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  1. I'm doing good in general. I'm doing my best to not be a victim in my situation while avoiding being homeless. The victim mindset is the worst thing to have as a individual, doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman in my personal opinion. I rather just do what I got to do and move on in general including the physique I want to achieve while being in better health as well, I used to be overweight and unhealthy due to bad eating habits and being sedentary in my childhood back in the 2000s until I decided to exercise in 2018 or 2019. Um...I keep hearing about weak men and people looking down on me as being "weak" because I am a man...the question is that how many type of men they are talking about in general and at the end of the day too, every men is not weak. Being weak is a choice, I don't know....the world is too negative to talk about things that are negative in general (and sadly, society rather focus on the negative majority of the time. And the whole "all ______ and this ______ or that ______ is a red flag to me at this point" there are people who don't take care of their body and still do the same thing and behaviors that still get them nowhere prefer to call me a "weak man" and I exercise more than them and watch what I eat more than them, have vision of my goals than them instead of wasting money on stuff they don't need for example: TV, a new car that they can't afford yet, drugs, cigarettes etc.). And this is why I avoid negativity in general, and also about people too....why focus on those people if you know that not every single person in general. Just don't focus on them, I don't know. And that's why I rather focus on the positive and focus what I need to do in general. Social Media can be negative as well too (it also depends on how you use social media). I think for me it's better to not mindlessly browse the internet and let things easily control me (which it's most people who let things tell them how to think). I apologize to the Game Quitters members that was kinda negative then my previous updates, I sometimes think and realize stuff that are highly ridiculous to me at this point. Just hearing "weak men" tells me that every man is weak, which a always or never statement usually doesn't work in general.
  2. I'm doing what I'm suppose to do in general. Sometimes I look back to my mistakes that involve video games and moments that didn't involves me playing video games....I'm say to myself "oh man....why did I say and did that action back then...". At least that's good for me. If I didn't reflect on my past, I would do the same mistake all over again. It's better to learn my mistake and stay positive in the long term. I'm also starting to realize that video games were not for me in the first place because I was making it a thing to focus on, instead of just focusing on things that make better value and benefits in general. Yeah, focusing on excessive gaming or gaming too much was the biggest mistake I've made that I finally moved on in life in general. And I can tell a huge difference from what I'm doing now with the characteristics I have now compare to what I had before when I was playing video games too much. I know there is a way to moderate it or having the mindset that it's just entertainment and shouldn't be taking seriously in the long term. It just effect me mentally for some reason and the more I realize this, the more I don't want to play video games anymore because it's not for me. I do want to have kids, and I don't want my kids to use these video game consoles to get together and developing a excessive habit of video games in general. There was a store that I explored to where my house is and they have board games and I said to myself "Wow. Maybe next time I go to this store again, I'll purchase these board games and use these if I do have my own family in general." Board games I see and mentally feel different in a positive way. I rather play board games to get together instead of electronic games to play on a screen... Over all of that explanation about myself. My life is going well after November 1st, 2020 (My first day to quit video games).
  3. I'm still progressing strong and successfully. I'm still doing my best to grow my own online business and still learning how to speak in different languages thanks to Duolingo. I'm glad I didn't ditch or decided to abandon my own friends who are loyal and know how to talk to me properly too. It was one of my friends graduation ceremony yesterday, and he's thinking to go to college or trade school. If he wants to go to college then that's he's choice in general. I haven't seen my friends in a long time. The one I talk to are doing their own thing in life, and this is 2 or 3 years in June 2020. It make sense because I'm doing my own thing and everyone else got their own problems in college or in trade school and in the real world. I don't believe high school truly prepare students to be in the real world. It's a sad truth in my own eyes, I don't know about everyone else. And honestly, the real world doesn't care about someone college degrees (most of the time). And me and most of my friends know that already. Everyone else in my high school already went to college and probably struggling with student loans debt or probably not doing well in life in general. Yeah school is not doing well to teach kids real world skills. So it's better to not dwell on school and focus on my own success and where I want to go in life.
  4. Yeah I'm doing good as usual. I just have a lot of motivation to put my own name in this house without trying to hang around in the streets too much and also living in the streets while being homeless. I'm just tired of just worrying about how far I am about remodeling the house to not worrying about selling and finding a way to live somewhere else, and I already thought of this somewhere in my school years too. I'm not going to go into my family problems in this forum due to privacy and respect. It's just better to have a house and not worry about being homeless and being a individual who rather hang out in the streets too much (I'm not saying that going outside is bad. The problem from people I know is that where are they spending their money on and how much expenses they are putting into anyway. I'm just the type of person who rather focus on my priorities and not be involve in the streets where nobody in these street locations have any priorities and nothing great to do in their life. That's what I mean). I don't know man, I've notice these things from the people I know about in general. And they also not doing anything that will help them in their future too, Smoking cigarettes and weed also being unproductive. All well. Just avoid being involve in the streets too much and focus on myself and my future. And I rather avoid the noise as well too from media, news sources and sadly the internet.
