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On 10/3/2022 at 2:24 AM, Wise Young Man said:

Someone in a store name office depot is telling someone who was working there that he can't wait for that casino to open up. Foolish. And I'm sitting at home taking the smart route that is slower and make more sense compare to a fool who rather blow their money on gambling and develops gamble addictions which will ruin their life, and somehow people who is similar to that man who was that office depot worker waiting for that casino, blowing money and decide to look down on me for the wrong reasons. Ha, whatever. And that's on most of these people too, and I don't care.

This has inspired me today. I sometimes want to try the new slot machines. Know what they are? Its these internet videos that entice you to click on them to watch something fun. Only I am not gambling my money, I will be giving away energy and time. The society will look for ways to rob us. And will look like outcasts when we don't partake in time wasting.

The way you are talking is you want to have more structure in your life. Structured day may appear hard to do, but the structured day with wise goals will give you meaning that no money can buy. Thank you man. 

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I'm doing good so far (while there are some personal problems going on in my life which I don't believe it's a good idea sharing). I did two videos today and still doing my best to be highly successful. There's going to be a time that I don't want to deal with people anymore and focus my time and energy to people who truly care and are similar minded to me while uplifting...I don’t know, I rather not get into deals of my personal life. Because unsharing and unknowing is the best thing to do at times. And I believe or realized that most people struggle to acknowledge both positive and negative at the end of the day, probably because people focus on these negative news reports and it change these people point of views about people. And these negative videos and news reports are not going away unfortunately because of high demand and most people rather see the negatives than the positive. Good thing I focus on SunnySkyz, it’s a positive news report website that shows positive reports and stories in general, and I remember that website showed a TikToker helping elderly people reaching retirement. This is why I don’t focus on TV news and these political YouTube channels that are truly there to not let people get along to each other, feeling more and more hateful about humanity, and start being negative to each other even if they reach their own achievements at the end of their own grave and start regretting it. And I'm glad I don't play video games anymore because video game consoles are now $59.99 to $69.99 and some gamers are complaining about that (I don't know if that is considered for the right or wrong reasons), and start calling these video game developers "greedy" instead of just saying it happens and move on. I don't know I rather just remodel my house and move on from gaming in general. Because back in November 1st, 2020...I couldn't do both at the same time because it was either saving money for house remodel or a $69.99 plus tax video game console or video games. I rather fully save for a fully remodel house instead of just buying a PS5 and a new Xbox console which might go up again in some countries. My country, the US...I don’t know however it's still too much money. I haven't check gamestop and how much these two console cost. It's better to invest in myself with my online business Udemy courses, and non-fiction books that teach me about skills, history, and so much more that should be more focused on in general. Hopefully Game Quitters members have a great day and avoid the noise of life in general. Have a great day.

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