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  1. Day 20 I'm doing NoSurf at the same time as StopGaming. Whilst I may have given in with social media and YouTube today, I have not gamed! I'm recommitting to NoSurf and staying strong with StopGaming.
  2. Day 19 Really quite stressful day today, but I'm going to the gym, not gaming!
  3. Day 18 Gaming is hardly crossing my mind these days. It certainly helps that I've cut out YouTube this month and can't wander onto streams or Let's Plays. Feels strange but good to know that something that once had such a hold on me and that I thought I could never leave behind is slowly but surely being kicked out!
  4. Day 17 Really quite stressful today. Feeling isolated and down, and don't know how to fix what's causing it. But I know that gaming won't fix it.
  5. Day 16 First day off of 2018. Not the most productive I've been, but didn't game!
  6. I realise that this isn't a religious forum and there are people here from all walks of life and all kinds of faiths or none, but without getting preachy and if it's alright with you, my word is this: Jesus. Let me explain. Contrary to the few religious plonkers you see online and in the news who are spouting off judgy nonsense and spoiling it for the many, the core of what I believe is that, ultimately, I'm not good enough no matter what I do, and I can't fix myself. Instead, simply by believing, Jesus gladly traded his power and life for my weakness. Does that mean all of my problems are suddenly fixed and I'm always going to be a superhero? Of course not, neither does he expect me to be. What it does mean though is that I don't need to be afraid of not being enough or not being able to fix myself. In fact, I cheerfully admit that I'm not good enough and I can't! Instead I realise that God has done the hardest work, and he just asks me to trust him. Of course, living this life free from everything that tries to hold me down, including gaming, requires discipline, commitment, and not being half-arsed about it. But it's not my strength, it's his. And when I stumble, he doesn't hit me with a stick and shout at me to do better. Instead, as a loving father and friend, he gently asks me to re-evaluate, turn around, trust him again, give him the guilt trying to hold me back, and keep going. You may think I'm completely bonkers, and that's ok, I'm not trying to convince anyone in a short text post online, nor do I want to. But that's he's my word for 2018, and I know he's a trustworthy one
  7. Day 15 One sixth of the way to 90 days. The nostalgia is fleeting and not enough to make me want to go through the hassle of re-downloading Steam or digging out and setting up my console. Just gotta stay on guard.
  8. Day 14 Occasionally get a little nostalgic, but I find myself happily busy with other things, so it doesn't get to me!
  9. Day 13 Very little urges today. As I've embarked on StopGaming and NoSurf, I'm finding more joy in other things.
  10. Day 12 Nostalgia got the better of me recently, but as I started gaming again, I noticed that I lost interest incredibly quickly. They just don't have the same appeal as they used to, but the rush of dopamine is what kept me there for a little while. Well it's back on that horse a little wiser!
  11. Day 24 After a busy weekend I came home with no cravings for video games. Sure I was exhausted and wanted me-time, but I didn't want to use video games as an escape!
  12. Day 20 Deleted Steam and all traces of games from my computer. Same with my phone, and also blocked websites for gaming.
  13. Day 18 Things are still pretty stressful work-wise. I might not be gaming to escape but I still find myself surfing the web unnecessarily. I need to learn to face life head-on, no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable it may be.
  14. Yeah I definitely agree. I read somewhere that listening to video game music whilst studying can be a great motivator. Well I tried it, and it worked, but I started getting nostalgic. Closed it pretty quick!
  15. Day 17 Work has been hectic so far today, and unfair office politics certainly don't help. But I refuse to use games as a form of escape!