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My journey for a new life

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Day 76

Days w/o gaming: 76

Day satisfactory level: 5/10

Really felt like doing nothing today, and I gave myself that day. Tomorrow it's back on the grind. 



@ZenoThanks for that advice! I never really thought of it that way. But I now see what you mean. By the way, I am planning on starting with the guitar.

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Hello all, I'm Jason!    If you did not read my story, basically I was back and forth. I played until my Junior year of high school until I realized how addicted I was. Then I quit, and it felt

This is fantastic advice. 

@TheNewMe2.0That line is interesting, makes me think! Speaking of family, i am going to call my mother tomorrow to try and have a closer relationship with her since with games we fell apart. Day

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Day 77

Days w/o gaming: 77

Day satisfactory level: 4/10

I noticed what's holding me back from my dreams and goals I set for myself, and that's fear. I'm scared of being criticized or judged even in my own family, I'm scared of what dangers can occur if I step outside my comfort zone. All this has caused confusion and constant hate for myself. I don't believe this is all of what's causing this constant loop of being motivated in the morning and succumbing to youtube or music at night, but i do believe it's a part of it. I'm afraid to do some college work at home because of mistakes, and comparing myself to others. It's clear that I want to have books published, but I'm afraid because of people's thoughts. I swear this will be the last break but I need to find out how to get rid of these emotions. Of course fear is okay like nervousness, but if it's making you hate yourself and hinder you from goals, and it's your primary emotion than it's a problem. 



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