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  1. Today is my driving class from 9:30 AM to 3 PM. That's fine for me, because I'm doing my best to finally recieve a driver's license since 2020 (I was focusing and was recommend on the wrong and bad driving school). YouTube I need to work extra harder on because my progress is a little slower compare to other YouTube channels that published their first videos after me, this is why I don't compare to other people success to my own, yeah...some people or content creators say that "there people who are better than you", I say "okay, there progress or start to achieve something are completely different. Some started around childhood, some start in their teenage years, some started in their 30s or 20s and even older than that." Look at the creator of Ford automobile and other men and women started something after there 20s and 30s. Yeah, I get it or understand that 20s is considered prime years to be successful or highly successful. Prime ages can be any ages even 18 or truly for me 19 years old. I don't believe it's too late to fully achieve something in your 30s, there is no universal age to become successful or highly successful. I like hearing people success stories because all the success stories have this one teaching, it's that if they achieve something then I can achieve something too especially in entrepreneurship (I only have experience in entrepreneurship, I didn't or have not work a 9 to 5 job yet. I'm not against a 9 to 5 job by the way). I do personally believe that having life experience is important because just listening to external things that I don't want to go into for obvious reasons is way better to have than just listening to what people are saying and external things. I personally value life experience than just relying on things that is considered "good informations" and also seeing things myself. It's similar to just reading something and that stuff that was read had nothing to do with that was experienced in the moment. Hopefully everyone have a great day. Bye for now.
  2. Thanks Cam. I tried to journal everyday, I get overwhelmed in stuff in my personal life and professional life at times. I've finished my book that I wrote in Google Docs, now I have to wait for a copyright approval from three to nine months. Still working on getting my driver's license and a used car to go from point A to B by myself or just in case something happens in my life. At least I'm doing my best to grow and become better while ignoring the noise from the external world.
  3. My life is starting to become better and better. And I've found a video that explain why Gamers are unhealthy, honestly it was correct about most average Gamers who don't shower, don't truly care about their appearance, presentation, communication skills and so much more. I don't know that anyone in this community can relate to that. I used to hang out with kids around my age at the time until everyone stopped playing outside and unfortunately focused on video games including myself sadly. Baltimore city was a very bad and dangerous city compare to Newburgh, New York in general because the older people (including my annoying step siblings) usually be in the streets all day long while doing things that they have no business doing if I remember correctly that one of my step siblings wanted to wear red shoes (joining a gang) and trying to go into a strip club as a teenager with a friend that wasn't good to be around either. The same thing with two of my step sisters too, they rather value being in the streets then truly being around people that care about them too, one of them tried of put their hands on my Mom back in the 2000s and try to mess around with my Dad... Disgusting. Honestly remembering and looking back to that time I saw them again to show respect to my Grandma from my Mom side, they haven't change that much in general. I don't care. And I don't believe they physically looked good either too. And they try to pretend that they are successful in Facebook and I laugh because no true successful person show off what they achieve all day long, and also nobody including myself care. So what. People usually show off their positive moments only. I don't care about being in the comment sections, how many likes I get, I don't care what people think. It's just there, that's it. I usually work on my YouTube channel that is considered professional as entrepreneurship (which it's the only thing I know in general, I originally thought of getting a security guard job until that discontinued). Well, at least I'm taking care of myself and doing my best to become a better version of myself. It's cool to make money on social media, however I'm still not a big fan of being on only consuming on social media all day and it also depends on what level of value you are bringing to your audiences. Ever since I stopped playing video games I've lost interest in video games and make sure to not mindlessly browsing the internet thanks to one of Cam's video on his YouTube name Game Quitters (of course). I make sure to not play video games and not try to go back and play video games again and even secretly as a game quitters member in this community. And man...I rather meet new people in person. Not from the internet. Playing video games without true connection while taking family connections from granted was lonely enough. I rather meet new people who are my mentor and men who are similar minded to me. I'm honestly getting tired of not meeting people fully then dealing with negative people who I don't truly talk in the streets as a non street dude. ....I rather be positive as a mindset, because honestly nobody want to deal with someone who don't or refuse to have their own life together and also a negative mindset. I'm not trying to insult anyone. I kinda learned that from my rock bottom year in 2012. Now in 2020 to present day I'm doing well and feel better. I guess that's why I only write positive stuff nowadays. Because I choose to have a plan and choose to be positive and be reasonably happy. Hopefully someone understand that.