  5. I did my driving test and I somehow failed, I guess due to parallel parking. It's not hard to do. I guess the teaching wasn't good enough or the way that it was teaching was proper or incorrect to do parallel parking properly. Foolish. All well. I'm doing good and my own house remodel still need to put in work. Personal growth is extremely good for me. I enjoy it as a journey. At least I'm doing my best to be a part of it in general. Um....I rather focus on things that is more important to me then just focusing into politics and other stuff that has nothing to do with me and my remodeled house (which I'm not going to go into) in general. Reading non-fiction books is amazing and would love to continue as I get old older in general. I'm starting to become more comfortable into speaking into different languages instead of English, All I need is to do more to become successful in general to speak the languages in Duolingo website. I'm also writing a eBook or a book in general too. Man my life feels better.
  6. At least I'm playing video games and not prioritizing my time with stuff that is not going to get me anywhere in general. I wouldn't imagine to continue to play video games in November 1st, 2020. I wouldn't make a online business and be good at that too with a proper mindset. It's crazy how people dropout of college or high school and create a successful business (in my personal opinion) that impact millions and billions of people mostly worldwide. Some presidents and well known figures became historical without a high school diploma and a useless college degrees that barely shows any type of value or high-demands for the future. So yeah, I'm glad I've never graduated or dropped out of college. If I personally did continue I would suffer student loans debt and I guess kinda be too late for me to drop out and do my best to impact millions or billions of people to be better versions of themselves. Hopefully I would achieve to own a private jet so I can travel and not worried about stuff that I have no control of with these economic planes. I already am learning how to speak in different languages thanks to duolingo (which I believe is the best website and app learning tool to learn different language with the right mindset). *Laughing* at least I'm grateful about what I want and need to do for myself and my future.
  7. My YouTube videos is growing for the better and I'm drastically increasing watch time on YouTube and increasing my subscriber numbers at 1% increase too. Of course life is going good for me in general. I'm starting to understand how to use and create a good YouTube Shorts content. I'm starting to move on from thinking, caring, having nostalgia about video games, and stop watching my Dad playing video games in general. He's starting to go back and exercise in general. I didn't know that my Dad used to exercise (foolish me). Yeah...everything for right now is a little different with positive changes right now.
  8. I'm starting to get over and move on from school and decided to focus what I need to do for me and a house that I want to live (the house I'm living today or right now by the time I'm typing this journal). I did almost everything on my to-do list in general. I'm getting better on how to gain more watch time in YouTube or as a YouTuber in general. Life is great and I made the right choice to be a entrepreneur in general then listening to one family member and society also school to get a job while not trying to impact people to be the better version of themselves. Such a stubborn way to tell me as a teacher "You're going to be in the workforce" and telling me my behavior (whatever) "won't get far", it doesn't effect me at the end of the day because who knew that I would be officially a online entrepreneur and have the skills to give value to millions or billions of people in general. I guess school do want people to be employees....who knows. I rather be a entrepreneur in general and it's the right path then going to college and learn a bunch of junk that might not be in high demands 50% and even 100% of the time. Know a days, most jobs don't require to have a college degree (from what I understand is that college degrees are losing values as a society in general. Know society wants a very good idea as something valuable, I'm not telling nobody to go to college. Just saying these stuff based on my own research).
  9. Everything is going well so far in general. I texted my friend and he's doing good with he's job in general, he's tired....and want to start a business. While at the same time don't know how or have the mindset to know how to be successful to create and grow a online business. And that's fine, I thought of giving him my Amazon Kindle to help him out however he didn't give me his zip code to fully give him the kindle device. I use kobo device to read non-fiction book now. I used to read mostly fiction books and now focus on non-fiction books in general to reach better in my skills and online business. I do read history books about the United States or outside of the United States in general including videos instead of having school to tell me what type of history we had with this certain ethnicity or this group of people in general. I don't know that there was stuff that is not explained or "edited out" stuff from history before 2022. I don't know.... Anyway, I have the ability to text him now (I guess he had to switch to a 5G phone). And I took my second driving school lesson and in all honesty, driving a car is not that hard. This test is going to be easy to get a A+ on.
