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  1. welcome, i think it's good that on your list you are including water. Drinking water is so important for all life and drinking less can cause ugly things like headaches or migraines, chapped lips, overall dehydration and more. Having it as part of your journal i think is good, to remind yourself. For this I think it's good that you are pushing yourself to get 75% or more on the metric, but if it doesn't work out don't worry, every little bit of improvement compared to your two rocky days is good. Anyway, best of luck on your journey!
  2. Sounds like you are doing good, keep it up! I totally agree with this! Yoga is so beneficial and relaxing. Which is why i want to get back into it.
  3. Day 39 Today I wrote a to do list and got a lot of it done, didn't get to my language or my piano/guitar playing but still got a bunch done and crossed off. My phone still is a big distraction for me, but by the end of this detox hopefully it will have leveled out. I have not watched any game related content or played any games today, so still chugging along. Today idk why but it feels like I'm more me, like a mask is off my face hiding my true self. Idk what it is but I'm glad this feeling is there. Tomorrow, i am going to wake up early to finish up some studies and work and make
  4. Sounds like you're still keeping strong. I wish you the best of luck on resetting your sleep schedule.
  5. Hey, welcome to the forums! Good job on finishing homework. That's one of those things my mom always said "if it's small and you can do it, then do it." I have had plenty of experiences in the past where i would stress out because i didn't do easy things like homework until the last minute. Also it's good that you planned out your week. Despite not getting in any habits today, it sounds like you are making good progress
  6. Day 38 Not much to post about for today besides watching a concert. It was livestreamed cause of COVID, but other than that not much today. Still not playing any games yet
  7. Day 34 -37 So these were the days I didn't post. As I mentioned before it's cause I am actually enjoying life, I feel like I am actually in control now and, even when days aren't good or I think negative thoughts or whatever, i just take it minute by minute and I try not to stress. Even though i have stressed more than taking it slow, I'm working towards it. Besides exercising really I haven't established any other habits. Due to this I have noticed some holes. I'm most likely going to fill those holes with re starting German practice and reading, as well as asking my dad or my mom for w
  8. Sorry haven't been updating, or active, actually been busy enjoying life. Will update on my past few days tonight
  9. Hello everyone, even though I am not on a junk food detox anymore I am still trying to cut sugar out of my diet, though I'm not against junk food. You'd think this would be easy, but let me tell you why it isn't. There is one main reason why it's hard. My mom. While i do love my mom she is such an oblivious and annoying jackass when it comes to this. I have even tried teaching her why a particular item isn't healthy like a lot of people think, and she just goes back on her word "oh it has nuts in it." It's so annoying and completely stopping me from mostly avoiding sugar. For example toda
  10. Day 33 My phone got the best of me today, however I did get a lot more on my to do list done than I thought I did so that's nice. I'm going to finish up the night by finishing up some homework, writing more of my novel, working out and reading, which is a lot but I know I can do it. Besides using my phone for the past few days a lot more than I'd like to, I am noticing a shift in my happiness and behavior. So that's good. I go into school tomorrow so I wanna get up early. In fact speaking of school, first quarter grades come out this week. Pretty much I know what my grades are so I'm pret
  11. Day 32 Today was half and half. First part was very productive, then i finished my homework and went straight to my phone. However compared to my slump i mentioned before, this was way better. I'll have to wake up tomorrow to make up a math quiz I missed, which means I will probably go to bed early to be able to wake up at 6 AM so I can have one hour for wellness and one hour for my dream, which instead of focusing on fiction just all writing. I'll probably listen to a podcast or watch a video on the history of writing. Today no games, however after my studies I spent a whi
  12. It seems like you're making big progress on your goals, keep it up! I'm glad you can be happy about improvement and not fully getting there right away. I have seen with some of my friends and even myself, get frustrated we don't get the outcome we want despite all our efforts. I now think it's really important to look for the smallest bit of improvement in whatever you're doing no matter what it is. Glad you're doing that good luck on your journey
  13. One thing I'm struggling with is using my phone. Like i can set up my day and follow through with it, but once i finish my list i resort to my phone, and just waste time I'm not sure what to add to my schedule to have less time to use it.
  14. Glad the meeting went well for you, it's always nice when we know that we are not alone in something. Good luck on your journey
  15. I wish you luck on this journey kingy. I want you to remember that even if it gets tough Don't give up