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  1. Hello Game Quitters members. I'm starting to understand what you guys is going through by the way. And I'm not going to type and say "do better" because that's rude and not how the game quitters members forum supposed to be by discouraging each other without understanding each other situations. And honestly I thank you to the members for speaking up and explaining your own situation for me to fully understand. Know with me on my own journey... Everything is doing good so far. I feel my mental strength is more advanced by being stronger. I'm making sure to be consistent. And also...I realized I set up for success and also high level success if I just build my own path similar to a straight road. I also heard a word name "swiftie" named by Taylor Swift fans on a dating app and that's it, nothing else. I don't hate on nobody that find their own success and choose to be famous or anonymous similar to me with their work, and I don't talk smack to people who I don't know and try to reach their own success while not being a very well known celebrity, I try to focus on what I need to do. I honestly can't stand people who talk smack and compare someone trying to reach their own success with not trying to be a celebrity in general. These same people don't have much to write home about as a accomplishments so why bother anyway. Yeah anyway...fitness is still going well so far. Despite my weight is fluctuating normally and affect the weight scale reading with my FitTrack Dara Scale in active mode (because weight fluctuation is normal and take times to reach a specific weight number in general) so I try to use alternative by seeing how I look, how I feel, cardio time, how many reps, and also using a tape measurement for my body and write it down. The house remodel is showing a lot of progress in general this year by taking action in general. So yeah. Alright I'm going to start my day with cardio and strength training. Bye Game Quitters members.
  2. Oh okay. I understand. And it's fine by the way. Leave it in my journal.
  3. I mean that I want to do more in my own life than just staying in my comfort zone in general. And I'm also doing what I'm doing for the people around me too also live with me in general in the current house that is being remodeled. Rented apartment is too much to live at the end of the day. So yeah, I'm doing my best. Hopefully that answer the question you asked.
  4. Hello Game Quitters members. I have a very good day today. I purchase wevideo again however don't have access of wevideo stock media footage to keep things quick and simple to stay consistent, so I have to use these stock media footage websites in general. It's great that I'm more focused on what I want and need to focus on while ignoring the external noise in general nowadays. Everytime I wake up everyday I make it count because I want to do more in life, most people don't live that long and death itself don't care about anyone age. There are more valuable things that is more important to focus on compare to things that is outside of anyone control including my own too. Life is going to be great by focusing on the amazing parts in life and succeeding in my own personal and professional life. Why waste time on things that is irrelevant and are just distractions to real life personal and professional success and complain and whine about things in general that is not going to change in general. I realize for me that society is not going to change for nobody and not going to wait for anyone on things that is going to change how to navigate in society, I accept the world for what it is and try to adapt through changes and be aware of them in general. Life is going to amazing. Alright. I got to focus on downloading these stock media footages. See you next time Game Quitters Members.
  5. Hello Game Quitters Members. My day is doing good so far. I tried to update my days in the evening to be consistent in general. However it was not working so it's best to get this out of the way so I don't be inconsistent with my inspiring life updates. Yeah I already figured out that I enjoy working however I enjoy working as a entrepreneur for me and my point of view, everyone even as Game Quitters Members we're different from each other after quitting and do our best to moderate or balance our real life hobbies and time to play video games. I originally thought of working a security job until multiple factors showed up throughout the years until I've give YouTube, Podcast, and book writing a try. YouTube and book writing for now is amazing and I enjoy doing it and prefer doing YouTube and Book Writing for now. I'm thinking of doing real estate outside of my local area and think about investing into stocks, invest in a retirement account and also my own savings account...maybe multiple savings account however I don't know I'm going to waste money on a bunch of savings accounts...anyway. Life is going to be amazing for me, oh and I haven't forgot to give music a try as a career on this website name distrokid, I'll figure it out. I already know that I'll reach my 30s and after 30s that I have to reevaluate and expand my life experience to understand how things work in this world such as traveling to different countries and hopefully network with people who want and is open to networking with people who are like minded in general. In general with context, I have to work on myself in general to open more opportunities for me and have to focus on my house remodel first until something negative happen externally with people who I personally know. I rather just remodel the house I'm living in first as my number 1 long term priority to at least live permanently instead of a apartment or a apartment complex where I have to deal with people who are not positive to be around and also have to deal with a unclean apartment in general back in 2012, however still was living in the same house while the difference is remodeling the house compare to the people before me. The people I know personally can be jealous all they want as my Mom try to tell me while knowing deep down they don't want anything to do with the house I'm living in and yet say they want to live in the hood from one of the people I know personally and the rest should've known better by trying to steal money from Grandma and use her money and blow it on things that is irrelevant it's annoying, yet wan to know what I'm doing on Facebook (which I unfortunately have due to a advertisement on YouTube in general). Anyway. Just do me and move on and put the name on the house I want to permanently live. I'm worried about the people who I know and don't interact in person anymore and also the people who I choose to not speak at all for for good reasons. Alright. My day have fully started. See you next time Game Quitters Members. Do your best.
