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  1. Have no idea how to start this because i'm terrible at writting ): 1 Day- 08/16/2017 After i decided to myself that i will stop for a while playing videogames (maybe forever) the first thing that i did right in the morning was unninstalling all my PC and mobile games. thought that will be easy but was not. My ideia was "OK, now that i'm not gonna play anymore i will delete all my accounts and everything else" but i just stare at the screen thinking about all the things that i had achievement in this games i couldn't just delete so the solution was just unninstalling. Note: Seeing this was kind of motivated me to start this detox, how i was happy about my virtuals achievements and use this as personal ego But aside that i tried to fullfill my day with a lot of things. now im back to gym after 2 months , tried some meditation and finally im reading again. bought a book called Smarter Faster Better - Charles Duhigg. The first chapter talking about motivation was reall great to me. My plan is to keep this routine until the end of the detox. Gym /meditate/ reading / drawing . Myabe i start to put some draws here , will help me in my discipline. Ty
  2. Hey everyone , my name is Junior and i'm from Brasil. I'm 25 and a gamer since 12. i think everyone had this feeling about feel terrible bad in a day, and just want the night comes so you can sleep having that thought "tomorrow will be better". So tomorrow came you are still in a bad mood and start playing again, until the time you will slep . Repeat this A LOT So i decided to completely stop playing for a while . I always wanted to do something like this with my friends where i can share and everything else, but got no support, no one saw that as a true problem so they just ignore. My main goal with this is stop procrastinating , my notes start decrease in college, all projects that i get i abandon , and many opportnities lost because i can't manage my time while playing. Funny thing is that my project of life is working as a gamedev i love see, concepts, playing a game with good script, backgrounds... Offline games isnt that bad for me i play 1 hour and stop but when is online i spent hours playing and studying the game, especially mobas. I gonna start the Detox and maybe start a jounal to share this experience with you all and i want to start to draw, it's a long time wish and i think it's time now, so put how was my day and some drawing will help me to keep in this project. Glad to see that this time im not alone in this journey (: