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  1. 9/25/17 No urge to game or even YouTube/Twitch gaming content. This is a bit strange, I usually go back to gaming to cope by now.
  2. Definitely , I went full Togashi on the journals and my improvement overall. Gonna start slow tomorrow and build myself up again.
  3. Wow, I didn't realize that I was 74 days in :p. I need to start journaling again , at least that gave me some joy :I
  4. Good to be back buddy, about a day in for no PMO, no mood changes yet.
  5. Good luck, KO! Thank you Pete! Reddit and YouTube are killing my time right now.
  6. I'm about 50+ days no gaming, about another month to go for detox. Keep relapsing PMO, I'm going to abstain from most forms of social media starting now.
  7. I'm back, can't remember how long I've been game free. Just struggling with PMO atm, just going porn free for now.
  8. 8/11/2017 Stats: Spirit: D Body: C Mind: C Charisma: D Discipline: C Developmental Potential: A What I Did Today: Pretty much procrastinated the whole day. At least I didn't game My Thoughts: Time to restart this journal again. What am I doing man, I can’t waste another on the same bullshit again. My time is literally running out but I’d rather mentally jack myself off. Ill thoughts starting to creep on me again. Lost my way but I never had a way. Just another paper bag floating in the wind, I want to die. This is all I could scrap from my incoherent physical journal. “Pay attention to your life.” “This is insincere and fleeting.” Plan for Tomorrow: Do something, bed is for sleep only, pay attention, consume a little less media.
  9. Not doing so well, skipped journaling for a while
  10. Current books are Think Java and The Power of Habit.
  11. 7/30/2017 Stats: Spirit: D Body: C Mind: C Charisma: D Discipline: C Developmental Potential: A What I Did Today: Read a chapter but I spent too much reading and rereading but my understanding is still hazy. Next time I’m going say screw it and do something else. Found a newer and more concise version of the book. : x. Pen and paper coding, barely made time to meditate. My time was probably 1-2 minutes. My Thoughts: Trying to be productive by being busy is a worse feeling than procrastination. Feels like actual work but I’ve done nothing. Plan for Tomorrow: Set time aside to do shit. For example: Habits, Work, Hobbies, Reflection, etc.
  12. Not this website. I'm referring to Reddit, that place is a waste dump with every jerk you've ever met and their grandmas. Yes it reflects on my social skills, I'd say they are poor right now. Whenever I go out, I try to greet people or start conversations. The conversations are either normal or awkward and die off after a few exchanges.