  6. Hello Game Quitters Members. I've honestly have a great day yesterday. Good thing I'm honestly ignoring the noise or muting the noise officially starting in 2023 and this year, 2024. All I can say that the external noise is extremely irrelevant and is better off and usually left with bad ideal points that will cause people to think and be counterproductive. I'm simply exercising usually with both strength and my elliptical machine 7x per week while still learning how things properly work with fitness such as fat burn will only reach it's a specific heart rate that my Fitbit watch will tell me in general every time I use my elliptical machine for cardio, not High Intensity Interval Training with strength training which is a separate thing in general with both cardio with the elliptical machine and strength training with exercise weights for me at least. I've continue to write my second book name "how to be successful and ignore external nonsense", I'm kinda getting tired of focusing and wasting time also energy on people not doing what they are supposed to do in their own life and relying on specific external sources and other people to help them while applying incorrect information that they heard from offline and online from the internet. All the stuff that is making noises don't fully matter and have no affect to anyone personal life too including myself, I guess this is why I have a easier time working on myself and not bother trying to complain in general about anything even in things that is external too while learning how to think for myself critically while having my own point of view that make sense for me... Life is going to be great by focusing on my own success while creating my own straight path in life instead of joining two crowded path in life that will lead to nowhere and not going to get anyone who join those two paths far made from someone else. Okay. I'm going to be the best version of myself Game Quitters Members. Do your best today Game Quitters members. Bye.
  7. Hello Game Quitters Members. I'm making progress with the free white label business course in general. I'm seeing a great lifestyle for me that is going to go somewhere in general and positive. Hopefully I can save enough money for myrtle beach in general, Newburgh honestly is not that special in general. The locals or residents do things that hinder positive progress while the environments show little to no changes that result to positive progress. I usually stay at home and go point A to B...anyway. My days personally is doing good. I can't wait for February 2024 to get back to making YouTube videos and progress with the white label business step by step video. I refuse to be most people who let people take advantage of them, focusing on the wrong things in life, believing things blindly from people offline and online and much more negative nonsense. Today I'm going to do the usual things that is beneficial to me and also in February 2024. I personally don't have the time and energy trying to "change the world" and mindlessly browsing the internet instead of being the best version of myself. A lot of the stuff from all three things: people, social media, and TV media is all noise at the end of the day. It's crucial to think for myself (ourselves as Game Quitters Members) and ignore the noise. Okay. I'm going to write into my book journal, exercise, plan my day, read Think And Grow Rich, continue to watch videos from Alison.com about sells and hopefully write my second book. Be the best version of you Game Quitters Members.
  8. Hello Game Quitters Members. I'm doing a good job to ignore the noise from social media, TV media, and from offline. I do my best to not get involved into stuff that is irrelevant and has nothing to do with my life while creating my own path in life. I'm more focus on things that I have control of compare to the things that is out of my control in my life and outside of my house too. I don't know...things got weird since people showed their true colors back in 2020 from all walks of life, all I can say is all well and focus on being a better me compare to yesterday and last week. Last week fitness was sloppy due to not being consistent with cardio and strength training in general, and the same thing with my to-do list too. Anyway. My life is still getting better and better everyday and every week in general. I'm doing my best to be better and reach a lifestyle I want without staying in my comfort zone and taking stuff for granted in general. Okay, my day have fully started. See you next time Game Quitters Members. Bye.
