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  1. Congrats on the 30 days! I know it can be a real struggle to get there and you should be proud.
  2. You're going great, mithras. I know it sounds pat just telling you to stick with it and wait out the withdrawal symptoms but that is a big part of it. You do sound pretty busy with work and exercise and that's good keeping you away from gaming.
  3. Yes, I'm trying to feel that way about historical strategy games, that they are pale images of something I can get more fully in real life, such as my project.
  4. Schedule a reminder to come online and do your journal. Even if you just post a sentence. Glad you're still keeping away from the games. ?
  5. In a way, I'm glad you're still getting game thoughts since you're further along than me so I don't feel so unique. I still get gaming thoughts from time to time, especially history games in my case.
  6. Definitely playing a game in a physical setting with other people is a great alternative to virtual gaming.
  7. Great start, Valar. Yes, you'll have more free time than you can shake a stick at and then you'll be wondering how you ever fit gaming into your schedule.
  8. Nothing makes you feel better and less depressed than a clean room! ?
  9. Glad you're feeling more social. I think you're more self-confident because you're taking steps to better yourself.
  10. I'm glad you didn't lose your cool. Sometimes people mean well but can rub you the wrong way.
  11. That's a great start to your journal! You write really well and have a good self-awareness of alternative activities.
  12. It happens. I played the original Sim City on PC and many sequels and clones. They can be addictive. Don't give up! ?
  13. I thought she looked familiar. Bioshock Infinite was a great one, I grant you. I know I had a similar obsession with the Mass Effect universe. I played it many times.
  14. Hey, qwe, good to see you posting and continuing with your journal. Yes, takes work but you have a good attitude and I think you'll be successful if you keep at it. Yeah I briefly had an obsession with a mobile game, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and found myself pouring money into it to get new characters or keep up with my guild mates.
  15. Thanks, everyone. Support and posts really keep me going. ? Day 72/90. I'm starting to become more concerned with mindless browsing...as if my gaming detox won't truly be complete without addressing internet browsing and my smartphone. I notice I'm constantly worried about my phones charge. And that means I'm abusing screen time. Listening to audio doesn't have the same charge impact that browsing does. One solution will be the way I journal. Typically I journal in the morning and read and post on a few journals. Then, all day, I check in and post and read whenever I see a new entry. Starting tomorrow I am moving my journal entries to the evenings. And I will read and post in a single time block. That way I still participate on the forums like I want but it doesn't become an all day issue. I've thought about a couple of other solutions too. Buying an old school alarm clock and keeping my phone physically away from me at night. And have some time in the evening where I put my phone in another room on the charger. I can still read on my Kindle if I want or physical books. I'll have to think on it. Gratitude 1. My mother, always. She puts up with me when I go through these changes 2. Just love to read 3. The way I'm looking in my smaller clothes
  16. Hang in there, Watermelon. When it comes to intelligence, I find that everyone has their niche of knowledge. I'm a history nerd. Put me in a room with professors and I'm on their level. Introduce me to 10 year olds talking about coding and programming and forget it...I feel like an idiot. Be aware of your strengths and hold on to those.
  17. Yes I would push through the 90 day detox and then see where you're at with gaming.
  18. Wow, great job talking to your boss like that. That took a lot of strength, Jess! ?
  19. I struggle with nofap too. With me, the important battle is the porn. If I fap without porn, ok not ideal, but it's still an improvement. I'm noticing lots of people struggling with mindless browsing.
  20. I'm starting to wonder if gaming is a subset of an internet/smartphone addiction and the latter is the worst part.
  21. It is probably a withdrawal symptom. Many people report exhaustion...I was the opposite, I was sleepless for about two weeks. Actually, I think your journal can be cathartic for you...you get those toxic thoughts out of you and on to the forums. ?
  22. I didn't know there were restaurants that didn't let you take leftovers home. ? That's definitely something to be grateful for.
  23. I love frozen pizza...?...hard to let that go.
  24. Mettermrck

    Day 6!

    Schedule some rest in your busy schedule. Maybe a little refreshing will help?
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