  4. You got this. Hopefully there will be better days for you.
  5. I doing a lot better now. I'm doing good so far. I am fully done with my book, now I have to wait for a approval from a government website that make a copyright in order to finally release my book, the approval take a long time to be accepted in general. It's good because I'm now more focus on YouTube than just juggling to YouTube and book writing back and forth with each other while they both hindering each other progress in general. Which it's why people say focus on one thing than multiple things in general. I'm also advancing my skills to be highly stronger and advancing positive beliefs about myself. Having a negative mindsets or beliefs about myself destroys progress on where I want to be in general. YouTube is starting to become way easier due to prioritizing my own professional channel on YouTube by being consistent and making sure to create a video that nobody though of doing as something original. This has been my second favorite year compare to my year in 2020. 2020 and 2023 has been my best year in general for me due to positive moments in general while the whole world is heading in the wrong directions. People are still investing their time into politics.
  6. Oh man. Today is the day that I'm going back to driving school in general at 10:30 AM in a different driving school. The things I make sure is to exercise to boost my confidence, have a positive and abundance mindset, stay calm while driving, know what I'm doing, and not worry about what other drivers are doing and thinking about me. I did that with my previous driving school too, and I didn't enjoy how the previous one was teaching, worrying too much about the pandemic, very unprofessional the year progress by keeping their voicemail full and they got out of business because the founder deceased this year...how I know this, the new driving school I'm going into told me while I was paying in cash. And I was shock in general, and let it go. I was going into his school since 2020, and honestly...it was not that good. So I'll see if this one I'm going in 2023 will have good teaching so I can finally get a used car. I don't care what a woman thinks about a man driving a used car. Yeah, buy a car that is not officially a asset and waste money on a car that is above my income earnings. If I make 7 streams of income in the higher levels of earnings then that's a maybe. I truly don't care what anyone think. A car is a car, there is equal risk by driving a car and a motorcycle. It's better to have experience by traveling to see things myself instead of just relying on the internet and TV news. Turn both of them off and travel the world from overseas countries and different US states in general. Cars and luxury cars are cool in general, however long term it's not that special.
  7. Honestly no. I use the right informations from this YouTube channel name Gravity Transformation fat loss expert. That's good that you have support, because I usually relying on a YouTube channel, myfitnesspal app for calorie count to not go above 3,000 calories in general (because I can handle to workout 7x per week since 2019). And...everyone is different. I tried to hire a personal trainer, didn't work due to not having income yet from my online business at the time and realized I didn't need a personal trainer to begin with because I'm losing fat mass and my clothes is getting more looser too. Hopefully you'll succeed with your fitness journey with your professional coach.
  8. I had a good day today Game Quitters Members, I'm doing what I need to do and have a better performing phone (which I don't feel positive or negative about it). I had a good time with strength training and cardio exercise with the elliptical machine. And the elliptical machine is helping me to lower my fat mass and also lowering down to a healthy weight range in general. My exercise goal is to lose enought weight from 243.6 to 120.5, I'm starting to be sick and tired of being overweight or obese in general. I clearly don't remember exercising as a kid, and due to getting bullied I wanted to become bigger while looking back...I was hurting my body and developing bigger fat mass, not muscle mass sadly. Thankfully I doing this without any of my annoying step siblings who like to be in the streets and disrespect me and my parents making fun of me with comments saying "you're fat" as a kid while trying to lower my fat mass (which it's annoying if I looked back, they were not good people to be around. As teenagers they want to be in the streets and one of my two adopted step brothers wanted to go into a strip club with one of his friends back in Baltimore and one of my annoying step sisters decided to fight my Mom and got beaten up for it, crazy). Anyway, I wouldn't let that bother me because I don't bother being friends with them on Facebook and the same people who I don't truly talk too who are doing the same old things while not changing for the better in general and wanted to see what I'm truly doing, and all of a sudden start being friends with my annoying step sibling *sigh*, whatever man. I just need to stay focus on what I need to do in order to truly succeed in general while keeping it private on social media. And I'm increasing my muscle mass too if I continue to lower my fat mass in general. Yesterday I was 244.7 to today it's 243.6. Because I'm adding cardio exercise with my strength training in general while being in a calories deficit in general. Once I reach my desired weight then I need to learn how to maintain the weight in general, because nobody want to be underweight (which it's not good, and people don't truly talk about that part because most people focus on obese people due to media sources are worried about it from TV and on the internet). Which it's why I rather acknowledge both sides and move on. Overweight and underweight and also other stuff.
