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  1. Omg thank you so much for the answers. I've sit and talked about cleaning for a while and didn't seem to see much of a result. Let's see if this time I can be more patient for things to change. I easily quit because i think "meh whatever, I'm the younger one anyways, I'm not gonna bother being a maid of an adult" and just care about my room and try as much as i can to preserve mysfel as you said (podcasts help). Our family structure is really fragile so really we just have each other. What pisses me off is that I always had to mature waaay more than my age over time, always. And now again I have to set things straight when y'know, growing up by itself is not an easy task. I'm tired and feels it's not fair for me. I feel that something is taken away from me. It sucks because there is a lot involved and I just wanted that things worked so we could share the benefits as soon as we could. It's hard being patient when I'm seeing this happening for almost 7 years now. But anyway, everyone have problems, I just get overwhelmed from time to time. Your messages really helped and I apreciate that. Will keep up this post (or another one) updated with the progress.
  2. Hi, it's been a while since I enter in the forum. However my issue is not gone, in fact it may be even worse than before. I live alone with my older brother and he is really hooked to online videogames. It has come to a point of him not doing his basic chores, sleep all day and game all night. Sharing the same space with so much negativity is reaally hard, since I have my own personal demons as well. fe. I don't know what to do. The case is it seems that I care more about him than he really does. I can't ocupy this position if he is not interested. At the same time he is already 30+ years old and this habit can really wreck his perspectives for life. I'm afraid it's too late or it becomes too late day by day. I sugested journals, sports, positive contents as podcasts and movies (by the way, love the appearance of the project on stefan molyneux channel, I follow him for a long time). Anyway, nothing seems to light a fire under his ass. What should I do? I try to live my days being as much productive as I can, organize my room (shut out to jordan peterson here) , etc, be the example of life that I desire him to follow. But it comes to a time of really affecting the enviroment to a point where I'm unmotivated for life too, y'know? Video game addiction is a real issue. Sadly it doesn't have as much research about it yet, but it can destroy someones life and time. Sugestions?