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  1. I've often wondered this myself. In alcoholic addiction, you often hear the term "functional addict." It's someone who is addicted and yet is still able to keep their job, have a family, etc. This doesn't mean it is healthy, nor that their functionality is effective, just that they are able to keep themselves afloat. I think there are many functioning addicts in the gaming world. I have a few friends in their thirties who have children and jobs and play regularly. With the amount I hear about them playing and see them playing, I am always baffled at how they can still get good grades (we
  2. You should be very careful with YouTube. It can become an addiction in itself because the algorithm is very good at feeding you what you want to watch. Thus, continuing to watch becomes almost a compulsion. Trust me, I know because I was there (just not with videos about video games). I would encourage you to do a YouTube detox as well and find a new hobby to replace watching videos. You can use the handy hobby tool or get some ideas from others on here based on your interests. The most important thing is to have the courage to give yourself permission to be someone else. Try a hobby you think
  3. Hey congratulations! I was drawn to this post because I realized we started on the exact same day! Keep it up. 60 days will be here in no time!
  4. Welcome Rudygreen! Glad you're here.
  5. Thank you! Yes, I currently have YouTube blocked on my phone and can only access it through my browser for 1 hour a day (using Cold Turkey which I LOVE). This makes it so that I need to be conscious of what I spend that hour on. If I use it for just messing around on YouTube, then I can't do anything education with it. It really helps to have this budgeted time (many days I don't even use the budgeted time; I try to treat it as something like you said that will enhance the things I'm doing in my life).
  6. Echoing what a lot of others have said, if it isn't a trigger that causes you to want to play/relapse, I don't see it being a problem. You should reconsider only if it makes you want to play again.
  7. Thank you! So far this has been great and I feel like I'm really making progress. YouTube had been a weak point for me as well and I am applying the same game-quitting principles to that and web surfing.
  8. Hi everyone! I'm FDRx7 from the United States. I used to game a lot when I was younger but when I went to college, I ultimately stopped. I don't know if it was just being busy or what, but I didn't touch a console (save for a quick game at a friend's place or something) or PC game for probably 7 years. Then, last year I started a two-year graduate program. I have a few close friends in the program and one of them convinced me to download the Halo Master Chief collection for PC (I had never PC gamed before). I enjoyed it and played through the campaign, reminiscing about my middle and high