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  1. I Quit gaming Yesterday but this time it is different. This time I know I will make it This time I am Happy. This Time I will Succeed. I've been through so many addictions. Tabak, Drugs, Gambling, Weed, I quit them all years ago. But my worst from all of them was always: Gaming How to successfully quit? I know how since I been through so many addictions. KEY IS: BE HAPPY ABOUT IT. The good thing about letting go of addictions, life will reward you. See the positive side about it not the negative. THE TIME U WILL HAVE. THE MENTAL CLEARNESS. THE POWER OF THE SUN AND NATURE. The Universe will reward you when you quit the bad stuff. Trust me on that. I made a Video about it don't wanna self-promote here if it is against any rules or something just delete it. https://youtu.be/0t1aBYRflN4 Thanks for watching and I'm so excited about my future life without hours of hours wasting time on my screen. Much Love Ismael a.k.a Strongerideal
  2. So after like 3 days not gaming i feel quite excited. I notice how much "time" i have. I really enjoy not having those hard cravings anymore. It was Valentinesday yesterday and i could really enjoy it with my girlfriend. I notice how i catch myself thinking stuff like: TO NEVER PLAY GAMES AGAIN OMG... and slowy noticing how gaming becomes again like....someting nice to do. But i know that if i do it, it might feel nice first.... but afterward i will just be like a junkie again. I just enjoy this free time so much. I just say to myself: Do the 90 days. and afterwards if it was all for nothing.. wich i dont think... i can still just start playing games again. So nothing to lose. I notice i have to talk to my addicted side of me and calm it down haha. So far so good. Thanks for the support guys. peace out
  3. Ja ich war Wachtmeister "Küsche" in Chur Liebe Grüsse und alles gute
  4. So im only on my first day of not gaming. To be honest i feel great at the moment. Thing is... A dream of me is (or was?!) becoming a Game Designer. But guess what stopped me to Design my Games? ....Yes Gaming.. Anyway a school in switzerland accepted me already to start my studies in september and if i make it i would have a bachelor of games & art . The Idea is really cool. But is it even smart if i go in this direction if i dont even play videogames? I part of me thinks dude how u wanna stop playing videogames if ur surrounded by them. Well its kinda the ultimate proof to be cured from it... isnt it ? ofc only if i make it. And secondly i tought that: A dealer that dosnt take hes own stuff is more successful .... Whats ur view on that.. Greetings Ismael
  5. btw its cool Cam that u post on every thread... shows your dedication. Or are u a Bot ?
  6. is it better if i always Edit my first post? then people dont have to read trought everything ,,, what u guys think
  7. Day 1: So.... its 1.30 a.m Feeling excited so far.... I game since 20 yesrs non stop havent really tried to stop yet for good and max amount i didnt play games was like 2-3 days. Sofar so good ? After waking up So today i deinstalled all my videogames and im selling my Accounts. I feel quite excited at the moment also it was nice this morning since i didnt have this RUSH OMG I NEED TO PLAY SOME LEAGUE OF LEGENDS AS LONG AS I CAN UNTIL I HAVE TO GO TO WORK. so i feel quite relaxed... we will see how this will go.
  8. .... I honestly never tought i would land here. My name is Ismael... Im 24 years old and im a cooking class teacher and was born and raised in switzerland. I have a wonderful girlfriend (she can be quite a pain in the ass from time to time) that is actualy pregnant in the second month... Sounds not bad eh.. Yes i became quite far already But i woudnt be here if everything was perfect. Since im around 5 years old im addicted to videogames. I never had problems finding friends or even girls. The problem is i dont want to because i wanna do nothing else all day than play videogames. I hate my job but guess what i dont so shit to change it.... i come home and play as long as i can Leage of Fucking Legend. My girlfriend dosnt let me play at night for example sometimes i freaked out like a fucking heroin junkie because i didnt get my fucking gaming fix. Trust me i tried everyting to play moderate but that shit dosnt work with me. So here i am... Ready to build a better life. Im really skeptikal because All i ever was....was a game freak. I hope this elite program works well for me and i hope that i wont crave for the rest of my life.... Thanks for reading... Btw its 1.00 a.m and im typing from my Phone and english is not my motherlanguage so if u find mistakes in my writings... feel free to keep them ?