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  1. Ted

    Good job

    Hello everyone, I want to wish you all luck in getting where they're going. Fighting addictions to gaming is hard, especially because it so often comes with other addictions beside it. Don't judge yourself for relapses, we're all learning and doing the best that we can. To whoever is reading this, good luck on the path you still have to walk and congratulations on making it this far. Just keep plodding on. Good luck on your journey... The life beyond is waiting
  2. HELLLLO. today has probably been the best yet because I went out with friends read some of the secret life of plants and had a real cool time. I loved going out with friends because we sat around and talked, played games (hide and seek, Frisbee or tag) and went on a walk and had a general nice time. Time without games: 8 Days Days of meditating for 5 minutes every day: 4th day Daily goal: be positive New weekly goal: meditate every day Monthly goal: lay the foundation for better habits
  3. I know the feeling of not knowing what to do with yourself without games. Hope it gets better and you find what you love
  4. GOOOOOOOOD after noon. I would like to apologise for missing yesterdays journal and will strive not to in future Time without games: 7 Day YESSSSSSSS ! week without relapsing, willingly doing other things and I have started meditating. this is what my reaction would have been before joining gamequiters 🤯 Days of meditating for 5 minutes every day: 3rd day I have already noticed that it has been helping me think about, process and acknowledge my emotions and why I feel the way I do, it has also helped improve my mood. the method of meditation I have been using is called the star exercise.you place your arms shoulder width apart and raise both your arms, the left pam pointing up and right pointing down (not your whole hand just the palm) and you stand there until your arms start to ach and you bring them down. it helps wake you up in the morning and calms you at night and it also just makes you feel good plus its super simple Daily goal: try new meditation techniques I met this weeks goal 🎉🎉🎉 although just meeting a goal is not me felly recovering it is a good start and I feel really good. Monthly goal: lay the foundation for better habits
  5. Thank you señor and I wish you good luck in your journey as well😀😀
  6. Buenos dias, tardes, noches or whatever time of day you are currently experiencing. I did not meet yesterdays goal😔I tried but I feel that no do not currently poses the self control not to snap at some people. as such I have decided to make a decision inspired by TheNewMe2.0 and meditate for around 5 minutes every day. Right now it may seem impossible but I also believe that I can and it will help my mental health, positivity and addiction. Time without games: 5 Day Days of meditating for 5 minutes every day: 1 First day Daily goal: be generally positive (trying again Weekly goal: Resist the temptations to relapse Monthly goal: lay the foundation for better habits
  7. Hola mi amigos. *Day four enters from left of stage* Today has been extremely good for me. in the morning my sister and I played Unstable Unicorns while waiting for my stepdad to take us to school, she won. the when we got to school I was overjoyed since I got back my History, English and Spanish grades and they were very high (the English was around 75% and it was marked on a GCSE or year11 grading scheme) and me Andy friends have fully arranged when and where we will meet up. However it was extremely funny when at break a seagull pool on my blazer (part of my school uniform) though student services made me scrub it clean with a baby wipe so that was not very fun. Time without games: 4 Day I met yesterdays goal Daily goal: be generally positive Weekly goal: Resist the temptations to relapse Monthly goal: lay the foundation for better habits Hasta Luego.
  8. Hi. Im really sorry to hear about your attempts of the ninety day detox but if it makes you feel better I tried twice and failed as well. I know the feeling of doing things you know you shouldn't to continue gaming and then drowning out the feeling with more gaming. I just want to let you know that you are not alone and though I'm new too game quitters seems to be working already and the community and Cam will always be there for you if you are going to relapse or simply need to vent Best of luck in you journey.
  9. Buenos dias. Day 3 I am very thankful for how kind everyone has been and really means a lot to me that I am not alone in this journey. Today has been really good. I woke up refreshed and ready to go to school and found out some of my test results. I am planning to meet a few of my friends at the local Wildlife park and we are going to play games and chill. over all my life has started to regain some colour since quitting games and I now appreciate the beauty of the world around me. Best of wishes in all your journeys-Ted A huge thank you to Po and TheNewMe2.0 for their kind comments and letting me know i'm not alone. Time without games: 3 Day I met yesterdays goal Daily goal: To learn 3 new words in Español (Spanish, I take it at school) Weekly goal: Resist the temptations to relapse Monthly goal: lay the foundation for better habits Hasta Luego.
