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  1. I cannot speak Korean, but good job keeping yourself busy. ?
  2. There's nothing wrong with sharing your personal details as long as you're not worried about privacy. They may seem irrelevant to you but they are aspects of your life and it enables us to see a clearer picture on how you're doing and get to know you better. ?
  3. There is something to be said for being outdoors and being exposed to natural sunlight. I've heard it's good to fight depression.
  4. Ask for help at the gym. I had no idea how to work out and the gym lady so. She was real helpful in getting me started.
  5. Sounds good, qwe. It's good that you're keeping busy, especially with your move. That's awesome that you can play the piano. I was never so musically accomplished. ?
  6. Way to go making it through your first week! That is an accomplishment, for sure. ?
  7. Great, Daniel! Yes it's like climbing out a pit, the fog lifting and allowing you to see what you're capable of.
  8. Good to see you detoxing again, picking yourself up. I know how it is to think you can handle it again only to slip. It's a learning experience.
  9. Is CGAA a physical or an online group? How it go? I've heard of them but haven't ready any real life experiences before. Welcome, Fern!
  10. I think you have a tremendous self-awareness of what you're trying to accomplish. You're only going to improve at reading people and hiring through experience.
  11. Day 75/90. A pretty good day. I lost a little of the weight I had gained last week so that felt good....I've gotten back to what's working on the avoiding junk food front so that's helping. Went to the gym. It's funny how I keep steadily increasing my speed and incline on the treadmill and my body can still handle it. Maybe it's just so gradual and steady that my muscles don't feel really overwhelmed. I get the nice aches, but I don't feel like I'm overdoing it yet. So I'll just keep increasing until I feel that I've caught up with my body hehe. I felt like I fought off some complacency when it comes to the gaming. This devil on my shoulder wants to reinstall Steam on day 91. I just think that's a big mistake. If I do, I think I would give up my podcast project, start slacking at work, and stop reaching out to people in a month. I cannot do that. This experience in these past months is just the tip of something wonderful and I want to keep going. Gratitude 1. A running car 2. A new church 3. Devouring books for breakfast like I used to do
  12. That's good you have a class to automatically reduce free time. I agree, that'll help cut down any possibility of being tempted to game.
  13. Glad you had a great day, BigPete...I've been starting a new church these past couple of weeks and it's good to be around a new community.
  14. I agree about choice. I call it too much "raw data". Even stuff I love, like history....there's such a thing as too much input, too much consumption. I've had to learn to be discerning...less of everything but higher quality.
  15. You are a studying machine, Tom, you are.capable of much when you put your mind to it! Just glad to see you posting your colorful graphs again. ?
  16. Yes, I battle my inner voice every day. I used to think positive affirmations and self-talk was silly and pointless but it's surprisingly effective with me. If I don't concede the field to negative thoughts, I don't get as depressed.
  17. I remember playing Doom at our college labs in 1994-5...whew I'm old haha. ?
  18. You're doing great, Zeeko! Keep it up!
  19. I think you can handle the PC. It usually takes time to install a new game so it's not an urge you can immediately satisfy.
  20. Yes, I notice that when I'm doing well in this detox, I can talk to people and admit my past struggles with my head held high. If I slip, then I get quiet and reclusive again.
  21. Ok that makes sense. I was admiring you for being awake for 22 hrs haha! ?
  22. Weekends are always the worst for me because of the massive blocks of free time that are now created. Sometimes it just felt an endurance contest.
  23. Hey, Tom2...you have a lot of productive activities to keep you busy. I think you're doing great!
  24. Mettermrck

    Day 6!

    Hang in there, dirk. These cravings can really take you by surprise!
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