  10. Today is going to be a great day. No video games and nothing that has anything to do with video games in general. It's funny how in my own personal opinion that people think that my country the US has a high level of obesity problem I guess due to statistics and media, which at the end of the day....it's best to look at both of them with the grain of salt or question them in general. I believe people who is reading this should already know how news media are with real life reports and this "video games cause violence" myth. Even the data are not clear either, it's full of numbers in general that makes no sense and shows no evidence that it's true or not. I don't know anyone here used to watch this channel on YouTube "Scooby1961" who cause me to think about this obesity topic and do my own research and learn how nutrition works in general and not be afraid to continue to exercise when I reach elderly age in general, it was a video about obesity is a worldwide issue. And I keep hearing about skinny fat do exist, so I don't know about countries for example Japan or other countries who don't priorities exercising and all of this stuff. I guess that's another reason why I should do my own research, travel, and not compare any countries to each other. Every countries is different in general. And I'm starting to see a trend that people use the United States as a example that has nothing to do with obesity, I believe for a example: politics and many other stuff is claim negative as true that I'm not going into in this journal. I usually focus on myself in general and I already have my own reasons why I exercise and ignore all the external noises in general from the internet and media sources in TV (which I'm glad I don't watch too much TV in general). And just understand the ability to change for the better externally and internally. Hopefully someone who is reading this understand what I'm talking about. I would never try to be negative or malicious to the Game Quitters community. Have a good day everyone.
  11. I can't believe it's summer time already.... I'm starting to not care about video games back when I used to care at the time. And...it's a good thing too. I'm starting to sleep less too and working hard also smart on my online business at the same time while also doing my to-do list. I'm going to grill chicken on Sunday (tomorrow by the time I make this journal update), it's going to be fun at that day because it's good to grill food and learning how the grill works in general. I'm starting to notice that I don't enjoy consuming too much content that has nothing to do with video games in general, I've made a video about the creator and consumer content and compare both of them on my professional channel on YouTube. There is a video that talks about the same thing in the Game Quitters YouTube channel in general. I'm still learning how to speak in different languages if I do get a private jet while having 7 streams of income in the future. I'm approaching life in a good way and mindset in general too. My mindset is good enough to have a successful life.
  12. I'm doing well as usual. I'm writing a book right now on google docs. I thought it would be a good idea to write a book in general too. I've looked back and decided to write a note that compare the positive and negative of my video games experience and it was mostly negative so I rather not look back and just focus on real life and priorities my time and take it seriously in general.
  13. Yeah everything is the same from previous days today with my online business, to-do list, goals, duolingo and many more. Life is doing good so far in general. I've already decided to plan out each type of 5 incomes that I planned out in general. I need to figure out two more to completely make 7 streams of income. Everything is going well as usual. Just planning and continue to follow my goals.
  14. Yeah...I was supposed to have my driving class today and I missed their call and they refuse to pick up for some reason and clean their own voicemail sadly. Anyway, it's laziness if that their own business in the first place in 2020, their voicemail is remained full and not checked sadly (which it's weird....back in 2020, their voicemail wasn't full). Besides that nonsense, my day is doing good so far. I should do my best to focus on what I can control. It's kinda sad that I'm doing my best and starting to regret that I've invested my money on something that rather delay on something.... 4/30/22 - My day have been doing good so far, I have to take care of stuff in my personal life in general. I decided to write a eBook while doing my best to be consistent with it. Everything today is the same as usual.
  15. I'm learning how to improve my online business while doing my best to grow it in general. I've already have certain types of ideas or ways that I've want or interested to do in general as streams of income. I personally don't enjoy making money as my main reasons, it gets me nowhere as a motivation. And the money motivation will drain very quickly... I'm listening on a YouTube channel name "the roommates" on a video about being a man and testosterone, masculinity and the important of men's health. I do believe testosterone plays a huge role in a man's body. And I'm also tired of people saying "men are weak today" and start seeing me as a weak man because I'm part of society without or don't bother trying to know me in general. And I say "okay great", I usually prefer to do masculine types of activity and cars in general. And I see people who I believe it's the same people say "Oh why he is so masculine....?", it's pathetic honestly. That's why I rather ignore people who don't deserve my attention in general. I'm typing this because I don't want to type here and claim my days are always positive. Some days I wish I could do better on my to-do list also I usually do my best to be positive. If I look back, I used to be negative in general in 2012 also during my excessive gaming years in orange county, New York. I guess that's why I rather be positive in general.