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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


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  1. Oh, I feel you. Maybe it is because you removed something significant to yourself without giving in return. I would feel heartbroken in that case. How about a new hobby? So you would do something different yet engaging instead of sitting and brooding.
  2. Oh, guys, I am back. 35h in 2 days and I am deleting my steam account xD. I am glad that happened now I feel more aware of what @BooksandTree´╗┐s was talking about. Closing the chapter. So, from now on, I`ll write about what I liked and disliked about gaming and I`ll try to convert it to real life rather than brooding how sad I am that I don`t play video games anymore. @Talby and @Alexanderle, I see you. I`ll reply in a bit. Just a quick check in. day 0 (take 3)
  3. @Talby I got cold feet. Really thinking of playing tonight. I realised that I don`tlike my job. Or did I? Was it me being under the weather?
  4. I have an issue with sleeping at night. I simply can`t When do I sleep then? While commuting. Btw, check out this pearl of jazz.
  5. @Firewithin89 Don`t tell me u haven`t passed the vibe check, fam. I can also imagine ur vexation that you learn how to aim, strafe, all kinds of little gimmicks and then you drop it all. Like, pubg is pretty much skill-based game, so you must be frustrated about ditching all those hours of training
  6. Xgamer


    F. Nongamer down. @Alexanderle I see your point now, at last. I struggle because I am still a gamer, although, on the leash, lol. I literally plan on making content out of my fav game footage, if I don`t kick the habit completely. It compromises the detox itself then! Seems that even after 60 days in total, I haven`t decided to quit but to postpone my "glottony". Is this really a situation where one of us (past-myself and me-wanna-be) must die?
  7. I think if I ever return to gaming, I`ll start my YouTube channel and be as inventive as possible, so I have at least a little output and significance
  8. You call 2-4 hours a day a big chunk of a day? Brother, I believe you had received a wake up call earlier than I did! ­čśä
  9. @Talby, thank you. I know your post is worth more than a simple gratitude, but that is all I am capable of yet. day24 I learnt some english idioms.
  10. 03.03 day 23 I have decided to finish detox come hell or high water. And if until then I don`t kick the habit, I`ll play guilt-free. However, I should not watch videos where my game is featured
  11. @erik2.0 nice to meet you too, I am Sam https://www.youtube.com/user/billwurtz - cool guy Day was messed up, not even trying to fix it or improve it just going to hit the sack otherwise i ll be watching videos all night again terrible day22
  12. @BooksandTree´╗┐s, @Alexanderle, thank you! I have little time to post anything but today was exciting.Ill elaborate later. day21 @ElectroNugget, I was thinking whether you could advise me some beginner JS books.
  13. @BooksandTree´╗┐s, @Alexanderle, thank you! I have little time to post anything but today was exciting.Ill elaborate later. day21
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