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  1. I'm still doing my best in general. I'm also glad that I don't personally care about what people think in general. All of this victim mindset from different types of people including loud people, and people from the internet too sadly. "Racism" and statements about men being "creepy" and "replaceable to extinct"... I realize that all of this noise from different types of people have the same noise in general and the same victim mindset sadly. Obviously I don't care personally because it's noises at the end of the day, and world is getting more and more polarized while not being anyone control sadly. So whatever, it's best to be positive and focus on things that matters in general. This is why I rather just do my best to be a positive individual who is authentic in general. And this is why I rather focus on my house remodel and just focus on what I need to do to have 7 incomes in general while impacting people for the better, and I prefer to focus on the positives anyway because doing the opposite (focusing on the negatives, which I used to did back in 2012) will lead to people not wanting to be around me in general. And yes this is also why I believe and agree with people on what types of content on social media are people watching. I focus on things that give me value on social media to apply in real life as a skill. Not meaningless entertainment or video game focus content in general anymore. I avoid TikTok as a 2nd try out to see why that's popular as a app, 1st try was in high school, 2nd try was after high school...still strongly dislike the app compare to YouTube. Because TikTok contents are not very good compared to the YouTube videos I watch that help me create skills to apply in the real world, not entertainment style of videos also political videos truly (where majority of people are watching nowadays sadly and for confuse reasons). People say you are what you consume and it's true. Because I heard, apply to see if it works in the real world, and it’s considered true. I also don't mind reading people journals in the Game Quitters website in general. It’s just I priorities the stuff that focus on way too much in general. Educational YouTube videos, book writing, to do list, self improvement, house remodeling, reading or listening to borrowed audiobooks from a app name Libby (recommend by a YouTube channel name InvestToon, you need a library card too), learning how to defend myself, learning how to speak in different languages, and prioritize the value of family. So yeah...
  2. Today is going well today, and I'm learning valuable and important lessons on entrepreneurship in general. That it's important to give value to people, it’s important to put in hard and smart work (in my opinion in general), it takes time to let money works for me and not let myself work for money (especially what is going on in 2022), it’s crucial to be confident in general, there is no shame on having a online business and truly important to ignore what random people, family members, and sadly society in general think on what I'm doing, "you need to get a job" (ridiculous) and other lessons that is important. I'm not big on trying to please everyone in general, I was that since I was a kid due to experience a lot of rejections due to being bullied, and was looked down on by teachers, classmates, kids who were my age group for the wrong reasons...maybe they were negative towards me, maybe they were looking up and respecting and the wrong people, I don't know and care because having a priorities and looking up to the wrong people is a sign of focusing on the wrong things and getting inspired by something that shouldn’t be inspired anyway (looking down to certain people for the wrong reasons, it’s just a wacky and incorrect way to have priorities meesed up in general) getting people hands put on me for the wrong reasons too, sometimes I defended myself, other times I didn't, while at the same time it doesn't matter to me in general. I know fully defend myself just in case I need to defend my own life. Because I remember in a early age that nobody tried to help me and one person who was with that kid who randomly put his hand on me didn't do anything and was smiling thinking it was funny, *sigh*. Honestly, it was in the 2000s back in Baltimore, Maryland and if I look back...it was a dangerous area to be born in as a kid while having a great advantage to remodel a house to put it on my name without college in general (from what I understand it's due to the 2008 crash that changed on how much college cost). And I honestly don't know what happened to that kid who put his hands on me randomly, I believe he was either in jail, dead, or both. Don't know, not worried about that kid. Baltimore was very annoying for me as a kid...so yeah. I'm glad I'm living a better life then before from "the good old days of Baltimore". Annoying.
