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  1. 30/06/2022 Hi again guys, unfortunately over the last weekend I did do some gaming. Things have been very stressful at work and I couldn't cope, so I reverted to old habits. It is quite frustrating, but getting back on the real life grind after a relapse feels quite good too. This time I've mixed things up by quitting sugar on top of videogames, so we'll see how that goes!
  2. Good luck! It isn't easy, but in the scant week I've been doing it, I do notice an upwards trend in my mood and find it a little bit easier to socialize, so a lotta good things await you!
  3. @goodvibesthanks for the tips, it does sound like a "winding-down" alarm would help me a ton. I feel like overexposure to computer screens is frying my brain and preventing me from dreaming at night. @MartinofI hadn't thought about doing something like it, but taking some time where I'm bored to think of things I should've done in the past and applying them to the present does sound like a top tier action. As always, I'm glad to hear you're on track -- It gives me motivation to keep on track myself, since we started around the same time!
  4. 17/06/2022 Today's an extremely hot day. I worked outside in the heat and sun so I'm feeling quite exhausted. Normally this is where I'd break and play games to destress, or binge eat to numb my feelings. I haven't done any of those throughout this entire week, so to say I'm proud of my accomplishment, no matter how small it may seem to some, is an understatement. In other news, I've decided to try my hand at automatic driving lessons, as I've found that I dread and dislike manual driving with a passion. Also, I fully intend to go cycling this weekend, as I would like to make use of the sunny, warm weather!
  5. I'm just starting now, but I can see the boredom getting to me eventually as well. I've plans to tackle boredom with drawing and art studies, plus cycling and even a couple social events here and there like meetups and the like. It's good to hear you've been managing to go to bed earlier, you know! Congrats for that😎
  6. Hi all, I'm starting my journal as suggested on the Respawn program. I started the program yesterday but had no time to write last night, so I'll start with the journal today. Monday, 13/06/2022 Today I felt quite stressed at work. Not as much as I expected, considering I've been assigned to a special project that involves installing over 2km of cables and assembling and disassembling 11 12metre tall scaffolding towers. Still, it didn't feel good to feel irritable, but I could manage. I think the irritability came from knowing I had a driving lesson later during the day, plus the added stress of trying to quit some of the activities I've been doing daily for years. Not gonna lie, while it's all a little bit overwhelming, it feels good to finally be trying to wrestle back control of my life. I even felt like going out for a bit of cycling today, a desire I had to suppress as soon as my nose started to bleed due to dust and chemical overexposure at work. All in all, this plan does seem possible, unlike some others I've tried in the past.
  7. Hi guys, Thanks for clicking on this thread. I'm here from the Respawn Program and I'm fully prepared to shake my internet addiction off! It's gonna be difficult, but I'm excited to finally live a life I can be proud of. I had to move countries a few years back and that sadly resulted in me turning fully into a shut-in whenever I wasn't at work. I have no friends in this new country and have nothing to do. I'm about to change that and become my ideal self. Frettzo