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  1. You know what? I have an idea how to stop procrastination. Fuck all my educational plans, I don't fucking care about it anymore. Past 2 years the only question people were asking me is my plans on university. I was thinking about final exams for years. Fuck all of that, I won't go to university or prepare for those shitty exams. I don't give a single flying fuck anymore. I'll finish school and do whatever the fuck I want. I'm so sick of doing things I hate, I procrastinate so much because I always have to do some retarded shit that I couldn't care less about. I'm gonna do Linux related stuff a
  2. @Amphibian220 @Zeno @Theresa @WorkInProgress @TheNewMe2.0 I’m sorry, but I gave up. Can’t do this anymore. Every time I’m just hurting myself more and more. I have no reasons to live, the only thing that gives me pleasure is Overwatch. My existence is a mistake.
  3. Now I know, I don’t want to play Overwatch.. I need. Goodbye.
  4. Day 13. No urges. Today I studied some math. After that I wrote a chat bot for Telegram. I'll attach a screenshot of it's functionality. I know, it might look very hard and you may wonder how I was able to develop a software on such level of complexity. Well, not gonna lie, it was a tricky task. I've spent a lot of time figuring out how to approach this. But I'm very smart and talented, so I managed to find a solution. I'm very proud of my work, now people can figure out their age on the go by simply sending one number. In such moments I am so happy that I decided to be a programmer and
  5. Day 12. No urges. I’m tired and I wrote everything I wanted to say in the post above, so this one’s gonna be short. I woke up, studied Russian for 3 hours, went to the gym, had a great workout as usual. In the evening I went to the shopping center and bought myself some clothes, because my old clothes are way too small (I guess I grew up in 3 years). Ended up chatting with friends over Discord till 3 AM (just chatting, none of us was gaming).
  6. I tried many kinds of strong alcohol, smoking cigarettes, hookah, weed and some other shit. Nothing sticks. I haven’t drank any alcohol since December 31st 2020. And I don’t want to. I’m so addicted to Overwatch that other addictions can’t get to me. Whenever I try something like that, it turns to be boring. If I would chose between unlimited source of all drugs in the world and 1 day playing Overwatch on decent hardware, I wouldn’t even consider first option. My OW addiction is just something else. I can play Overwatch anytime, even if I’m very tired and exhausted, when I haven’t slept for 2
  7. Day 11. I have urges, but I won’t relapse anytime soon for sure. Today was a good day. I’ve made a better GitHub repository structure for my Python educational projects. Studied some Russian language. Then I had a walk in a center of Moscow. After that I went to a minimal techno rave and it was awesome. FullSizeRender.mov
  8. @Pochatok I get what you’re talking about. And I take that stuff pretty seriously. First of all, I’m exercising with personal trainer 3 days a weak. Past year I was exercising with body weight only (it was inconsistent), so I have no experience with weights, thus in order to develop a good technique and not hurt myself, I decided to take a trainer for a few months at least. And what I’m doing with a trainer is not only lifting weights, we’re doing some body weight exercises as well. He’s very experienced, I’m sure he knows how to approach this. Plus I’m planning to start independent body weigh
  9. Day 10. Weak urges. I published my project. Well that’s all I’ve done today. I’m so unproductive. I’ll try to set timers tomorrow to figure out where my time goes. IMG_0510.MP4
  10. Day 9. Weak urges. Had an awesome workout today. Then I cooked some delicious chicken. Rest of the day I’ve spent coding and I finished my final project, yay! All that left is to publish it on my GitHub, I’ll do it tomorrow. After that I’ll solve some problems on pascal programming language and finally will begin video editing. It’s 2 AM already, I’m tired af, gonna sleep now.
  11. Well I think that sports are just way too boring. I used to play football a lot (3-5 hours a day, I played only because I had nothing to do in school), but I didn't like people I was playing with. So while in a game you have different teammates every match, in real life you're stuck with same people, and if they are retards you can't change it. But finding decent people isn't a problem, I just never liked sports. Rules are too basic and the pace is extremely slow compared to Overwatch. So in terms of physical activity I'll just stick to going to the gym. It just takes time to ad
  12. @TheNewMe2.0 Thank you. Well I think that programming is not just a substitute, it can be much more exciting and rewarding, but it takes time to be able to see programming in a full beauty. My brain is so used to instant gratification, so it's hard to commit a lot of time writing a program, going through all kinds of mistakes and errors, but at the point when everything works as intended, dopamine rush is insane, I think I've never experienced such emotions in games. Very wise words. And the meaning is pretty similar to coding process. Good luck quitting masturbati
  13. I think that the main reason I’m so addicted to OW is that I am already good at it. So I don’t have to learn that much, I can just start playing and it would be rewarding from the very beginning. This is why other games aren’t so appealing to me, if I play something else I have to start from scratch. Edit: I started talking why I like OW and it might be triggering, so fair warning. I also like Overwatch itself for fast paced gameplay, that requires a lot of decision making on the fly. I kinda like the community, where everybody in a match knows each other on high rank. I like that O
  14. Day 8. No urges. Today I woke up from nightmare: I was playing Overwatch, we were winning at the beginning, but when started losing that match. It is especially tilting when you’ve already imagined your victory, the game was going great, but when your teammate has made a crucial mistake, so your chances to win became minimal and there’s nothing you can personally do about it. In such situations I often just quit or brake something, and while being severely depressed I’m dreaming about quitting forever. So, in my dream I rage quit, uninstalled Overwatch, but soon after this I reinstalled b
  15. @WorkInProgress I read that article and downloaded Anki, I’ll try using it tomorrow. Thanks a lot!