waitbutwhy.com for more information.
  13. @Amphibian220 I know I could've continued to bingeread Fangirl more. But to be fair, I got the later model of the Wii with a few physical copies of games for Christmas as a family. They're secondhanded from the previous owner for free. It is unwrapped and unboxed, so that's not a surprise why for any reason that I already had the earlier model with the Gamecube slots hidden in the furniture-like box chest from Ross for like forever since starting college.
  14. For the past 2 days before today, I used the Wii to play a game where you were supposed to throw stuff to destroy towers. As a result, my upper right arm was strained because the sensor's batteries were dying and that the remote's batteries were low, too. It was such a pain to play physically when it happens before I realized a replacement was neccessary. So I took out all the old ones and placed the new ones inside. Yesterday, I finally got my prescription drugs to balance my hormones before the end of the year. Thank you, Walgreens! As of this morning, my sister and Mom were like "there's no time to play games" while I was about to play a game. Too bad this phrase is so cliche when it comes to cartoons. That count of days without games rolls back to 0. I promise New Year's Eve is the last day of gaming. January 1: I am quitting again!
  15. Advent calendar - 100% complete; check! Wild Embers - DONE! And the book of the 2010s is... Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell! (3 chapters in and counting...) 6 days in the old decade left to go... I am expecting the sugar detox for real by Wednesday...
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