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  1. day6? Today while going to a supermarket I was thinking about how bad it must be not to game forever, like a strain that u can always feel. When I entered the supermarket I noticed a homeless immigrant who tried to warm himself up in the corner of the store.
  2. @ElectroNugget Thank you for cheering me up, I need it. Day1. Uni is back and somehow I need to find a way to manage my work and uni.
  3. Ah shit, here we go again Ridiculous. I used to play shooters until I decided to kick the habit. It was 45 days ago. So what exactly happened? I`ve already mentioned above that I moved thus I have no access to my old pc. My gf seldom plays games but when it happens she suffices with Sims. So today was one of those days. I was chilling, playing with Duolinguo when I decided to see what the apple of my eye was doing there. We had a great fun, for almost an hour we were creating a new character in which I have taken tangible part. I have broken my promise not to partake in any type of video games. I relapsed. Wierdly enough I think I would be less disappointed if I played my type of games. At least I would have quenched my thirst. So yeah from day 45 to day 0 I am still committed though
  4. @Julon lad, its ok watch coupleof these videos Our lord and savior lmao And look if I had an access to my old pc with all the games I would have relapsed looong ago so the idea is to make relapsing a tiresome process. To play my beloved game I would have to 1. install steam 2. go through "forgot password" process 3. install my game and then play it. Maybe it can give u a hint what to do.
  5. Hello! How are u doing? @Chitemple
  6. Xgamer

    NO FAP?

    I know what it is. Lying in a bed late night, scrolling down something useless, watching a video, then, out of blue a sudden urge strikes me like a lightning, I feverishly browse hot fat latino mommino and boom. I have a wank. But why are people determined about nofap? I heard it`s healthy in moderation and so on (I just do it regardless) but can participants of this challenge enlighten me of the downside of giving it a good ol rub?
  7. On the hindsight, I knew gaming was deteriorating the situation, challenging my relationships and so on but I deliberately sat down every time to pull all-nighter. It has become a common practice for me to reach out for ur(the guy who`s reading this) story and let the steam off whenever I `d had cold feet. Damn, I miss steam. So yeah. Every video on how a certain person developed something after he quit. Or found a gf, saved the world, etc. But does it matter? Cam is using rationalisation to prove us that gaming is hazardous. But didn`t I know this? Damn, I was totaly aware so what. It isn`t about consciense mulling pros and cons of gaming over, for sure. It`s like subconscious thingy, little inner baby, does this toddler care for whatever reasonable arguments we make? And after a month, after getting a job, moving and etc. I still want to play. I want to play badly, like 24 hours straight. Just switch that game on and kill everyone there and be as toxic as pripyat in 1968 yeah i want to quit my job dump my gf and game this little goofy under-cooked game until i die Wow that was a heart-downing one right? Stream of consciousness it`s called. Phew, feel much better. For now. I kinda feel guilty for sploshing this joint over, buuut paper can`t blush, can it? Hardly any1 reading my COMEBACKSTORY, so I decided just to leave it here. This is like my own twitter account(which i never had) that no1 will never find. I actually like coming here, really. Good number of nice people over here, same issue, endearing. right
  8. Great job, really. What isntrument do you play?
  9. Oh snap man, haven`t heard from you for a while! Whatever the case may be do not go harsh on urself. And yeah, that joint about "it was like deleting a chapter from my life". Take a different look at this. You are beginning a new chapter in ur life! Sounds pompous but it actually helps dealing with game nostalgia. And yeah, one last bit, reading a lot of people`s journals I`ve realised that at first they were trying to get rid of gaming but then they realised that the goal was to start a new life. Chin up m8
  10. Unfortunately not, I lost it when moving. It would totaly be handy on rainy days Still getting the pro-gaming vibe though, I can`t imagine that I will finally kick the habit of playing.
  11. I am celebrating my month without video games!☺️
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