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With video games i felt good sometimes, without games i feel awful all the time


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I was hoping if i went 90 days without video games i would cure my chronic fatigue and depression but its on day 14 now and i know thats not much but its very frustrating to see ZERO benefits despite feeling awful all the time. I think i am just inherently a depressed angry person and there is no way around it. At least with the video games i felt good sometimes even though they also made me angry and depressed and anxious, but without the games i feel just as bad if not worse. 

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That's dopamine.  You're addicted to gaming.  You need to fill your time with something else - something productive.  

  • Not Youtube, Tiktok, instagram.
  • Not porn
  • Not Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+

Your mind has become acclimated to constant warm, fuzzy feelings and fake feelings of accomplishment.  But it's all fake.  Do something real in your life.  It's going to feel boring, cringy, awkward, and stupid.  You're not used to it.  But you won't be squandering your time doing stuff that goes *poof* when you turn the game off.

I suggest these activities - the ones that helped me.

  • Do the things you have promised people you would do.
  • If you're in school, study.  It's boring, but it adds to your ability to cope with adult life.
  • Read up on what you're going through, look at addiction, dopamine, endorphins.
  • Use services like SkillShare to learn new skills.
    • I am learning to draw comics,
    • bake,
    • web design,
    • and I may learn guitar.

You have (probably) been wasting enough time on games to learn a new language every year, or learn to code, or write a short novel.  Doing literally ANYTHING with this time will not only make you hate yourself less, they will actually give you a sense of purpose and meaning.*

*Keep in mind that these are the things that give me a sense of meaning, you'll need to find your own things.

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Entertainment is good, but it looks like you'll be "addicted to the game". You need to find a job for yourself to avoid thinking about video games, for example participating in sports activities, free to search and watch movies available at https://techbigs.com/pt/playtv-geh.html, you can also watch videos. about video games but should not participate in the game.

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I relax while playing and i think it is good, but sometimes online games make me nervous when i meet cheaters that have hacks and pllay meanly, i feel bad not of losing the game but of obstruction, i think all hackers must be banned what ever game it is. REPORT all cheaters at once , they should be in the list of banned players on steam https://steamid.pro/top/by-gameban and on other gaming platforms. 

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With video games/drugs/gambling/cigarettes i felt good sometimes, without games/drugs/gambling/cigarettes i feel awful all the time.

Your statement is a common experience that I, and many other recovering addicts, experience on our journey towards good health. Acknowledging your feelings is a big step because it means that you are being honest with yourself and that's good.

That awfulness is a part of yourself that you've been ignoring, repressing, neglecting and you have to suffer through it because it is through suffering that we are redeemed. If the burden is too much to bare, pray to a higher power.

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As Some Yahoo said, you're experiencing the downside of hedonic adaptation. Your brain is used to the extreme dopamine levels of video games. Anything less than that is boring, dull, depressing. It needs time to get used to what should be normal. That's why we say it takes 90 days.

After 2 weeks I was finding myself more motivated, but not a lot. I was doing 1 or maybe 2 more previously "boring" things a day than I did before. It took me about 70 days before I felt the depression start to lift. Yesterday I did all my "habits" (I use a habit tracker) and then some. And FYI that 70 days included 3 relapses. It's not necessarily 70 days clean.

It takes time. Be forgiving and compassionate towards yourself.

It might also help to see a therapist. Some depression, anxiety, and anger are normal, but if you have been experiencing them chronically, there might be something besides video games going on. Many of us took up video games to avoid depression and anxiety in the first place, because we had shit parents or whatever. When you remove the video games you engage with the depression and anxiety. It sucks. But it's worth working through.

Keep us posted.

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Don't know how you guys feel about this, but for me video games were always the best method to escape from real life problems and forget about all the bad things happening around. This is my only way to turn off the real life sometimes, and to get some pleasure in the virtual one. After I created my own Minecraft server, using minecraft server hosting, now I wanna create my own world inside of this game. Having your own server gives you the possibility to do whatever you want, everything that your imagination says to you.


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