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  1. Can’t do this anymore, I’ll download Overwatch again.
  2. I don't really know, I think in about a week or two. I haven't played that game before so I have no idea how long it is. Also some bosses might be challenging, so I might get stuck somewhere.
  3. @BooksandTrees Yeah, you’re right. Even though single games aren’t a problem by itself, they can lead me back to Overwatch which is a disaster. I know that and try to keep this under control. After I finish Dark Souls I will start 90 day detox without any games to see whether I rely on gaming or not.
  4. I started going to the gym again and it feels nice. My eyes haven’t fully recovered though so my attempt to study ended after 1 hour because my vision got slightly blurry. It’s okay though, I don’t want to push myself, I’ll let my eyes rest a bit more. While staring in the computer screen in a close distance is a problem, reading a book seems fine so I’ll focus on that. Looking at TV is also fine, it’s large and 4 meters away from me, so I keep playing Dark Souls 3. Total playtime is 19 hours, I think it’s fine at this point. I also finished working on humidifier a while ago, so here’s a pic. For more pictures and source code (idk who needs this here but whatever) you can check my GitHub repository. Also we had first snow in Moscow today and it was beautiful for a few hours. Then it melted and now whole city looks like shit haha.
  5. It's been over one month since I quit Overwatch. And I miss competitive gaming so fucking much. I don't think I can do this much longer. I am too weak for this. Everything was fine until vision correction surgery 2 weeks ago. Btw I had -1.5 and now my vision is perfect. But after the surgery I had to rest for some time to let my eyes heal, so I couldn't study or workout anymore. Because I couldn't do anything productive I started watching Netflix on TV, there were no cravings at this point. When I finished watching Squid Game (objectively it's shit, but I kinda liked it), I decided to play some Dark Souls 3 on PS 4. It was okay for a week, but today I played for 6 hours. The game is kinda hard, so it reminded me of Overwatch. Dopamine hit is insane after you kill a boss. My total playtime in 7 days is 14 hours, not much but I think it's gonna get worse. My sleeping schedule is already fucked up, no reason to wake up at 6 AM, I can't study anyway. I think I forgot how unhealthy my relationship with gaming is. My eyes are okay now, so I will go back to my studying schedule tomorrow. I can't go back to gaming again, it's just horrible
  6. The first day off from studying was tough. My mind wasn't occupied with math problems, so I was thinking about playing Overwatch. Cravings were horrible, so if I could play for free, I would've already relapsed. But because of the bet with my brother I was able to stay clean. Instead I watched the final cut of Blade Runner from 1982. Awesome movie by the way. On the second day I started doing my project, which is 'smart' humidifier. All it does is check if humidity in a room is below 50% and if it is then it starts evaporating water. There's a PC fan blowing in a water tank, so the steam flow comes out. It is possible to regulate the speed of the fan with potentiometer. I'll attach a pick of a prototype I'm working on. It has some major design flaws, I think it'll take me a couple of weeks to finish it. Also the code is mine and I'm planning to publish it on GitHub when it's ready to use. Not like it's gonna be useful to someone else, I'm just building my portfolio and practicing Git (which is not very easy for beginners). I am so engaged in this small project that I completely forgot about Overwatch. I think that if I want to stay out of gaming, it is essential to always have a goal in order to keep your mind occupied. Seems like I'm learning something new about myself every week. Feels nice. Maybe someday I'll find a way to quit forever.
  7. It's been 15 days without Overwatch so far. Feels good. I adjusted my sleeping schedule a little bit, now I wake up at 6 AM and go to sleep at 9 PM. I'm successfully maintaining it since Saturday. I am studying for at least 5 hours a day and chill on weekends. Last weekend I was woodworking and it was awesome. Currently I'm studying physics and math, it's hard for me but I like it so far. I want to get back to programming, but I'm so tired after physics and math that all I wanna do is sleep lmao. Also it's been about half a year since I started going to the gym 3 days a week and I've made some progress. Currently I'm deadlifting 75 kg (sorry my american friends, I have no clue how much it is in bananas or whatever you use as your measurement system). I'm planning to do one interesting project this weekend and I'm gonna share it with you when it's done.
  8. Thank you, it took me years to finally come to this. I've never thought that good sleeping schedule is going to improve my quality of live so much. I'm way less tired and motivated to study, it's very impressive. Good luck working on your sleeping schedule.
