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The Journal of Haymitch


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Let's start. 90 days. 1 day at a time. firm commitment.
Today it's day 0 for me. 25th September. 
I'm gonna write here every time I feel the need as suggested.
Couple of words is enough.
I just want to be consistent and record my progress thru being game free.

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Very regenerating sleep. Almost 10 hours and I feel it helps me today.

Yesterday I slept poorly and I had problems with concentration, probably as the withdrawal from gaming.

I wanted to use verb "rejuvanate" but it reminds me too much about my previous gaming experience. I'm happy that I'm aware of that.

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4 hours ago, Haymitch said:

Maybe some kind of structure in this journal may help me? I don't really know.

I have a weekly update on Saturdays, daily updates, and then random outbursts that I feel I need to discuss. Try creating some formats that work for you. I started off in 2018 making it look like a blog post but then felt corny so I just write essay form now. 

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I regret wasted time. No gaming in definition, but youtube, streams with gaming, and basically anything media had + eating a lot of sugar. This occured to me for the last 2 days.

It's time to stop it.

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