  3. I'm doing great and still doing my best to end 2022 with a bang or a great way to end the year in general. I'm thinking a plan on how to make my online business to grow throughout the whole year in 2023. My life is also getting better and better with YouTube channel growth and still trying to figure out on how to write my book on Google Docs. So yeah, I'm starting to be grateful. And honestly if I didn't stop playing video games too much...I would be homeless and not have a chance to have a income or my own car to take me anywhere from point A to B and that's it. A car from what I understand is expenses due to constantly buying repairs to keep driving a car and have no money return that related to asset in general. There is nothing wrong on having our own car in general. At the end of the day it's something that just get you to a location to where you personally want to go and bring your potential date too, repairing the car (I don't know how much due to inflation). ...Yeah, anyway. I personally rather do my best and not worried about what's the next upcoming game that leads to behavior problems to escape reality in real life, it's honestly depressing in general which lead to rock bottom too...I personally experience that back in 2012 until I quit on November 1st, 2020 due to realizing it's a waste of time and not going to be helping me in the future once my parents past away in general. So that's why I decided to start a online business, drop out of college, make sure to have 7 streams of income, and just finally remodel the house fully and put it on my name so I don't have to worry about moving somewhere else. It make sense because if I don't do that the whole remodel would be a waste of time and I would've went to college from my local area and moved away from my parents without realizing that the stuff I'm doing is right in front of me without college and without moving due to understanding my purpose and plan in life. I'm glad and grateful.
  4. ...*Sigh* I honestly had to wait very long from two food pantry the day before I'm writing this to today I'm writing this. It's a smart idea to go to these food pantries to avoid not spending too much of groceries nowadays and a lot of people in my area go to these food pantries since 2020 and yeah...I do believe that the middle class is dead almost and it's kinda sad. And there is a part of me saying "I'm glad I've decided to be a develop on how to be a entrepreneur". If I just waste time in college and just got a useless college degree (which a entrepreneurship degree is useless if you are doing YouTube and etc.), I would've been more lost on getting a job and constantly jumping back to back to get a job. I don't mind working a job, that's something if I lost everything from my "online business empire" and have to redo again. Yeah...I don't mind trying to rebuild my online business from the start if I lost everything in general. And about politics, I am completely back from being oblivious about it. It's just something I originally stayed out of and now doing again. It's a waste of time, honestly. And today was great. Made a YouTube video, listen a borrowed audiobook, still working on my to-do list and much more positive habits that I'm doing. It's great honestly. And yeah, I feel better.
  5. I'm doing great today. I've texted my friend Daniel from high school. And I am noticing progress in general. I personally made the decision to not worry about politics in general during and after 2022. Because I've realized that it's best to focus on things that truly matters and continue to make content that truly give value to people who truly cares about my style of videos. ...I just...I just understand why I didn't focus on politics before 2020. I was focusing on politics in 2020 and I guess in 2021 and concluded somewhere in 2022. I also realized that not worrying about other people and what's going on in the world is meaningless in general. Mid 2020, yeah fine. After 2022... politics is just a fade at this point. ......I just reevaluating my priorities and taking them seriously in general. 2020 is something that I'll never look back after this year.
  6. I noticed that my YouTube channel is growing in general. I noticed that someone decided to subscribe to my channel from 21 to 22 subscribers. It's starting to grow that people are slowly subscribing to my channel that I can't fully tell who I've personally meet in general from high school (in the beginning it was only some of my friends who agreed to subscribe to my professional channel). I knew it...I knew it that YouTube is going to be my first income because this book writing is not quick, it's slow similar to YouTube but as long that I believe in myself about the progress in general, then I don't need to fully worry about the progress of house remodeling not being done, not caring about someone winning the lottery and blowing all of their money and just finally not worrying about me and my parents struggling financially. We do value helping each other out and not relying on someone who doesn't live in our house and some random politician to help. Relying on those things is a waste of time and especially just voting for someone as president and some local politicans too. I just thought today that maybe it's better to focus on what matters in general. And if I continue to play video games and did not start my online business...I would be homeless or been taking care of in 5 or 50 years financially. So I'm just saying that worrying about something that doesn't matter is a waste of time. I don't care what politicans are talking about and what other people are doing and talking about in general. Honestly, I rather not sit here and do nothing all day. Because the more I sit down and think... the more that I am more serious about my own future and not prioritizing politics. It's a waste of time. I could be unprepared in the future still struggling financially if I don't take action today. Especially after I voted to someone by the time this is posted I said to myself in my head saying "Man...why...why am I voting again? I just don't think this is a good idea. Why am I doing this again. It's pointless and have nothing to do with my life. Never again". I just...I just rather do my own actions to take care myself in all aspects of life. I don't need someone to take care of me.