  9. I’m sure that my sleeping schedule is a big issue that keeps me unproductive, so I decided to change it fundamentally. Most of the time when I was gaming, I was waking up at 1-3 PM and gaming till 3-4 AM and sometimes I skipped sleeping at all. Yesterday I went to bed at 8 PM and woke up at 5. Tomorrow I’m planning to do the same and see how it goes. Speaking of today, I studied for about 7 hours and I’m very proud of it. I worked on very complicated topic for me and it went very well. I finally found peace in my life and that’s worth living for. I am extremely tired so it’s hard for me to express my thoughts, I guess I’m gonna sleep now.
  10. So I relapsed 2 times since last post, but my mental state got way better. I’ve made a bet with my brother that I have to give him $1.5k if I ever play Overwatch. I think it was like 2 weeks ago. So far it’s been fantastic. No urges, not even a single thought about playing. I am fully committed to studying. I started by studying 1 hour a day because I was getting tired quickly and losing ability to concentrate. Today I’ve pushed myself to almost 5. I’m going to increase it little by little and my goal is around 8-10 hours. Also I’m going to the gym regularly 3 days a week. Overall, even with constant relapses, my life changed a lot since my first post here. I think I’m going in a right direction.
  11. Been there, done that. This summer I failed my high school final exam so I couldn’t go to university. I had 2 years to prepare for that exam, but instead I was just constantly playing Overwatch. A single thought of studying was giving me fear and anxiety. I can’t even count how many times I wanted to kill myself because of it. But now I’m slowly getting better. Last May I found a guy on YouTube who is studying for 12 hours every day for over a year and he does it live on his stream. He uses 60 minutes studying and 10 minutes break technique. So I started studying with his stream on background all the time and it’s been very helpful. I think I wouldn’t be able to do anything without that first push. I’m gonna retake my exam in June and I’m already preparing for it. Today I studied for 4 hours 40 minutes and I’m gradually increasing time. Just know that you’re not alone and many of us are going through the same shit.
  12. It’s been around 2 weeks without Overwatch, I feel empty and emotionally destroyed. Usually I don’t care about this mental bullshit, cause before attempting to quit I’ve always felt fine. But it seems like quitting process makes me severely depressed. I’m not sure why though: is it because I’m unsatisfied with my life and/or myself and I’m escaping the problem by gaming, so when I quit and see the reality I can’t deal with it. Or is it because constant failures and relapses make me lose my shit and I feel like I’m stuck in this loophole forever and ain’t making any progress (even if it’s not so). Or is it because I have no social skills, so outside of online game I feel alone. I don’t know what’s causing this mental breakdown, I’m clueless. I can just start playing again and everything will come back to ‘normal’, but I won’t be satisfied with myself: living like a useless brat that is only consuming and can’t provide anything to anyone. All I feel is emotional pain, I’ve lost my motivation to study or to even talk with someone. I don’t know why I’m here and I don’t know what I’m doing.
  13. @Amphibian220 For me gaming is for sure nothing close to stress relief. It’s the most stressful thing I do actually. When I play with top tier players, my hands are cold and shaking and I’m literally sweating. I haven’t tried to find anything that gives me the same feelings as gaming and I’m not sure if I need that. I just want to move on, but currently I’m too weak for that. But maybe one day I’ll come up with something.
  14. I'm back I guess. I've spent last month constantly playing in Russian Overwatch team, but 2 days ago I quit and uninstalled. Tomorrow I'm gonna meet my teammates IRL and spend some time chatting with them in the evening. After that I'm done with Overwatch related stuff. Currently I'm trying to understand USB protocol and HID (Human Interface Device) specification. My goal is to make USB keyboard from scratch, including firmware and PCB (electronic board) design. Also it turned out that I'm not going to the army, so I'm also commiting to prepare for next year exams.
  15. I've just sold my GPU. I was using my GTX 1060 for 4 years and sold it for the same price for which I bought it. Thanks for microelectronics shortage and miners. There's no reason to buy GPU now for such a high price, so I decided to buy a GPU only when I come back form army. So I'm left with just my ThinkPad T440P for the next 3 months. It means that I won't be able to game. Alright, I'll focus on learning programming then.