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  1. Sure! Any hobby is great. To learn cooking I suggest visiting tasty.co, they have video instructions step by step, nutrition info for each recipe and tips from users.
  2. 11.05.21, 50 days Thanks for replies everyone, I appreciate that! The concept of studying 24/7 is surely an exaggeration, I simply wanted to note high study loads during college that I'm afraid I won't be able to handle even with time management — mental health issues, indeed, suck. And as @Amphibian220 said, "people are swayed heavily by peer pressure" and this exact statement is, sadly, true. "If you don't enter early then you've failed in life" and so on. However, I have to sacrifice my needs right now to get a stable job and move out as soon as possible because I think my family
  3. What's your mother tongue, @cham0mil5? By the way, I strongly recommend taking Cambridge English exams because their diplomas don't expire.
  4. 08.05.21, 47 days Studied some maths today. I need a reliable plan to get things done and earn my points. Tomorrow I'll contact my tutors. Content warning: suicide mentions . . . Wanted to vent a bit, so here's a short story — my black dog drives me insane to the point of intrusive thoughts of killing myself. My life isn't, ugh, that bad, no, I just feel stuck and lonely because all my friends are gone. Don't get me wrong, I dream of enrolling college, getting MBA afterwards and making six figures. I strive to be a better person, I'm interested in everything what
  5. I love it too, @cham0mil5. I've read lots of stories from people who started intuitive eating and lost weight. Truly magical. You are always welcome! I'm also here if you ever need aid in your amazing journey. 🙂
  6. 07.05.21, 46 days There are no other options left, so I make a public commitment to study from now on. Am I late to the party? Definitely. Can I still change things at least a little? Also definitely. Let it be 5 hours a day, then we will see. I'll post something here every day.
  7. Welcome to the forums, cham0mil5! Great job, I love your notes, especially "confession to myself in future".
  8. 01.05.21, 40 days Looks like I'm not recovering from my depression at all. This is hilarious and frustrating as hell at the same time. Sorry happiness machine broke
  9. 23.04.21, 32 days A whole month without gaming! No fresh news although.
  10. I cannot believe that March has ended and then another March started in my journal. I'm fixing that. 03.04.21 - 05.04.21 My feeling of time is distorted, cringe. There isn't much to brag about, but still no games! I have visited cinema, currently trying to get myself together in order to start studying. Sorry for the lack of interesting content here, I just feel incredibly numb and tired all the time. Cannot imagine how I'm going to learn new stuff with that state of affairs.
  11. 02.03.21 8k steps done! Thankfully, it's getting warmer.
  12. Thanks, @ArcaneCoder! I've been planning to try walking in the morning. Watching stuff also definitely helps and programming sounds fun, learning C++ is one of my dreams. FreeCodeCamp looks very promising, I'll give it a try.
  13. That's cool, @Zeno of Elea, I'm proud of you! Actually, my sugar consumption is incredibly small too. I never drink anything sweetened, my only problem lies in pastry. Since dieting didn't actually work for me, I do believe Laura. Her theory suggests intuitive eating, which offers a variety of foods with no restrictions. I'll try it as soon as I would be able to. Yep, I still watch gaming videos, not going to lie. However, they do not trigger my cravings, but my Youtube time is still a mess which I want to fix just like you did.
  14. 01.03.21 "Do nothing" day, but I've pre-ordered my reward during lunchtime. Today I've also learned that diets lead to slower metabolism, bingeing, loss of muscle mass, rebound weight gain, food obsession, lost of innate hunger, shame, guilt and anxiety ("Just Eat It" by Laura Thomas, PhD nutritionist). The unavoidable diet cycle is even more dangerous ("They found that weight cycling is associated with higher mortality (death rate), higher risk of osteoporotic fractures and gallstone attacks, loss of muscle tissue, hypertension (high blood pressure), and chronic inflammation", source: ht
  15. 31.03.21 I have stopped wasting money on food delivery! Downloaded Duolingo again, gotta sharpen my French skills (very-very long ago I was somehere around A2 level). Surprisingly, I remember something. Besides that, I'm thinking about a reward for my milestones. Haven't decided what should it be exactly.