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Hello Game Quitters members.


My day is going to be good today. And it's almost Thanksgiving on November 23rd, 2023 which I'm very excited about. Also after Thanksgiving, it will be my Dad's birthday, then my 23rd birthday, and after that Christmas and New Year's Eve (which New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are celebrating the next upcoming year...while people go to the gym wasting everyone's time including their own time for not exercising in the long term). I'm still going to continue with YouTube and maybe start one of my three books to write in Google Docs maybe today or next year, because I still want to focus on my professional YouTube channel to grow and grow the channel until it become profitable. It's almost the year where I am traveling to South Carolina to Myrtle Beach and have to save money while at the same time have to make sure to save money for a editing team for my debut book. And honestly, I don't care what nobody say anything about cardio exercise, everytime I skip a day and only focus on strength training while in a calorie deficit I gain weight, and I make sure to weight myself with the FitTrack Dara Scale in active mode everyday 7x per week. I'm not saying that "physical fitness don't improve the body" or "physical fitness dosen't help anyone to lose weight or body fat", truly it does work if it's done properly with nutrition, calories tracking, and proper fitness plan or strategy. Everyone has their own strategy that works for them...so what on of my parents said to me I'll say here. You do you. And I do me.

My day is almost starting. So I'll see you guys later. Bye Game Quitters Members.

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Hello Game Quitters members.


It's December already. It's almost my Dad birthday and then later my 23rd on December 12th, 2023. I can't believe I'm almost in my mid-20s, and after my late 20s I'll be thinking about my early 30s (which I know it's not going to change due to still exercising since 19 years old and continue that in my 20s and still transfer that in an older age phase such as 30s, 40s, 50s, 65+. I've paid small parts of the invoice payments for a book publication company that I'm using for the long term to publish my books. I'm still doing my best to grow my YouTube channel to become part of my 1st or 2nd income while I'm paying off $236 from the book publication team that I'm involved with. I also had to do that vision test from that usually cluttered DMV area in Newburgh and also to renew my license and had to pay $80 and cents (which it's dumb, it's a license renewal and it's $80 and something cents and they start blowing their own money by looking at them in general, whatever). Hopefully I don't have to experience DMV area again because that building gets crowded easily and how it's handled also easily get clutter really fast too by dealing with weird people that think they are better than the people around them and also remember two older dudes walking pass me very close and in my head I *sighed* and laughed because where I'm standing is the waiting line, I don't care about these people who think they are high and mighty and refuse to show it by walking the walk. Nobody including myself cares. Anyway. I'm starting to be grateful to continue to do what I need to do without looking down on someone and prefer to walk the walk without being arrogant to people who don't care anyway about them, so people who try to prove something is foolish and funny to laugh at and yet they turn around and cry and complain also make excuses in this country or anywhere else overseas on why they can't solve a problem that is soluble in the first place. Oh and also I'm seeing progress in with weight or fat loss. I just have to do cardio everyday, be in a calorie deficit and do strength training. Elliptical machine cardio is better for me which it's helping me to lower my weight from 241.2 lbs to 239.6 lbs. I believe it's my cardiovascular system have all these fat stored inside it and need cardio exercises that is effective to improve my cardiovascular system while being in a calorie deficit to lower the amount of fat and become better with a reasonable body fat percentage and enough muscle mass.


I'm going to continue on my day and do what I need to do and ignore people outside and my neighbors who I don't care about.


Have a good day Game Quitters members.

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