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  1. So I haven't stopped playing videogames yet since I find it hard to say no to my friends when they ask my if I want to play or not. I haven't been playing for a while now by myself or out of my own very interest. It always feels dissatisfying, when I play by myself. With friends it feels a bit more fun but that could be the social aspect of it. I dont know how or if I should do anything about it when its mostly only in the weekends they ask. I dont really have any buddies in my close range that are active or who isn't too busy themselves so its a bit hard to lean towards them to do stuff that aren't videogaming. Good day to you.
  2. Saturday was a great day for me. I completed my 3rd mud race. 3 years in a row now. The difference from the previous years though was that this year I got in completely untrained and even more overweight. I have since last year not been training my cardiovascular system and I also gained 10-15 kg. I was extremely nervous, going to this race very well aware that I could not complete or even worse brake an ankle or something. But I did it. With a time of 3 hours and 12 km I will make it my yearly goal to complete the race next year in two hours. I know it’s possible because my girlfriends brother whom I ran with completed it in 2 hours and 10 minutes while trained for it about 2 times a week the past few months. I do know that I will also have to drop about 40 kg. To lower the risks of injuries as well. Also I haven’t been playing video games since Sunday and I want to see how long I can avoid playing games by reading books, exercising etc. I just feel like if I start counting the days off gaming I will be more disappointed in myself than if I just take it as it comes. So that’s the plan from this day. Have a nice day ?
  3. Hey guys. This might not be a daily journal for me, but more like a journal I write whenever I have a struggle or if something greater happens. Currently, I really want to stop playing games but I reeeeally don’t want to either in the sense that I have spend loads of money on it and time and I enjoy the storylines. But it keeps invading my mind wen I don’t play also. Like when I am on the job or when I should be doing homework. Plus I want more. Learn another language, get in shape, get better at work. I have had this profile for a while now but I have been reluctant to start a topic because I didn’t feel like me problems where too bad but now I am trying this to become more productive and get a better sense of fulfillment. I want to be: More responsible More productive More physically active Better at my job Thanks for reading, looking forward to chat with you ?
  4. Now thats clever, thx mate? Then I dont have to sound like an asshole to the steam guys. I just really need an easier way to get rid of it. I did already ask them if I could pass the wait period but they couldn't unfortunately ?
  5. Hello GQ I was wondering if there was a Way to hotwire the 30 days deletion period when deleting my steam account since I have failed several times in doing so. ? I was thinking to myself. What if I just told the right guys at steam that I have sold my account (without having done so) would they then be able to delete it on the spot or is there some other things going to happen aswell, like a fine or some kind of a punishment ? ?