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  1. it is just concentration disorders . the problem is finding a way to code the code ! the start is too hard . this is something I am missing , I am studying horribly like some1 who is forced to do something he hates . it is like a war between my dream and my self . @Amphibian220 thank you so much for reading and analysing my posts , you are helping me . you are the only 1 who is really reading my posts and the 1 who make me back to this forum . but I have not understood what u mean by saying this , can u make it easier to understand ? "Another thing is spotting bullshit “contrived” work and treating it like that. Do you know what certain applicants do with bullshit psychological and logical tests to get into consulting business? I am telling you from first hand experience - they game them. They don’t cheat, they pick up that the recruiter just added more unnecessary hurdles, so they jump over them."
  2. why do i play games if they will not solve any of my problems ? because i failed in real life and I wanna kill my time otherwise I will be depressed . being success in real life needs around 30 years of hard working , and me as a gamer I hate working . I hate everything except gaming , I do not like that , but I do that every day , I am doing something I do not like every day just to ignore something else I hate to do . so I do not like gaming and I hate hard working . so I am not doing something I love in my life , I am wasting it . so I have to change something , not only 1 thing , I have to change my whole routine , my whole life . otherwise I will hate my self , I will loose the will to live . I hate dying too , I do not like games and I hate hard working . so I have to change something . I cant change the reality of dying because I will die at some point . I do not like games , even when I try to like them , I realize that my whole life is going to the hell , so I can no longer like or love games . I hate hard working , but I can change that , yah this is my solution , hard working to reach my goal of happiness while being happy doing that . this is my next step . I like my self , I like studying , and I will reach my goal of being the man that I always wanted to be . I do not fear any thing , no 1 is better than me , they only doing more important things instead of just gaming .
  3. @Amphibian220 I always wanted to be a programmer , and i think that I am clever enough to make pc programs that can help . but the reality is something very hard to achieve because of my gaming addict .
  4. @Amphibian220 Hallo and welcome to my journal , I am studying something related to IT and programming , so my study should be mostly on my pc , and that sucks because I cant hold my self to not play a game or wasting my time . Thanks for your comment .
  5. the main problem there is that games are like allowed drugs that every house contain them ! even small potions can carry hard impact on your life , not to mention that the digital addict is related to porn , social media addict too . so the problem is not only because they are games , it is because they are digital addicting games that lead to other unlimited addicts . I am a human like you , I have tried millions of time to control my gaming hours but I was not able , even when I was able to control that for 1 hour a day during exams it was extremely exhausting rather than relaxing . I hate games , Games are the reasons of my current shitty situation . I am isolated , depressed , thin , failing at university . so Please do not try to control your gaming hours , try to fully abstain instead , And most important is filling your time with better activities and better motivations like self rewarding in order to prevent future frustrations .
  6. sorry for long delay , I backed here to refresh a little bit . habbits changing like gaming is so hard . I am not impoving day by day , this is why I am relapsing again and again , I do not feel good now to back to my journal , but I have to that . Gratitude journal Today I am grateful for being here One amazing thing that happened/I did today 8 hours without gaming Workout/run walked for like 4 kilo meter Meditation 10min Visualisation and daily affirmation Life gets easier when it gets harder . Education very random things , 0 my wake-up time very bad sleeping schedular Weekly Goal(s) sleeping for less than 8 hours . Monthly Goal being able to study more frequently What went well today: did my meditation What I could have done to make my day better: study a bit more, should have done some more sports What I will do differently tomorrow/What I have planned for tomorrow: tomorrow I have to wake up early , eat alot , carry a water bottle and going to library . Weekly summary, thoughts and improvements for the future tI have learned that games does not solve any of my problems , It is just a way to kill time instead of fighting my fear of studying . Study is actually like a monster for me , but I will make it as easy as breathing or drinking water or just gaming for 10 hours straight . I AM A NEW PERSON
  7. @James Good all these websites are connected with two things which are internet + smart device . these two things have many benefits of we use them in moderation , but if we can not moderate them well then removing them completely will be the right solution for us . there are always replacements to your smart devices , believe me . anyway I would recommend doing 3 days smart devices free .
