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  1. Nov 23, 2020: I didn't play games, yet I still struggle not browsing content. Do you guys have any book you could recommend? Days w/o gaming: 3 Days w/o browsing gaming content: 1
  2. Nov 22nd, 2020: This day has been easier. I don't have much to say for now. Days w/o gaming: 2 Days w/o browsing gaming content: 2
  3. November 21st: Back to day 1 Simply put, I believed that I could stay away from games without any console to play. I was so wrong. I began playing games and watching streams on my laptop. I need to be careful about this in the future. It's a shame, but I'll try again. Days w/o gaming: 1 Days w/o browsing gaming related content: 1
  4. Day 10: Today was a good day! I spent most of my time cooking and studying, which prevented me from going on the internet. I feel satisfied 🙂 Days w/o gaming: 10 Days w/o browsing gaming related content: 2
  5. Days 6 to 9: The last days were not easy, but I managed to put myself back on track. However, for the 6th and 7th days, I watched a lot of livestreams on youtube, which is pretty bad. I guess it's a good thing that I don't have any console anymore since this prevents me from playing games. The 8th and 9th days were better! I spent all my time working on a project for one of my classes and it helped me put my focus elsewhere. The best thing is that I didn't watch gaming videos today! Tomorrow marks my 10th day without playing games. Although it's not a huge milestone, those days helpe
  6. Day 5: Today was a hard day. I spent too much time watching videos on youtube and i didn't do as much work as I wanted to. I feel like it's hard to keep my mind away from videos games. Blocking gaming videos on youtube can only do so much. I need something that would help me put my focus elsewhere. I still didn't play games, but there is a lot of work to do.
  7. Day 4: I didn't play games today, but I did feel some stress during the afternoon. I decided to go run outside, which helped me clear my mind. In terms of youtube, things are going good for now! :)
  8. Hi! I just wanted to congratulate you for the progress you've made so far! I'm currently doing my 4th day and reading this gives me motivation to go further! Good job and go on! 🙂
  9. Day 3: Yesterday, I deleted all my history on youtube and I don't have any suggestions of gaming videos yet. In order to prevent that, I try as much as I can not to browse anything gaming related. I feel some stress not playing games, but it must be withdrawal symptoms. Still, I didn't play games today 🙂
  10. Day 2: As you said JSmith, I noticed that watching videos related to gaming makes it harder. It doesn't help that when I watch videos related to gaming, I obviously get suggestions for more videos of that kind. I decided to delete all my search history and video history so that I don't get more of these suggested to me. Let's see how that goes! The good thing is that I didn't play games today! 🙂 Still, I need to invest my time in better ways that watching videos.
  11. Day 1: My first day was fine. I had a lot of studying to do which gave me some stress. I did spend some time on youtube (around 2 hours), but no games. If anyone has any suggestions to help me reduce my time on youtube, I'll be glad to hear it! 🙂
  12. Hi everyone! I'm 20 and i'm a college student. I'm actually doing an engineering degree and video games have had a bad influence on my productivity and my motivation for a long time. I sold my Switch so that I don't have any console to play. The problem I want to focus on right now is to stop spending so much time watching videos. I plan on doing a daily journal to talk about my feelings on this journey and in order to avoid a relapse. Wish me good luck! :)