  9. Hello Game Quitters Members. I'm truly mindfully browsing the internet to do specific things on my laptop such as learning, online business, updating the Game Quitters community and much more. I do my best to stay away from irrelevant things that get me nowhere in general similar to most people on specific topics that is related things that is polarized. I only use the internet for personal and professional growth, my online business, financial literacy. And I guess that's it. I do go outside, however I don't hang around too much in the streets in general. I only go to point A to B and finally go home, because not too long ago I remember seeing someone crashing into something while driving to my Grandma's apartment complex for elderly people. And I don't know, people say go outside while usually noticing people being weird, reckless, annoying, and still think that something from the internet has something to do with the moment they are in while being offline. I don't try to blame the internet in general similar to some people, it's very easy to blame things while TV do the same thing with these news stations for people who don't know better and watch too much TV, I also ignore them too. And most of my productive activity is at home, I don't mind going outside by myself, However I don't think it make sense to drive just to drive and be in the streets mindlessly. Obviously there are weird people and weird situations that I don't engaged in. Every environment is not the same especially in my area, I don't talk to nobody to have meaningful conversations. Most people talk about things that is related to gossip and negativity, not ideas and personal and professional advancements. And I wouldn't talk to people in my local area because people still remember and claim I'm "angry" or "mad" gossip back in high school, I honestly don't know about different areas outside of the area I currently live. I ignore all that stuff as a adult because people outside from my school say the same thing in general even my friend said "really people say that still? People need to grow up." Anyway. At least I'm focusing on myself and do my best to live life to the fullest by not feeding into these old rumors and local and bigger external noises in general. I can't wait to go to myrtle beach and just hopefully relax from my house remodel and just expand my experience in general. I truly don't have the time to give energy to people who are participating into old rumors about me back in high school and all this stuff even specific family members listen to people who were participating in these negative rumors about me, it's sad. Whatever, it's funny people and things were considered small as I was younger and now I get older as a adult it's very irrelevant. At least the current location is not truly where I was born in, Baltimore Maryland in my personal experience is wild and as a city where the community is not much to write home about and having the adults and kids doing dangerous and harmful stuff to each other is ridiculous. It was mostly negative stuff in my personal experience and some guy urinated in public in the side walk and all this stuff as a kid seeing and dealing with kids physically putting their hands on me, at least at times I fight back in general, people especially in elementary school it was not positive in general most of the time while dealing with kids who treated me as a inferior version to them, oh and I remember two girls who I ask to play with them and they say no because they were holding two Barbie dolls without any of the clothes in general...all well. I learned from my past and moved on and I'm not saying that Maryland as a state is bad, there are more richer and better areas compare to Baltimore city and New York in general. The best thing to do is to not feel sorry about myself, learned from the past, and create a path for me to reach a better future of myself and not dwell on my past. I don't know about anyone else by the way whoever is reading this. Alright, I'm going to groom my head properly and make this day count to be a better version of myself. See you next time Game Quitters Members.
  10. Hello Game Quitters Members It was MLK day. I've honestly going to listen to MLK speech today. And it was amazing to hear in general. Now it's Tuesday by the time I'm typing this. And hopefully I'm going to do more today than yesterday. Usually I push myself to do better in general, it's not bad to do in a healthy way. I know there are ways to do it in a unhealthy and not so level headed way in general. Fitness at home will always be the best decision of my life starting in 2019. Life is going to be great. Again, I rather focus on things that is on my control in general. Life is going to be more chaotic in general if I just focus on things that is not in my control and waste too much time similar to excessive video games, mindless TV watching, and mindlessly browsing the internet in general. I believe wasting time on things that is out of our control is equally bad to all of the previous examples in general. I don't care what TV news is saying and all this stuff and what people are saying offline about me with these same rumors back in my high school phase and especially online too with these news stations and specific YouTube channel trying to make things polarized in general. It's sad and however true. I don't care about a specific time in November, it's not going to help me to remodel the house I want to live in general. Just grow my own business enough to make it profitable and move on while having a savings account and make sure my income power is strong enough. Honestly, I am more focus and value personal and professional success and different people success stories in general. I don't have time worrying about nonsense and polarized information in general because it's going to be irrelevant and a lot of things is not "going back to normal" after 2024. I rather just do me, focus on me, and make lifestyle simpler for me. Specific fill in the blank topics are not worth investing time in. Who cares about the irrelevant stuff man. Alright. I'm going to continue my day. Hopefully you'll have a great day Game Quitters Members. Bye.