  9. I feel highly a lot better and just have the ability to write my thoughts about how I'm doing in general. I'm still working on getting my book to have a copyright right so it can be approved to finally get to physical bookselves in stores. My professional YouTube channel is still taking a lot of time to become monetized (which it’s better to not make it as a only reason to start YouTube because the ups and down of the financial parts of that website without anyone control in general). I enjoy taking reasonable action to things while making reasonable plans and strategies to reach high levels of success in general. And I'm not doing this for me, I'm doing this so I don't have to experience homelessness while doing this to remodel the foundation of the house to be more modern to put my house in so I don't have to worry about where I need to live again while helping my parents out with this house remodel and paying their bills which they don't have enough for these bills in general...this isn't the first year that happened. Oh, and I remember my therapist telling me that she has someone to give me transportations and for some kind of a apartment which it is not that path I want to go into at the end of the day, I don't care what people think and why they think it’s considered unapproval about me, I already have my own plans since high school and still making plans without college and people who think they are giving me good plans while not realizing that they are going into the wrong direction in life. The only way to reach success or high level success is by taking actions and having a good plan to reach the right direction. One of my own Mom's parents told my Mom when she was younger by saying "I lived my life. So you better know what you are doing." Similar to my own Mom getting older and starting to understand it clear, it's starting to be the same with me. Yeah, I could've played the video games. Yeah, I could've rely on social security by telling me to not work in their own words. However I refuse to take actions towards things. I still want my driver's license, I still want to have multiple streams of income, I still want to be a multi millionaire in general.
  10. Hello Game Quitters members, it’s been a long time that I've shared my story progress to you guys or gals. I've officially finished my book. Now I have to do YouTube for now and honestly come back going into Firefox browser and go to a government website to fully copyright my book to be approved by draft2digital in general. YouTube is still taking time and that's fine in general. Starting to prioritize my online business while being professional by not making political statements or videos in my educational YouTube channel in general. I uh...I don’t personally mind dating in general at the end of the day while being in a healthy and positive relationship from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife. There's nothing wrong about getting married to the right partner in general. I'm starting to ignore the noise from TV, outside, and unfortunately the internet...and with these noisy factors or elements it’s fine, I'm more focused on contents that are valuable to watch while having good and reasonable informations. I rather see the positives in life than the negative and letting people telling me what to do. Oh...I also enjoy being ambitious, mastering skills I'm learning everyday because the whole comfort zone or settle zone doesn't make sense long term, I would've settled playing too much video games and paying $70 plus taxes on these new games which show more details and that's about it in general while not having complete gameplay features and settle and settle and settle until I start living in the streets. I've also watch the new Game Quitters video interview, it was truly good to hear with my new bluetooth earbuds name status between pros (because my wired headphones and earbuds broke and fully lost longevity in general, so I threw them away, and honestly I'm glad that I've purchased them. Didn't give me any issues and still has strong longevity by not breaking from one side to the other. It cost too much plus taxes due to prioritizing quality audio in general including music so yeah.). And one more thing to tell you guys, I realized that my original driving instructor passed away...and I'm unfortunately mentioning this because I still has that physical security guard application in general inside my high school diploma, I wouldn't imagine if I didn't start my online business while keep relying on jobs that are not enough for my future, maybe being replaced by AI and a full house remodel...I honestly said this on April 14th, 2023 to myself "I would've got laid off and considered remained unemployed again and didn't start my online business with YouTube and book writing in general...this is why I don’t care what people are saying to me in general as Therapist, Nurses, Doctors, or just regular people who I don't know in person who is usually in the streets without any history of being a gangster or in the internet. I prefer to see if I'm doing the right thing myself, not other people claiming I'm doing wrong in general. And I already made plans before 2019 and 2020, these plans before 2019 and 2020 were somewhere in my high school years and I guess middle school year, after high school I had to remove things that were not helping me such as video games and watching too much TV. If I wanted to continue the house reach it's full legacy my life shouldn't be sedentary compared from 2000s and early to mid 2010s (two decades), stop watching TV and movies too much (TV is also associated to gaining body fat as personal experiences and create stiffness to the body), trust my progress and still go after that driver's license since 2020 in general with a new and hopefully better driving school. Just keep going with high level of confidence.
