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  1. Hey thanks for replying to the journal! I'm not sure if there is a trigger for porn. It's more or less whenever I'm at the desk. However, I will say that it does occur mostly when I'm bored or watching a show. Those tend to be my triggers, so I'll make sure to leave my desk when I get the urge or to spend less free time at the desk in general. Thanks for pointing that out for me 🙂
  2. Day 6! I totally shat the bed with the test, but that's fine because I'm still going to pass the course. My GPA won't really be effected one way or another. Just very happy to almost be done, I have the final exam coming up and I feel good enough to pass on that. Very much so just looking to finish this course and graduate. Same plan today, clean up more of my room, read this anthropology book that my former prof wrote and work out. I want to add another goal which is quitting porn as well. I'm experiencing the usual symptoms that other people have reported so I think it best to stop
  3. Yea I think I know what you mean, these days I'm often really silent about politics and social matters because I would rather carry on and make peace. But I know that that itself is also a political statement. It's confusing and I think it's overall good that we are trying to communicate even if it's not always successful.
  4. Day 5 Studied a while for a test tomorrow, feeling more confident about passing and getting university over with (thank god). Learning about setting boundaries and self-control in order to maintain a healthy environment and mindset. Looking at resources to edit my resume and applying for jobs. Learning to control my emotions and living with less fear and worries. Overall, very good progress today and still a lot left to do. Gotta for a walk, workout and buy the cat some kibbles!
  5. I don't understand the hostility in your post. I agree with your first paragraph and I'm happy to learn new perspectives about what Hegel believed. My understanding is that Hegel thought all events occurred as a necessary timeline to reach the whole truth. I don't know if that's a moral claim and I don't think that's what he meant by the word "just". I'm not holding Hegel or Zizek or really anyone onto some pedestal. I just find it interesting to think that ideology isn't something you can escape so easily, if it is possible. I meant this sentiment as a retort to modern critics who think they
  6. Wow, it's super cool that you really dive deep into the complexities of the voter suppression issue as well as other political topics. I think I know how you feel about your father and him listening to Fox News. My mother is actually the same. When I was in high school and early college, I was very into Shapiro and stuff (I don't even know why). I got my mom into the conservative talking points and that's a huge regret for me. I managed to see things very differently, and she's still listening to The Five and other "anti-propaganda" propaganda. Also as an Asian person born & residing outsi
  7. Hey! Thanks for posting to the journal, I really appreciate it! Also happy to hear that you are sleeping better and seeing life more clearly. I've watched Icarus, which was about a Russian WADA lab director and the Russian state assisting athletes in cheating doping tests. It was cool to see people so passionate about biking as well as how eccentric the lab director was as a person. I really recommend it! I definitely will take that advice to heart. It's hard to practice it because of the relatively poor emotional upbringing I had, but I try my best everyday and that counts for a lo
  8. Hello! Thanks for coming! Brief Backstory I feel like most of us have a very similar foundation for why we want to quit gaming: wanting to improve our lives. The same goes here. Been gaming since first grade and didn't think about stopping until my high school counsellor told me I might not be able to graduate because I wouldn't be able to finish my credits in time. I'm now about to graduate college and realised all the potential and effort that I spent playing video games which should have been put anywhere else. I had a lot of gamer friends, but most of them were never real friends