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  1. Alen Karr's book Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking really helped me to feel easier about quitting cigarettes. (And asking God for help of course, but thats not for everyone) I guess quitting cigarettes was harder than quitting games so far.
  2. Damn this is tough. Try deleting LOL charaters and game itself or give your account to some stranger. You will be much safer. I used to play WOW and it helped to sell all the epic items and giving away all the gold. It made my characters almost useless and I deleted them. This, in turn, allowed me to delete my account. (I didnt have enough bravery at first, but through the small steps I manage to get rid of WOW)
  3. DAY #40-41Wake up ~09:00 // went to bed 02:20 Physical task: noneBook: noneJob: friday market salesman Miscellaneous accomplishments: -- Sold a lot of stuff on friday street market, my most succesfull day so far. (Wife cooks and I sell cakes and pies) -- Cleaned the fridge -- Filled house bottles with 100 litres of drinking water. (A truck came with a tube and filled my bottles, water is not perfect) What I am grateful for for 2 days:-- neighbour held out a party with whole ram and egyptian food -- it was delicious -- Played dixit with fellow dive instructor and wife Notes: On friday I was working all day long as a seller on the friday market, and after that was socialising at the neighbour's party. Didnt have much time to do anything else. Still spent all the little free time I had on mindlessly browsing to get some dophamine. Still spent most of the saturday on the coach with the phone in hands. Browsed the net. At least I stopped watching replays. It gets less and less satysfying. Had a few cravings to play at least something, some mindles browser clicker game. It got quite easier. Still procrastinating journalist tasks and business tasks but at least completed some other minor tasks instead.
  4. DAY #39Wake up 09:00 // went to bed 01:20 Physical task: noneBook: noneProject: nopeMiscellaneous accomplishments: -- Started a journal, yay. -- Havent watched any youtube, especially game replays. -- Havent smoked -- Managed to sustain the urge to go and browse the net and had read something usefull on anatomy insteadWhat I am grateful for today:-- Had an opportunity to drink a bottle of beer and watch "big bang" with the wife. -- We were presented with a hammock to chill out under the palm trees. Notes: Still spent most of the day staring in the phone, arguing about politics in facebook or watching crowd gettind disperced and reading meaningless news. Failed to stay out of the net and restrict news consumption to one dose a week.
  5. Wellcome aboard, good to hear from you. Real world is so much more satisfying then games. Feel free to start a journal and I will follow your progress. No matter how many times you fall it matters that you get up again. Besides that -- how else would you now that you are an addict if you havent failed yourseld multiple times.
  6. Good luck mates. Started my steam account deletion procces today. It was the last thing playable on my laptop. Lets do it ))
  7. Hi there Caleb, wellcome and thanks for sharing. Felt moved by your story and want to share some support for you! Get the hell out of the house like right now! The strongest desire to play is rather short actually. And when it's gone you will be able to get back and delete everything. Or at least something. My own result is 38 days now, it gets much better as the time wents on. At first I was just like a one cell organism amoeabae -- just lying on the bed and mindlessly browsing the internet, watching replays , etc. But after a week or two I actually started doing something usefull! So be strong in your decision, it will pay you 10 times more then you have invested and it gets much easier over the time. Yeah and make sure to check out 90 days detox motivation video. And maybe a psychologist. It really helped me out. Looking forward to hear from you! (and subscribed as well)
  8. Yep, we are here for you. Hope you find strengh to keep yourself from playing fortnite at least for today. Feel free to start a journal and tell us how you did. I think it is much easier will all the support you can get here.
  9. Howdy Peter I have answered to you in your original topic. Keep it up!
  10. Foreword It's 1 month I'm being sober now. Almost started to play couple of times but managed to hold myself up. Proubably because of prayer. Almost started smoking again (After 4 years brake). No alcohol also (no problem with that). Tried to work but got so bored that I started to fall asleep face to keybord. Everyday I am watching news and entertainment content, especially game walkthroughs. So after quitting games I filled the emptiness with the next thing I know – mindless browsing. Suddenly even though I am not playing another month is lost. I guess I really need to focus on something but I cant decide -- what exactly is the best thing to focus on. What do I like? What should I do if had spent half of my life and dont have much time left for wrong choices? So some journal is better then nothing, and some focus is better then nothing, lets do it. Hope it gets better, brain rewires itself, self awareness helps to keep track on progress. English is my second language. DAY #38 Wake up 09:00 // went to bed 01:00 Physical task: none Book: none Project: nope Miscellaneous accomplishments: -- Spent some time with the wife and son -- Bought the food for upcoming week -- Vaccinated the youngest son finally. He didnt like it. What I am grateful for today: -- Son got better in the evening. -- Talked to wife about life and death and fear -- Found and watched with fife the new Big Bang Theory season! Notes: The kid was crying after vaccination and fell asleep soon after. In the evening he was crying all the time and temperature went up, got really worried for him and carried him around in my arms like a wounded dog, sang to him, got much more peaceful. Thought about my internet argument with smb about protests in Moscow. One second you are a vigilant dog of the regime ready to bite with sarcasm, the other second your son gets sick and you are a much calmer and tolerant person. Life is so fragile, our disagreements might not be worth it. Son got better in the evening, thank God. Did not have much time for craving. Need to stop browsing mindlessly, but I can’t help it. I tried. Need to find something to focus on.
  11. Hi there. I left my kids only the games that I am not interested in (Spore and Kerbal Space Program), so I dont have to worry about playing them. Maybe you can find for your kids something less dangerous to you? All the best and keep it up. Yeah, when it is hard do not seek someone strong to lean on them. Instead find someone weak and help them. Not only you will help them, but through that you will find a new strengh in your own self. Kids are a good source for inspiration and new strengh when you are trying to fix your life. Wish you strengh and to go and delete the game right now while you can )). Cosider starting a journal and sharing your progress and how you felt.
  12. Native russian here, can help translating. Actually I already did translate the "how to quit playing video games forever".
  13. Yeah I hear you. You would end up SO much better if you start going different path early. Look, I have been there, and belive me, it sucks. Doesnt matter how many times you fall, it matters that you get up again and keep walking. You will be thankfull to your younger self for that. (Reminds me of smoking by the way -- when you relapse at first you think that cigarette smells and makes you dizzy. Cigeretes are awfull and you will never smoke another one. But slowly cigarette after cigarette, excuse after excuse you are drawn at the very place you began from -- full addiction)