  11. I'm doing good so far (while there are some personal problems going on in my life which I don't believe it's a good idea sharing). I did two videos today and still doing my best to be highly successful. There's going to be a time that I don't want to deal with people anymore and focus my time and energy to people who truly care and are similar minded to me while uplifting...I don’t know, I rather not get into deals of my personal life. Because unsharing and unknowing is the best thing to do at times. And I believe or realized that most people struggle to acknowledge both positive and negative at the end of the day, probably because people focus on these negative news reports and it change these people point of views about people. And these negative videos and news reports are not going away unfortunately because of high demand and most people rather see the negatives than the positive. Good thing I focus on SunnySkyz, it’s a positive news report website that shows positive reports and stories in general, and I remember that website showed a TikToker helping elderly people reaching retirement. This is why I don’t focus on TV news and these political YouTube channels that are truly there to not let people get along to each other, feeling more and more hateful about humanity, and start being negative to each other even if they reach their own achievements at the end of their own grave and start regretting it. And I'm glad I don't play video games anymore because video game consoles are now $59.99 to $69.99 and some gamers are complaining about that (I don't know if that is considered for the right or wrong reasons), and start calling these video game developers "greedy" instead of just saying it happens and move on. I don't know I rather just remodel my house and move on from gaming in general. Because back in November 1st, 2020...I couldn't do both at the same time because it was either saving money for house remodel or a $69.99 plus tax video game console or video games. I rather fully save for a fully remodel house instead of just buying a PS5 and a new Xbox console which might go up again in some countries. My country, the US...I don’t know however it's still too much money. I haven't check gamestop and how much these two console cost. It's better to invest in myself with my online business Udemy courses, and non-fiction books that teach me about skills, history, and so much more that should be more focused on in general. Hopefully Game Quitters members have a great day and avoid the noise of life in general. Have a great day.
  12. There are updates that I want to let the Game Quitters members to know about me. I'm getting use to uploading videos on YouTube consistently. And I'm spending more time on my book writing, tomorrow I'm updating my table of contents in a public library where I live. I'm almost done with my book writing. Hopefully it will be valuable enough for people to read in general, the price of the book...I don’t know about that part yet. The house remodel, there are progress with the roof, inside ceiling, and the front of the house. The backyard me and my parents have to do. The house we live in is not where I was born. It's considered my Mom's parents house, so yeah. I was born in Baltimore, Maryland from a apartment complex. Not the house I'm living in right now, even though I went and visit my Grandma (who is considered deceased since I was a teenager) from my Mom side as a kid if I remember. And then years later as I got older, people I personally know lived where I'm living and made the house worst. And from what I understand too, whoever made the house I want to put on my name didn't obviously design the house correctly too. I don't know it's due to not having trade school in the 20th century. And this is what I mean about nothing wrong about trade school and anything else (regular job and entrepreneurship) instead of college. College is not the end all be all in general. 20th century showed that and look where I'm living and this house is considered mostly old modeled too, so there is a lot of progress to make. I personally rather have a fully remodeled home that is in my name so I don't have to worry about moving somewhere else or a different country and who knows what will happen. This is a priority. Not 21st century politics and "culture war", annoying.
  13. Things have been doing good so far. I'm starting to improve myself for the better, and feeling a lot better emotionally, mentally, and physically. I've realized that a lot of people is focusing on things that are positive and not mindlessly scrolling on contents that are negative and shows no value at all (especially on YouTube sadly that a lot of content creators forgetting that they need to show true values in order to be truly successful. It's no different that people are complaining about these TV news on TV and on these social media websites including Ted talks and once I stop and think and looked through and realized that majority of people enjoy negativity for the wrong reasons and focusing on stuff that don't matter at all in my opinion. Today is going to be great. All I need to do is to keep going and not worried about things that is low value, and unimportant.
  14. Yeah, you're right. And that's good that you are into basketball.
  15. It's 2023... I somehow lost 1 subscriber on YouTube for some reasons. All well, it's doesn't bother me. I tried to write my book in Google docs on Chrome website however I have a hard time writing my book compare to my laptop. So I am relying on a Google docs app on my phone. Tinder is weird as well and not fully a priority due to personally don't care about chasing women (or girls in a young age since I was a kid). *sigh* Anyway, that's something years later. I've decided to ignore politics in general and decided to fully become my authentic self again (being mostly quiet, confident, less loud, while learning to be more independent with my belief and mindset with social media and majority of society), Since I was a kid and teenager I was not interested in politics compare to adults and teenagers around until 2020 and ended in 2022. Modern day politics is a waste of time in my opinion. And good thing I decided to not care again because my guess is that people who are heavily into politics and this whole student loans forgiveness depend on the government in general. I don’t bother try to burst people emotional limits. I rather be around people who I get along with and not talking about politics all day long too. So yeah... Yesterday was good and did mostly everything too. That's good. I've tried to educational website too, Udemy and Alison (Udemy you have to pay courses to apply in real life, Alison is free), there both fully good and I guess equally as good to YouTube. The only exception is that Udemy and Alison is from experts or people who fully know what they are talking about. Not similar to YouTube where informations are mixed with good or bad all together and you have to second think about the information you heard is truly useful in general. For example with YouTube: "Low testosterone is on the rise with young men", "you're smart enough because you swear a lot" (foolish), "the problem with modern day women", "the rise of weak men" and other illogical information on YouTube sadly. Yeah that's the only thing negative about YouTube too, there are a mixed of good and bad information with some of these content creators sadly. "Sigma male" ha. How about authentic male 😄.