  8. ditching your pc is a good thing but focusing on your priorities is much more important , as a kid i used to be the best children in the class despite my gaming addict because studying was my priority . I recommend removing the Power cable of your pc and sending them to your none gamer friend . after your recovery u can tell him to send them back but be careful ! it would be very frustrating the first couple days especially if u do not have any good replacements that makes you happy like doing sport , reading books etc .
  9. I am one of the people who feel great when they praise themselves or someone else praises them.I admit that my desire to play increases the more i hear of compliments, congratulations or reassurance from someone else. I just want to know if one of you has the same thing i'm suffering from , and I wanna know how to get rid of it ?
  10. can u explain this please ? hmm for me breakfast is a problem , for you what do u eat for breakfast ?
  11. nice to meet you dude , we are very excited to hear your full story , I am sure that u will reach your 90 days detox before next may .
  12. @BooksandTrees WOW gr8 job ! I will be very happy if you tell me all your achievements since joining this forum , because i do not have time to read your whole journal now but I might do that later .
  13. I am glad that you do "TO DO LIST" , and wish that u make it bigger and bigger by the time . Love you brother
  14. @Julon usually it will not work if u have so many recommendations that you love to watch , for me i have unsubscribed all channels but game quitters , nofab , Galileo and the channels that i learn programming from it . that is all ! use this method and try to set a very specific time to finish your work as fast as possible , for example if it takes 4 hours then set your timer for 3.5 hours only and try to beat that , then if you fail u can add 30 minutes and the job will be done . this is what i call youtube in moderation ! if this method does not work u might click that nuclear button and start cold turkey , which means that u have to take holiday from your job for 1 week at least where u close anything related to digital screen like laptop , TV and smart phone . try to find replacements that make you happy like sport or hanging out with friends , spending time with parents etc ( there are 60 hobbies ideas on this site) . i will give you a trick that will force you to improve , start a journal here in this website like this : Gratitude journal Today I am grateful for having this .... One amazing thing that happened/I did today I have started a very good job that i deserve .. i have controlled my self and not watched youtube Workout/run 2 hours Meditation 25 minutes Visualisation and daily affirmation I am sure that i will sleep for 7 hours only a day after 1 week my wake-up time 06:45 Weekly Goal(s) sleeping for less than 8 hours . Monthly Goal being able to study more frequently and have more patience for study longer What went well today: I woke up at the right moment and started my day very active What I could have done to make my day better: study a bit more, should have done more sports instead of watching that 2 games of football for 4 hours What I will do differently tomorrow/What I have planned for tomorrow: tomorrow i will sleep 10 minutes later ( or wake up 10 minutes earlier) Weekly summary, thoughts and improvements for the future i Have learned today that step by step is the best way to improve . such a journal will show you @Julon your progress day by day , and that is like the experience bar that u see in Games ! when u see your progress everyday u will feel more satisfied with your self and it will be harder for you to relapse . anyway Julon i wish you a very successful year .
  15. Hi @Julon welcome to this community , try to watch all the videos of @Cam Adair on YouTube , just 1 video a day and put all the information u hear in that video in action , do not over consume contents on youtube or any other things that require a digital screen because it fits the same need of playing games which mean that you have to quit that too . also i recommend finding replacements for gaming like studying , doing an Ausbildung , finding a Job but do not forget to reward yourself everytime u achieve something ,make daily and a monthly Goals , so when u reach your goal u can eat something you like or just hanging out with friends , going to the gym , but avoid drugs or any harmful things . there are tons of tons of guides here that will help you but try to not wasting your whole day reading guides or something like that , instead try to do things outside your digital screen .
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