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  1. I'm 18 years old. Never went to college. Created my own company. And my target is to be payed 10.000 euro's/month next year doing something I love doing! People will always pay you if you provide them value! My recommendation is to listen to people like: Grant Cardone and Tai Lopez. Those 2 changed my life and the way I thought about money. Hope it helped!
  2. You still going? Don't quit on us! We are here to help ?
  3. My story I have read some of the journals and I thought that it might help for some to post my story. I've played games for almost my whole life, but around 12 years old I started getting addicted. The reason for that was because I was trying to escape reality. I had a lot of instability at home and I didn't like school at all. I think that I played something like 5000 hours of games. Around 16 years old I found Cam. He helped me sooo sooo much. I think that the best thing I learned from him was reading books and introducing me to the ''self-help'' genre. I relapsed a dozen times, but in the end it got easier and easier to quit and as of today I don't care about them at all anymore. My focus is on becoming extremely fit, being extremely wealthy and inspiring millions across the planet. I know that I'm going to succeed in this. And it all started with acknowledging my problems and learning from the best. Some recommendations! - David Goggins - Grant Cardone - Tai Lopez - Elon Musk. Take the best from each one of them and apply it to your own life!
  4. Robin

    Pete's Journey

    Don't quit on us! We are here to help you. Keep going ?
  5. Great keep going! Don't quit on us ?
  6. Robin


    Don't quit on this forum. How are you doing? ?
  7. It takes a lot of courage to admit to your problems/addiction and it is the most important step towards fixing your life. You'll get there man. I believe in you. Just don't quit on this forum. Even if you had a bad day just write something on here. ?
  8. Same here! And sometimes it makes me even feel happy. Thinking about the fun old days. But I just don't need it anymore to be happy right now. I'm a new person and gaming doesn't fit anymore.
  9. Man I feel the same way! Try and listen to people like: David Goggins, Grant Cardone, Elon Musk. Those people inspire me to be better and wake up every morning. We are not alone in this life.
  10. I feel the exact same way as you man. In my believe it's not really our fault. It's just how our brains are programmed. The thing is that our brains are programmed for what was needed 10.000 years ago. Not for the internet etc. So #1 don't blame yourself. Everytime you feel yourself getting distracted just simply acknowledge it and improve.
  11. That's amazing man. I don't think there is a downside in what you did for the man. I'm not religious, but I do believe in karma and what you did will come back in the future. Focus on your targets and crush those next 21 days!
  12. Hey guys, My routine in life isn't super efficient at the moment and by reflecting on what worked in the past I figured out that journaling was one of the best things I could do. I don't game at all anymore, but I don't know any other forums like this, so if it's okay to post on here I'd gladly use it! My life as it stands today Not too healthy -> Medicine for Acne (only 3 days left) and not working out that often / lost some weight. I have my own company -> VelzenMedia (marketing company) I'm judging other people too much, because I see myself in them. And I don't like myself right now Bad sleeping cycle / habits. Where I want to be in 90 days More energy, strenght and healthy eating habits again. VelzenMedia @ 3 clients paying me each 1000 euro's +. Not judging other people. Talking in terms of other people's interests and making people smile ? Less entertainment / internet / social media. Only use it for growth. Better sleeping cycle / habits. Where I want to be at 25 years old Extremely fit, energized and healthy. Successfull companies helping people all over the world. Be a millionaire, but don't buy things to show off. Re-investing all the money to provide for myself long-term. I want to be the one who makes entertainment. Not the one who consumes it. These are my current targets. It all starts with this 90 day challenge in which I want to take back my health, energy and obsession. I'll be posting once a day to summarize my day and efficiency. If you don't see me posting anymore it means I've quit and that I'm a talker not a do-er. How am I going to succeed? -> Planning, planning, planning. I believe that to be my keystone habit.
  13. It's weird to think we were both addicted to video games once. You seem like a very social and chill dude. Keep it up man!
  14. Robin

    Velzen Journal

    Hey thanks man. I weigh around 73 KG. I'd say im decently ripped (abs visible) so my bodyfat % is somewhat around 13% I guess. Age: 17 Height: 1,80M Darn man, is that all muscle? Do you use protein? Haha yea I guess. I used to play soccer after that did dancing for 7 years and now training for the army so I've always been pretty active. I eat a lot of protein for sure: - Quark, Chicken, Tuna, Eggs, Cheese etc. Mostly around 120+ grams of protein per day just from food sources. * Here is a picture of my transformation through the years if interested. http://imgur.com/a/JLyrK I wouldn't fight you, XD. When are you thinking about joining the army? Haha 1 month max. I'm going to force myself to run faster. The only thing that is holding me back right now is the 2700M in 12Minutes. My endurance is okay right now, but endurance and speed a bit less ^^ Good word, the army looks for physically fit people for PT just got to prove you have brains Ye I'm looking to join The Corps Marines from the Netherlands. They make a lot of commercials since they're in need of people now. I just need to stop being a pussy and run faster haha.
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