  11. Hello Game Quitters Members. I'm going to have a great day today. Because I choose to focus on things that is relevant and important to me. In February I'm going to hopefully purchase two payments to officially be a published author. I personally don't care what is going on outside in my lifestyle and house. Before 2020, it was cleared that me and my parents are not moving anywhere anymore and somewhere in middle or late 2010s that we decided to remodel the house. Just remembering that, I can tell that I'm doing the right thing for me in the present day in general for a way better future. I don't care and refused to complain and whine all day compare to most people nowadays who I don't care hearing in general. Nobody cares about real life pity stories to waste everyone time. Because everyone got things to do in general and the same thing with me about problems that are usually solvable at the end of the day. I prefer solving problems personally and professionally without anyone telling me what to do. I'm personally writing down things that is a white label business today to catch up yesterday to get it out of the way to apply from my own Shopify product in general. I'm thinking of reading Think And Grow Rich book by Napoleon Hill today. Be consistent with my personal journal time and my to-do list. Yeah, my life is going to be great. Alright. I'm going to advance my day today. Bye Game Quitters Members.
  12. Hello Game Quitters Members. I'm still doing my best and still focus on things that is benefiting my lifestyle and success in my personal and professional lifestyle. I'm mindfully going on social media watching contents that is benefiting me. I'm also avoiding the comment sections and reading people's opinion on the comment section in general too. I personally don't like the comment sections on any social media that is outside the Game Quitters Forums. I'm not big on focusing on things that is not benefiting me and also negative things I can't fully control. I'm writing my second unpublished book that I try to be valuable and make the reader feel mentally that they are reading a book, not a internet opinion blog that is formated as a book (which it's not smart obviously). I make sure to make videos and my products valuable and also have good information to apply or to try out in general. Because I believe if I make proper value to people to want to try out my videos and books as a business starter then yeah, it's a crucial skill to have for me as a businessman. I enjoy being a businessman in general based on my own professional interest while having the mindset to know what is crucial and not crucial to have in general to use professionally. Thankfully I can critically think and try things out to see it's work or doesn't work at all and the same thing with these videos on YouTube as how to and mindset videos with the right informations. I wouldn't advance 10x or more without these videos everyday that has good informations in general even before 2020 with these videos to have a great start in business in general. There are so many ways and comparing pros and cons of a business for example white label and private business in general. All it take is research amd finding someone who knows what they are talking about. Life is going to be amazing. Alright, I'm going to achieve things and advance in my life now. Bye Game Quitters Members
  13. Hello Game Quitters Members... I writing my journey a little late because back in December 2023 I had to help a family member with something personal in general. And then have to delay making videos to February in general for YouTube while having to catch up with two of my own payment with my book publishing company in general. I'm writing a second book to do right now, so that's good. I'm honestly doing my best to ignore the noise from social media and people from offline too from specific negative noises in general. I honestly rather focus on my own life in general and let the majority of people head to the wrong direction especially with these dating apps and outside of these dating apps by being negative and blindly listening to people who give bad and negative advice based on the specific individual telling people there own experience and thinking it's the same to everyone around them. And I said to myself in the first week of 2024..."It's 2024 and people are still negative, blindly believing in things without making their own conclusions and not doing what they need to do to be in better positions while being whiny and complaining all day...". All well, because a lot of that stuff is not worth wasting time to focus on and give energy towards. I rather focus on what I can control still from who know how long of a year that I rather focus on in general. All of this negativity isn't going anywhere similar to positivity and how the world is believe it or not. I'm still reading books and avoiding irrelevant things especially celebrity gossips and opinion articles, I'm still putting in energy into physical fitness 7x per week and still continue to do that after my 20s because it's better to continue exercising in my 30s to 65+. I follow one individual who is 57 years old still exercise and do cardio. And I'm also critically thinking in general so I don't blindly believe in things myself, this is why I rather use electric devices as tools not something to waste time on. It's also the 4th or 5th year that I haven't play and think about the next upcoming video game in general. I prefer living a life that have no involvement with video games then my past life that I ask for video games and waste money buying games that used to be $60 plus taxes. I honestly rather spend the money I have on non-fiction books and my professional life. Yeah, there cool to experience and all. It's not for everyone and nowadays the industry is bigger than the movie industry and there are movies that are fully based on a specific video game in general. I fully avoid those type of movies due to lack of interest of video games anymore. Movies that are not based on a video game is The Batman from 2022. I'm thinking of buying that on Blu-Ray in general for The Batman sequel in 2025. Life is going to be amazing in the real world. Alright. I'm going to continue my day. Bye Game Quitters Members.