  7. I'm doing good today. I'm going to read a book and also write a book in my Google docs app from my phone. Today felt short and a little fast in general. I'm enjoying the moment then things that don't truly make me happy. I'm starting to get use to staying up while prioritizing sleep in general. I noticed that I found some people from my high school in Instagram, I'm not worried or care about most of them honestly. I rather be friends or meeting people that I truly look up to in general. It's something that I rather do then being stuck with the same friends who lack growth or lacking the desire to change (most), or don't truly care about me anymore. So why do I care honestly. Just continue to do what you are doing and good or great things will come for me and maybe for you who is reading this.
  8. I'm doing great today. Everything is going well in general, usually growing and avoiding the noise from politics and what noise is going on in social media too. All of that stuff is not worth the time and energy to pay attention on in general. It's something I thought about in general. And I decided to avoid or completely ignore things and people (which it's the majority of people in general) that or who are completely negative and usually focus on things that are negative sadly and not acknowledge the positive and negative parts about this world. This is just what I think in general, because I usually sit down and think about certain things in general. Obviously I rather take things that are slow and not considered "quick success" such as the lottery game or a foolish casino in my area. I just don't understand why it's a good idea to spend earned money from a regular job from these people in my area and just spend it on a lottery ticket and a casino in general. If I have a regular job, I would just put that money to make my side business or just do YouTube on the side or just find something that doesn't involve any type of casino and lottery game (in my opinion it's based on luck). Having a online business is great while at the same time it's not everyone desire at the same time similar to a job, college and everything else I don't know yet. So it's fine. I'm honestly not big on talking about money only which it's one dimensional and just a sign that someone identity is money in general. I enjoy talking and expressing my ideas from YouTube and in my journals from my physical journal and Game Quitters journal at times as well. I'm into intelligectual conversations in general while at the same time avoiding the conversation about politics on the internet and just outside in general. In the house...very rarely...just once in a while. I enjoy reading and watching something that is educational for good reason and also playing educational games as a adult such as word search. I do enjoy watching horror movies and movies that is inspiring and positive, the horror movies part is due to entertainment reasons. I'll never understand why people think movies and shows are designed to be entertainment purposes only and just see them as "educational". I usually don't prioritize things that is entertainment on the internet and on social media because it cause a lot of time waste due to not realizing where that habit is going to take me 5 or 20 years from now compare where I usually working on things that is on my to do list and can tell where I can say "I'm glad I did the right thing to succeed". Yeah. Hopefully anyone is reading at this point, I'll say to you is that you got this. Do whatever you got to do in order to succeed in whatever you are doing and just have a good or great confident mindset to progress in life.
  9. My day is doing good so far. Right now I'm sitting down outside and relaxing a little bit. I'm still doing my to-do list and I am trying to break this bad habit on skipping days to write my book. Hopefully my first book will sell really well in general. Honestly having a online business is very slow, and that's fine in my personal opinion. My neighborhood where I'm trying to remodel my house to put it on my name is very quiet and from what I understand is that it's a rich neighborhood. Yeah there are people doing something foolish. But it's very rare in general. So why bother being worried. I can't personally wait to have my internet back. Because having no internet while relying on a smartphone is something I don't enjoy as a personal taste. I prefer to have multiple days to not use my smartphone and use my laptop (which I still use from high school). Yeah hopefully things will get better.
  10. My online business is keeping me up. That's actually a good thing in general. So yeah, it's also a sign that I reaching success in general to be better off financially too. It's amazing that I enjoy being a entrepreneur and taking action to make income myself despite on what is going on with the workforce right now (which I feel bad by the way). I know there are jobs for example being a good teacher and a police officer also fire fighters are great jobs too. I can tell there are great job just by understanding whoever has does types of job positions. It's crucial for me to not look down on someone based on their level of figures and number income. I enjoy being a entrepreneur because I fully got the skills and the ability to make a successful online business as a entrepreneur who created in 2020 and started in 2021 with YouTube first in general. I'm not truly big on talking about wealth, income, and money in general. I personally enjoy talking about ideas and just how life works in general. I only have my journal to let that out including the Game Quitters journal as well. I personally don't know anyone that I can talk too to have our ideas combined and intellectually talk to combine what me and the person I am talking to in general. I don't know, it's just better to be talking to someone while keeping the conversation intellectual in general personally. Because I value more about logic, logical and rational reasons, and critical thinking skills, and logical thinking.
