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  1. I am still trying to quit the multiplayer video games. I am really addicted to counter strike global offensive and league of legends. Did you actually succeeded in your way to quit the multiplayer games?! I have been trying to do that for the last couple of months, however sometimes it proves to be the only way I can get relaxed. I actually wanted to try and change the preferences, and start playing some simple games with really interesting and helpful features, desirable some single player games which do not create this kind of addictions.
  2. Don't know how you guys feel about this, but for me video games were always the best method to escape from real life problems and forget about all the bad things happening around. This is my only way to turn off the real life sometimes, and to get some pleasure in the virtual one. After I created my own Minecraft server, using minecraft server hosting, now I wanna create my own world inside of this game. Having your own server gives you the possibility to do whatever you want, everything that your imagination says to you.
  3. Welcome mate! I can relate to your words, I started gaming rather recently
  4. Welcome dude! I am also a newbie in here!
  5. Ohh man, I understand you so freaking much. I mean seriously, I am a really sensitive person, and I am really getting affected by a lot of insignificant factors. I have suffered a lot of depression and anxiety throughout my entire life. Even more, during the last year, I have been really constantly anxious. It was all caused by lockdown, all those terrible news regarding the pandemic and so on an so forth. My brother actually advised me to get kratom capsules buy. You know, I did not believe it would help me, however it proved to be the best solution against anxiety.