  14. Merry Christmas Game Quitters Members. I originally made an update post on page 6. However, I lost or for some reason a lot of original paragraphs that were in full detail on this website about my progress and what I learned from finishing Chicken Soup For The Soul Book from one of my previous pages in this forum. And how human achievements are important before the 21st and 20th centuries, and how people nowadays choose to gossip and be negative to people reaching their human achievements starting from the Pyramids from Ancient Egypt. My exercise or fitness journey is advancing by having a better push-up bar as my third one, and honestly did more work than before in general than yesterday. And as a Christmas present too I have new Blu-ray movies while having the recent Spider-Man No Way Home Movie in general which I heard was really good and looked good while bringing generations of viewers together to enjoy a single Spider-Man Movie, there are success stories that are fiction as a movie format for Blu-Ray to watch while there are action movies to enjoy too as a movie name "Rampage" with Dwayne Johnson on it. I honestly never watch any of these movies. Hopefully, I'll watch them today while getting things done at the same time. A recent book to read is Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I have not read the book enough to fully learn lessons from it similar to previous self-help nonfiction books in general I've read. I also can't wait for 2024 too to reach my own goals and professional ones too. I'm smiling while typing this part of this update in general. Okay, hopefully, the Game Quitters Members have a great Christmas in general. Bye for now.
  15. Hello Game Quitters members. I just finished a workout on my 4th day of the week of strength and cardio training on my fitness journey. Physical exercise or fitness beats everything considered a quick "fix solution" similar to this ozempic drug that people are trying to use as the majority is too lazy to try proper or natural solutions to change their body while educating themselves through fitness. It's kinda sad that people nowadays who are not much in their own lives are trying to tell people to "follow the science" or blindly believe these doctors or "good" medical professionals who they don't realize that they make mistakes too and are humans similar to them who make mistakes and express a certain amount of flaws too. What is annoying to me is that they don't realize that most of them don't even exercise and have health problems similar to them who expect people to think similarly to them. I'm not trying to be a conspiracy theorist, I prefer seeing and critically thinking about things that I truly see and not trying to lie to myself in general. This is why asking questions and having a strong mindset is important nowadays, the way the world is changing for the better or the worse requires crucial mindsets and mental skills such as critical thinking, questioning things at times, independent thinking skills, and much more. It's sad and a reality. I'm still trying out making music for people to listen to without trying to be super famous after I complete book writing payments and YouTube unless I want my privacy invaded so yeah... Relying on YouTube only isn't a good idea and is very limited in general because why not try to see if I can create more than one stream of income in general? YouTube videos make them valuable with good information and for book writing make a book good to read and valuable to apply to change an individual's life one at a time. Buying a used car is going to be next year which is why I'm excited to make my own 2024 experience amazing without choosing to distract myself from the nonsense that the majority of people follow usually. A new car from what I understand isn't a good idea unless I'm in a position to afford a new car such as wealth or rich status in general as an example. Life is going to be great. Alright, I got catching up to do Game Quitters Members. I'll update you tomorrow. Bye.
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