  11. I did pretty great today. Stayed up until it's sunset, and I did mostly everything in my to-do list. And I'm honestly grateful in general. I realized that it was video games or my future of this house, so yeah. I'm more confident about myself then before and that's good too. And my online business is keeping me up at night too (which it's a good sign since I fully started in 2021 as still a beginner of entrepreneurship). Funny how in my 20s it was a time to change or experience things that is more advanced though life. I'm also getting more confident about speaking in different languages too, Spanish is very good to learn. Chinese and Spanish is good and other languages that I'm currently learning as well. Yeah, once I start making income, I'll finally start investing in the stock market. And... I already can tell that YouTube is going to be my first income. Because book writing on Google Docs takes a lot of time.
  12. I'm glad that I don't talk about politics truly because that stuff create separation from groups of people for the worst. So why waste time and especially next year where people are going to be highly focus on politics sadly. Anyway about that. My day has started to be good, still don't have internet but still good in general. So yeah, life is great. I'm doing my best to make original content and content on YouTube that is considered valuable in general. Yeah... it's going to go well in general for the long term. I feel more and more of my own drive to succeed and to continue on as a entrepreneur. I personally prefer to have a team to make things 10x easier. Yeah, I sense that will be later throughout my journey of being a entrepreneur. Life is going to be good and amazing in my own eyes. I personally do want to create music and sing as part of my entrepreneur journey in general. Ha... I'm glad that I'm focusing on the positive parts about my life and not the negative compare to the year 2012. Life is better off having the ability to acknowledge the positive parts of our own life. All of that politics, debates, and other negative foolishness will not get anyone far in general. So why waste time on something that truly don't matter at all or just consider a very small thing to notice... This is just my opinion by the way, anyone who is reading this don't have to blindly believe me in general. We all have our own opinions and reasons. So it's up to you based on your opinion and reason.
  13. I want to end 2022 with a great end, and start 2023 with a great start. So I need to figure out how to do better in general with YouTube and my online business in general. I'm starting to get better drive on what I need to do in my life and the task I usually do on my to-do list. I'm also thinking of donating to people who need to donate from organizations who's goals are not political and there to help people for the better, and just letting people donate to people that they can make changes in a positive light. So yeah. Hopefully my card information is not going to be stolen by some kind of hacker or attacker that don't want me to donate in websites that I truly believe is using the donation money that they said it's for in their website. I checked today on one donation website and chrome said it's not secure for some reason, that's why I said that. I'm making sure to read and apply the things from non-fiction books to become better and to at least have a skill to be highly successful. I don't celebrate holloween since I was a 12 or 13 year old, know I'm definitely is not interested in it due to health reasons and priorising my online business as a entrepreneur. Christmas and Thanksgiving yes, everything else...labor day and the other holidays is usually just a regular day and a regular day to grow my business and YouTube channel. I'm thinking of doing real estate and see if that works to replace podcast. Because I don't know how to attract people with my podcast properly compare to YouTube it's based on it's own algorithm. I don't mind giving real estate a try though similar to anything else that relates to my online business and my goal to have 7 streams of income. I personally don't want 8, 9 and 10 streams of income. I believe that's too much of course. I just don't want to worry about money and where to live due to not fully remodeling my house and it's not on my name sadly. So I'm doing my best here.
  14. Yeah. You got this and you'll figure it out on how to avoid relapsing.
  15. I don't know man... My Wi-Fi is not working for right now sadly. I should be using my phone for now. ...Anyway about that. Yeah I'm going to have a great day today because I've figured out on how to make videos on WeVideo software or the WeVideo website in general. And fully do things on YouTube Studio for content creators. I still want to do more than only doing YouTube in general, because I'm a entrepreneur...not considered myself only a YouTuber. And I'm still in a middle of writing my book in general. I have no other choice to continue to write my book on my phone, I just need to know how to page break. This is better and natural to experience failure and success at the same time as a entrepreneur then waiting for a casino in my area and blowing money even as multiple streams of income in general. So yeah, I already took and know about taking the slow path. Whoever is reading this. You got this and you can achieve something if you have the right mindset into it.