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  1. Those are good goals. I've noticed since I quit my.addictions, I do manage my finances better which enabled me to get my car fixed. Your successes will feed on each other.
  2. You're very strong, Zeeko. Good job staying with your journal!
  3. Day 77/90. Nothing special today. My counselor cancelled our appt today due to a scheduling conflict, which doubly stank because I had already had to avoid the gym. because of the appt. I hate missing the gym! But I'll be back at it tomorrow. Not much else going on. Meg and I took our dog to the vet last night. We were worried because our dog is 11.5 yrs old. They sent us home with some antibiotics and couldn't find anything serious. It would be said to lose her. We got our dog only a month before we got married. It'd be sad to lose our dog at the same time as our divorce. But Chloe (our dog) seemed a little better today. Gratitude 1. Still working and taking advantage of my job 2. Enjoying being skinnier 3. Almost done with my detox
  4. That darn sunset! Love that scene...? I'm very particular on Facebook and use it primarily to stay connected with people. I often unfollow (but not unfriend) people, mainly for excessive political and religious zealotry.
  5. Nice pics...wow, a cassette tape! I grew up on music with those...?
  6. Good to see you again, KO! PMO is a tough battle so staying porn free is a thing to be proud of!
  7. How much are you paying a mailchimp? ? I'm guessing gaming isn't even registering on your radar these days. That's awesome!
  8. I like the idea of a positive motivating song playlist. I have songs I like to play after the gym when I'm feeling pumped up. What type of music do you listen to on your Strong playlist?
  9. Yeah it's best not to decide until the detox is completed. When you get there, think about any positive changes you've experienced in your life and whether these would vanish if you went back to gaming.
  10. You're not a burden, so don't even worry about that. We're all battling demons and trying to help each other the best way we can. None of us are perfect. Keep journaling, Hitaru. ?
  11. That sounds like a cool...and groovy day, man. ? Glad you had some fun with other friendly folks.
  12. I've heard of many people making money off gaming accounts. I haven't reached that step yet with my steam account.
  13. Hang in there, simms, you've made it this far already!
  14. Exactly, making it through one day doesn't seem too big of a goal. But try to look too far down the road and it can seem daunting. Keep going! ?
  15. I've ended up on a mostly vegeterian diet...not from design but due to cutting out most meats I get (hamburgers especially) and saving money.
  16. I have a feeling that board games will become more interesting to play the longer you go without games. That house share idea is really cool btw!
  17. Yes I remember those...and Net Force... Nice, do you remember the Ops Center series, Mettermrck?
  18. It took me many tries to really see the process through. You're right though, you do learn a lot from each attempt. You can do it! ?
  19. Day 76/90. Only two weeks to go! I think I've made my peace with keeping the detox going out to one year. Even though gaming is the weakest of my addictions next to porn and especially soda/fast food, I just feel that to give in on gaming would be to give in on those as well, which would be a disaster. Enjoyed the eclipse here at work. It was 98-99% coverage here at the beach. It was cool to see it with my glasses and it got somewhat dark but it wasn't quite as exciting as the hype. Still, something memorable. Gratitude 1. The time to turn my life around 2. A productive job with good benefits 3. Supportive family and friends
  20. Hopefully the darkness will help you sleep better!
  21. I'm glad your gaming urges have declined. Mine seem to come in waves lasting a couple days and then subsiding if I don't feed them.
  22. I read a ton of Tom Clancy back in the day. Most of what I know about modern tanks, ships, and aircraft come from his books. ?
  23. I wish you the best of luck with your job interviews, Mhyrion! I think you'll do great. ?
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