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  1. Theresa


    Day 16. Missed writing yesterday. I have been feeling down this week and missed a couple days of this 30 day challenge, journaling, and exercising. I think, however, that I have found new solutions. Last night some friends crashed the apartment and we watched a movie, had ciders, and chatted. I would have hands down turned down an event like this previously and gamed instead, but I think this experience was just as satisfying. Unfortunately today I scrolled through some Reddit posts on the game I used to play. I was really craving that game. After I swam a mile and I felt loads better and the
  2. Theresa


    Aha! Actually made 6 gallons of homemade ice cream yesterday.
  3. Theresa


    Well I’m glad you found patients who are a little more cooperative. Double triggered, have to say honestly that must have sucked. It must be difficult to counsel them if their attention is divided? I’ll keep trying that approach before encountering the coworker. It definitely is calming if nothing else. Thanks for all the advice.
  4. Theresa


    @WorkInProgress thanks so much for your support and suggestions. I think thats a good idea to have a plan for the future or EAP for real life. I’ll work in that. Thanks for saying that eating a batch of ice cream is a healthy way to handle the situation. That made my day and also cracked me up😊
  5. That analogy was really cool. Thats great you are able to have reflected more upon the roots and causes that perhaps are more underlying to your gaming experience. It makes me think of digging deeper into my own life to find that “key log.” Thank you for sharing and all the best.
  6. Glad you enjoyed breakfast. It’s amazing how small things can make a big difference. Hope you knee recovery keeps up.
  7. You can do this. You always have a choice regardless of how you feel or the circumstances you encounter. It’s definitely hurting you more to play since you’re avoiding confronting something in your life. Saying your existence is a mistake is not only false but also a cop-out. As the others have said, give the world a chance to benefit from your talents and gifts. Online games are designed to make you addicted and to make everything in life feel boring. It’s a slow recovery just like making any new habit is and it’s difficult. Ultimately, the decision is yours as it’s your life. All of us here
  8. Theresa


    Day 14 I was so close to relapsing. If the game didn’t take so damn long to download I would have. I think I get periods of depression and that may have caused an altercation at work with a coworker who is also a friend. it’s a relationship that has been aggravating me for months. All the angry exchanges trigger the violence and upheavals in my past family life. Back the then I ’d turn to my Nintendo to escape. I want to turn to my mobile game to ease up a bit. I recognize the pattern, and even though I don’t feel ok I know this is just a bump in the road and I gotta get over it and that
  9. Theresa


    Ooh, I’ll have to work up to 12 minutes, 7 minutes feels long sometimes . Yah I think being on the lookout for triggers especially in the gray zones is really crucial. I don’t know how you can watch your clients play. That’s pretty messed up, in the sense that you have to deal with that. They play games in therapy?
  10. That’s awesome you can meditate that long. I know 7 minutes helps me. 55 minutes must do wonders for you. Hang tight with your job. I’m sure it is so life changing for your clients.
  11. All the best with your physical recovery. That must be so difficult. I’m glad you are able to do some yoga though.
  12. I understand. Reading your journal, it sounds as if you are an intelligent, talented, and successful person. There must be something relating to one of these traits or another that Overwatch satisfies? What are these needs?
  13. Theresa


    Day 13 I don’t count this as a relapse because my motives were for socialization rather than to escape or checkout, and I did not feel as if I was giving into a craving. One of my friends wanted to hangout to show his new flight simulator and laptop he had just purchased. We played for like 1 1/2 hours and it was easy to walk away from it. I thought it was actually a pretty convivial experience. I wonder where to draw the line. Give up all gaming or only the ones that are personally addictive? I’ve been meditating for 7 minutes in the morning and it has been really calming. I will star
  14. Theresa


    Day 13 I realize that after a stressful workday I would game for hours to checkout of reality. I’ve found running and going outside to be tremendously helpful after these types of days. I keep regretting all the time and money I spent this past year on gaming and I’m disappointed that I couldn’t control my gaming habits and perhaps never will. It feels so slavish that something so synthetic and constructed as gaming was so influential and that I couldn’t find moderation, but I don’t think it would be unhealthy or unnatural to cut out gaming entirely. If that’s the solution I am okay w
  15. That is such a cool point about “boundary objects” and gaming. Literally when you participate in a certain fictional realm you are so restricted because you have to play by those linear rules determined by that artifact; while engaging with real people and living in and sensing the actual world you have the freedom to make your own choices in reality. And yes that we ALWAYS can make a choice! Thank you for sharing and all the best with everything.