  10. Thank you Po for the well wishes, I will let my parents know that you support their decision.
  11. HOLA! Today spring holidays ended in England so I am back at school. One thing that I have noticed is that I was actually excited about returning because I was not craving the amount of extra screen time I used to get in the holidays. Day 2 5 things that I am grateful for: ➢ My form tutor for being such a good teacher and supporting me and my class so far this year ➢ My teachers for making all my subjects interesting ( I am lucky and got All good ones) ➢ My friends at school who have been supportive ➢ My parents for getting me to join Game Quitters ➢ The very supportive community Favourite sports: Netball, Hockey, Basketball, Rugby and Dodgeball Time without games: Day 2 I met yesterdays goal Daily goal: Talk with friends Weekly goal: Resist the temptations to relapse Monthly goal: lay the foundation for better habits Until tomorrow.
  12. Hello! Day 1 5 things that I am grateful for: ➢ All the support that my family has shown me ➢ The lovely view from my window ➢ My sister for taking time out her day to play games with me ➢ My parents for getting me to join Game Quitters ➢ The very supportive comunity Favourite book: Eragon What I'm reading right now: The Secret Life of Plants (its very interesting) Time without games: 1 Day (its been a week or two longer but I figure its easier to track like this) Daily goal: To go on a walk Weekly goal: Resist the temptations to relapse Monthly goal: lay the foundation for better habits
  13. Hello My name is Ted and I am 12 years old. I began gaming when I was about 4 when my friend introduced me to Skylanders. That Christmas I got a Wii and it was originally a fun thing to do with my parents and sister. Soon when I was about five we moved from Australia to England, at that point me and my sister had our own iPads and were both engrossed in Minecraft. When we first arrived I had no friends and that's when my addiction started, I began spending more time online and less time with other people. At the age of 7, I had some friends at school and was doing football outside of school, however my gaming was already taking over. At dinner I would hardly say a word and wolf down my food as fast as possible and at any time in the day if I had any spare time I would rush to my Wii U, iPad or 3DS. Additionally my mum would have to force me to do chores and I would generally be an all round nuisance. By the time I am 9 my step dad began to become concerned about my health ( because he has always had my best interests at heart even if I didn't know it at the time) and started cutting my hours back. However I was completely unmonitored. Now I had just turned 11 and we moved to a city in the south and since I knew no one and was having trouble coping with how badly gaming made me feel I delved deeper into the internet. I began watching something on my iPad while playing my switch on the TV (I know it sounds weird and it was just flicking your attention between both screens multiple times a second) and being really hunched over which hurt my posture. I made friends with a lot of people in my school but both me and my friend had started watching a group of YouTubers that acted towards women, people in general and made very rude and sexist jokes. Enter lockdown. Now that lockdown had arrived my Primary School was hardly giving out any work for online school additionally since I am pretty smart I began doing all the work as fast as I possibly could in the morning. This meant that I had the rest of the day to spend on gaming which meant that I was spending on average 9 hours a day gaming. This really did not help as I started getting more angry and bored if I wasn't doing gaming, then the most devastated thing possible happened. During the middle of lock down there was what an entire month where I was not feeling very good at all. In this month, I had to stay in my room without leaving a single time it was exactly 4 weeks of being in just my room. During that time I Began to do screen time while I ate did my school work or even when I was doing anything. The only person that came into my room to look after me was my step dad who was kind and said that I could do as much screen time as I wished however this was not a good idea around halfway through I began feeling too addicted to continue doing it in just the day. I decided to sneak it at night and so at night I would hide my switch under my pillow or my iPad under some of the clothes on my floor or anything anywhere. It started off small like playing a game that you don't need controllers for, for half an hour but gradually it developed until it got to the point where I was spending hours on it at night and would sneak snacks into my room and even turn the wifi on at night. This ended when a month before my 12th birthday in September ( I am in high school by now) when Des ( my amazing stepdad) walked in to check on me and saw me lying on bed with snacks, my switch and my iPad around me. Immediately I was banned from all devices and told that I would only get them back when I began to recover from the impact of games. 104 days later (I'm 12 now) they gave me back screen time. immediately I regressed and began sneaking more (not at night) and 5 days later it was taken away permanently. However the 104 days was not entirely pure because every now and then I would sneak into my parents room and play on my switch. Then in early March to early April I regressed again and began sneaking stuff on my laptop which I needed for revision because it was test week. Once again this affected my mood, my parents noticed and I was banned. It was then that we thought of a long term solution and joined game quitters today. I am eternally grateful to my loving sister, my wise, beautiful and loving mother and last but definitely most of all my stepdad Des for all of the love and support they have given me throughout my life. Sat 17th April
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