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  1. Day#7 Today I have been doing everything on my Todoist, and being productive but at the end of the day I had a big craving to play video game. So while I succeed to not play for a month, and prove to my-self than I can kept my-self busy without video game I decided that tonight that I'm gonna attempt to play with moderation. I'm gonna set a 10 hours time limit each month so I got plenty of time to do everything I want to accomplish. Over and out.
  2. Day #6 Today I want to mention the fact that I haven't been going out a lot, appart from taking 30 minute walk during the day that I'm not working. The reason, is that a bit not at ease with meeting new peoples, try new things, and I don't have any friends to go out with. Yeah I'm a bit lonely. So because of my lacks of social life, I tend to fill up this empty void in me by watching Youtube and cartoons to just get away from this unpleasant feeling. I gotta say that I'm glad that most of my co-workers at work, are nice to me, but I never feel like i have a natural relation with any of them. I'm feeling that they converse with me because they pity me and because they think, I'm a nice guy, and all that stuff. So by the end of my workday I'm always left with the feeling that I haven't connect with any of them and with the feeling of emptyness. So everytime that I met a new group of people, it hard for me cause they have experience a lot of thing in they life and I have nothing to say cause I have been spending way to much time playing video game instead of living my life. I'm feeling like I'm late behind everyone else. I know I shouldn't be comparing my-self to others but this is what I feel each time I'm trying socialise with people.
  3. Day#4-5 - 17/1/2020 Hey guys, I skipped a day of journaling. Having to express, myself everyday though this journal everydays is something I have push my-self to do. Because when I'm not playing video game, I'm spending a lot of time and distracting myself with Youtube, Movie and Netflix. I watched Cam Adair's video about ''How to stop consuming content'' and it true that all my life, I always expected the world to entertain me. But I want be more of a creator. Even commenting on someone else' journal is challenging for me It just making my own stuff, is something I need to work on. Over and out
  4. wow! you are really dedicated to language learning 🙂, I got 16k xp in spanish btw. And arabic & japanese are language that I would like to learn later on but for now I want to keep my focus on Spanish.
  5. Day #3 - 6:03 Today, I'm going for a 12 hours work shift but I trying to get at least 3 things done aside from work in the morning, because after my 12 hours shift I don't the energy to do anything productive. So every morning on workdays I'm meditading, learning spanish with Duolinguo and writing something on this journal. Over and out
  6. Day #2 - 14/1/2020 - 9:40 To Start the day: Today, I'm gratefull to have a lot of time to work on myself and my passion. I can practice my music and do what I want to better myself out. Not a lot of 27 years old adults has that opportunity and I'm very aware of that. Yesterday, I went to bed way to late, close to midnight, that is something I need to work on Over and out
  7. Day #1 - 13/1/2020 Hey there my first time writing a journal on this forum: I'm using ''Todoist'' as a tool to organise all thing I should be be doing in a day and planned the next day too. Today I'm only going to say that I did everything I had planned for the day and I feel like I did a small step toward a more productive life. -I did my medidation which I start doing a month ago -I did my daily guitar pratice -I praticed singing -I have read the first chapter of ''The Power of Habits'' and did take some note. And planning to be as productive or even more tomorow Over and Out
  8. Hi, I'm David Comeau, I'm 27 years old, I'm from Canada. I have been gaming since a very young age and I always had some issue with video game. I was born with a mental handicap, which touch my ability to express my-self and understanding other peoples, so I had a lot of trouble and anxiety with my social life. I was also diagnose with attention problem. So learning was very hard thing for me to do and I was always behind everyone else. When I start to game it now that create the bad habit to escape from the hard thing that is to learn. And I was isolating my-self because I was very shy. During the age 19, I started to developp a passion for the guitar, but I was still very much addicted to gaming. As I get older, there were other art skills that I wanted to developed, Art Skill like: Composing Song, Drawning, Creative Writing, Making Video but starting this were requiring time and dedication. So, thanks to Game Quitter video I manage for the first time in my life to stop playing for at least a month but than I restart to watch playthrough and videogame related stuff on Youtube so I think it wasn't any better than playing it So today I'm restarting from day 1!